scout future star fifa 13 OR

scout future star fifa 13 OR

scout future star fifa 13

The game that is to come will be the game of a generation. Go behind the scenes with Electronic Arts to see the designers and artists who are putting together the most erythristic, some might saythe most beautiful, soccer game of all time.


Explore information on all FIFA 13 clubs and players. Dive into the full database and unleash every detail like club tactics, player skills and more. An excellent companion to FIFA 13 and FIFA Ultimate Team - FUT - All clubs. - All leagues. - Search for players. - Search for clubs. - Favorite teams and players. - Search for teams with strong defence, midfield or attack. - Find out which tactics and formation a team uses. - Player photos and team logos. - Team jerseys. - Best players for team. - Full skills for player. The database is big, and the information is presented in a beautiful way. To see detailed information an in app purchase must be done. It's smart to to it now, since we will soon rise the price. We will continue adding more features in the upcoming releases of Scout - for FIFA 13.

Hey all, first time FIFA-er here: this is my Dortmund Squad after a season...advice? critques? much appreciated!4-3-3:GK: Weidenfeller 83LB: Piszcek 82CB: Subotic 85CB: Hummels 86RB: Boateng 85RAM: Draxler 80CAM: Ozil 89LAM: Khedira 84RS: Bale 87ST: Lewandowski 87LS: Reus 87My subs are a great group of guys including Kehl, Lowe, Lanagarek, Kuba, Scheiber etc. But the real issue I'm having is with my midfield and the usage since new signing Bale's arrival. Draxler previosuly flanked Lewandowski, and Bender whose an 84 this season, and Khedira led the midfield with Ozil. I want to start Bender, I really do, he's a big presence in that midfield, but Draxler has showed amazing finishing prowess, and I don't want to bench him because of Bale's arrival. He is versatile and has done wonders for the squad. At the same time, Khedira has been big in setting up plays, but can;t finish. He was also a big target of mine last season, my first as manager, when I acquired him and Ozil for big bucks. I hate admitting he hasn't lived up to the vision, but Bender's skill and play so far makes this situation so much the tougher. Right now I am just rotating them as sub packages and am hoping for the best, which hasn't been too bad. 1 Point on Bayern at the moment. Advice? Cheers! (Source: footyroom.co)




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