San Juan To Miami Today

San Juan To Miami Today

Miami to San Juan

Despite being one of the most populated areas of the world, this article is not just about Miami. But we wanted to make sure you’re aware. So, we decided to conduct a few studies on some of the most populous nations in the world, to figure out how they stack up.


Cons: "american airlines does not care about the privacy of their passengers. even after several calls my information wasn't updated correctly and my flight confirmation was passed along to members who weren't even traveling. there was no in flight entertainment and in order to pick seats together i needed to pay extra (i thought i was flying with american not spirit) apparently the only way i can be helped is writing a letter to customer service which they will review within 10 business days. THANKS american for starting a war in my family and ruining my trip. unfortunate the crew is so awesome but the customer service is mortifying, rude, inconsiderate and completely mechanical. i dont ever intend on flying with them again unless necessary."Pros: "I was 10 minutes late for the flight. People were still lined up to board and the customer service agent taking the tickets refused to accept mine and told me I would have to reschedule. Instead of allowing me to board in line with the other passengers, they choose to delay the flight by another 30 minutes to put in a request to pull my luggage from the flight. It would have been so much easier to just let me board. I've been a few minutes late before and have never been treated like that by any airline. Very disappointed in American Airlines."

Cons: "We booked Fontier for our trip coming from Miami and flying into Chicago, months ahead of time. This flight was booked to return home after our debarkation of the Carnival Victory Cruise. There was an unfortunate event that occurred while we were aboard and only about 40 minutes away from being back in Miami; 26-year-old Thomas McElhany had gone overboard. Although we were close to the Miami port, The Carnival Cruise made the decision to turn the boat around in search for the missing persons body. We had absolutely NO control over this. After calling Frontier and explaining the situation, they refused to accommodate us, stating that they could not find another same-day flight for us and that we would have to also pay a cancellation fee of $99. Although many of our friends and family and even several other members aboard were able to be reimburse for their tickets with different airlines, we were stuck trying to scrap up enough money to get back home on a new flight. Not only was this emotionally draining as the situation created complete chaos aboard, it was financially draining, causing us to have to ask family to help to pay for our return home. Frontier could have done better in their attempt to accommodate us due to circumstances beyond our control. The only option we were given was to stay in Miami for two days and then fly out, only after paying the cancellation fee and paying the difference for a new flight. This too wasn't an option, as we would have had to stay on the streets of Miami, as hotels (for two days), cost. What was to be a great vacation turned into a nightmare and the airline that we hoped and prayed would be our saving grace, completely abandoned us. We are still trying to recover both emotionally from the situation that occurred aboard, and financially after having to book with another airline with money we didn't have." (Source: www.kayak.com)


Cons: "I realize that there are some things that are beyond the control of the airline and I don't blame Frontier for the delay boarding or the rough weather, but after sitting almost 2 hours on the tarmac before takeoff and then the fasten seat belt light left on for the first nearly 2 hours of the flight, there was a plane full of passengers who desperately needed to use the restroom, myself included. What really annoyed me was that while rudely admonishing any passenger who dared trying to go to use the facilities to sit back down, the flight attendant herself went in the bathroom and relieved herself. When the seat belt light was finally turned off, I made my way to the restroom and this same flight attendant told me I would have to wait because another passenger sitting in the first row had been waiting a long time to go. I told her "everyone has been waiting a long time, well everyone but you." at this point she got very defensive and began yelling at me about federal regulations and so on and that she is allowed to use the bathroom. That may be true, but it doesn't make it right. Perhaps because I ticked her off, or perhaps just because of incompetence, my wife, myself, and the passenger in the third seat in our row were never offered any drink service. I did observe that even after the long delays and general ordeal of the flight, they were still charging passengers for soft drinks. I think a comped drink would be the least Frontier could do under the circumstances, but I guess anything resembling customer service is too much to ask. Add to all this the uncomfortable seats, the being nickel and dimed at every turn, which makes what first appears to be a good deal on a fight into one which is more costly than better quality airlines, I would advise spending a little more upfront for Southwest or some other reputable airline. You probably won't spend anymore in the end if you have luggage and would enjoy a beverage on the fight anyway and you will be treated with more respect and courtesy and other you will sit in a seat that doesn't feel like an old piece of plywood covered in vinyl. On both the flight to and the one from my destination, I noticed that the seats would not recline. I'm not sure if I had seats in rows that didn't recline or if none of them do."

Cons: "Lets begin with the scam of low ticket prices. You you're getting a good deal until the day before the flight when you have PAY FOR CARRYON LUGGAGE. Then, there was an hour and a 45 min delay. At the airport, the Frontier computer systems were down, so getting on the plane had to be done manually. On the plane, some of the crew was rude like a man named RAY and the black flight attendant who used the most aggressive tone over the loud speaker. Here's the worst part, on a flight from MIA to NYC the plane had to stop and refuel in Philadelphia. If that's not crazy, I don't know what is! They told us it would only take 20 minutes, but we were in Philly for TWO HOURS! There was a lady that wanted to know what was going on, so she asked the flight attendants who told her they had no info. She asked for their names, which they refused to give to her and they proceeded to have her KICKED OFF THE PLANE by the captain. We got no complimentary snacks during this ordeal. I asked a flight attendant for free chips and got laughed at in my face. As you can tell, I will never fly Frontier again. The flight was supposed to leave MIA at 2:50pm and land at 5:00pm.. We got to NYC at 10:00pm. NEVER AGAIN." (Source: www.kayak.com)



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