santander consumer bank online banking

santander consumer bank online banking

Santander Consumer

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SCF is Europe’s consumer finance leader. Every year more than six million people initiate a business relation with SCF through a car loan, a consumer loan, or a credit card (among other products). SCF operates in 16 European markets through more than 130,000 points of sale. Besides being among the Top 3 by size in most of its markets, its outstanding efficiency and risk management capabilities enable SCF to grow its business while keeping a good credit quality.

Santanderspecializedd in the consumer finance business in Spain in the 1970s. In 1987, Santander started its international expansion through the acquisition of CC Bank in Germany. Following the integration in 2002 of its consumer finance businesses in SCF, it continued its expansion through further acquisitions. It signed in 2014 a collaboration agreement with Banque PSA Finance covering 11 European countries. In 2019, SCF signed an agreement with Hyundai Kia in Germany to acquire 51% of its auto financing company, and another with Ford Motor Company to acquire Forso AB (Fords’ financial entity) in the Nordic countries. (Source: www.santander.com)


Nowadays SCF is focused on keeping its leadership in the car financing business and increasing its other goods financing by enhancing digital channels. As a result, during the first half of 2020, two deals – among others – were successfully executed: an offer to acquire a majority interest in Sixt Leasing that allows us to increase our leasing activity across Europe; and the creation of a joint company with Telecom Italia Mobile to finance consumption to the 25 million customer base they have in Italy. (Source:

Santander Consumer Bank AS is part of Banco Santander, which is headquartered in Spain. This particular subsidiary is mainly based in Norway, with operations across the Nordic region. It is a leader in providing consumer car finance. As Norway has been a leader in passenger electric vehicle adoption, Santander has a large portfolio of consumer car loans linked to passenger electric vehicles. This includes exposure to over 25,000 passenger electric vehicles. (Source: www.climatebonds.net)



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