rubios para real

rubios para real


At Rubio’s, everything we do is fueled by a thirst for exploration and a desire to share unique, crave-worthy flavors. From our responsibly sourced seafood to our handmade guacamole and salsas, we offer a variety of menu options that you can feel great about eating.


When they arrived at a little fishing town outside of San Felipe, makeshift stands everywhere were selling fish tacos—beer-battered and fried whitefish, served in a corn tortilla with cabbage and crema and salsa and lime. Unlike many Americans, Ralph didn’t flinch at the concept. He and his friends ate them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with ice-cold Corona (whose distributor was four doors down from their favorite stand). Every year they went back and did it again.

The rating is for the app and the Anaheim I-5 location. I chose this location because online it said they offer curbside pick up. There was no option for it while ordering but I figured it would be in the email. Wrong. The app managed to send me a confirmation email when I placed my order but I got no email confirming it was ready or offering me the curbside pick up that was supposed to be available at this location. I called the store several times after the time my order was supposed to be ready and no answer. So I went inside the store, which is what I was trying to avoid, and stood in line and after about 5 minutes I saw an order sitting out on a rack. I walked over and looked and it was mine. I don’t live close and this was supposed to be a treat. Cold fish tacos and burritos. Yum. (Source: apps.apple.com)


Since then, the popularity of fish tacos has spread throughout California, although they remain uncommon elsewhere. Rubio's standard fish tacos are made from Alaskan pollock, which is battered, fried, and served in a corn tortilla, although optionally offered with a flour tortilla. Grilled mahi-mahi is also available at all locations.

The fast-casual chain is slowly evolving into “Rubio’s Coastal Grill,” as the Carlsbad, Calif.-based concept works through a remodeling program that will eventually reach all 193 restaurants. The new ocean-themed décor will also be the design going forward for the six or seven new units scheduled to open this year. (Source: www.nrn.com)


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