sample resume for baking and pastry

sample resume for baking and pastry

Baker Resume

Objective : Baker with over 4 years of Bakery experience with a specialized emphasis in Cake Design and Decorating. Incorporating passion and precision into all of my designs with attention to details that create not only a specialty cake but an amazing memory of the occasion. To secure a position that will utilize my training skills and experience to advance my career and offers both a challenge and a good opportunity for growth.


The basic job work of a baker is to mix and bake ingredients in the bakery section at the eating establishments. The other duties effectively carried out and listed on the Baker Resume include some or all of the following – checking the baking ingredient quality, preparing equipment for baking, measuring and weighing accurate flour and other ingredients, combining the ingredients, kneading and baking the item, setting oven temperature, observing colour of products, checking quality of raw materials, applying glazes, icings and topping to the baked items, decorating baked foods, directing bakery deliverables and developing new bakery recipes.

Summary : A highly motivated and hardworking Assistant Baker with diverse skill sets. Possesses a great attention to detail and demonstrates a proven ability to adapt to new situations and environments. Able to issue and/or follow instructions. A self-motivated worker that can work very well alone or as part of a team. To further enhance my culinary career and expertise, preferably with an established restaurant that would challenge my skills and offer room for advancement. Would prefer employment with a large hotel or fine dining establishment with menu planning options. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


Next, create a section dedicated to listing your previous employers. Begin by specifying your most recent employer and proceed in reverse chronological order. If you've worked many jobs in several industries, try to only emphasize baking-related roles, unless doing so would leave a large gap in your work history. For each former job, write your dates of employment and specify its location. Under this information, create a bullet list that describes your core duties. Remember to select the responsibilities you had that you'd again use in this job.

Skills sections communicate which uncommon talents you possess and want to apply in a new role. They can be technical and specific to baking, or they might be general professional skills that a chef or head baker would admire. For instance, you might list which specialty breads you've prepared before, or you could highlight your ability to speak Spanish, a non-baking skill restaurants often appreciate. (Source: www.indeed.com)


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