Resume Volunteer Experience Sample.

Resume Volunteer Experience Sample.

Resume Volunteer Experience Sample

The following is a fictitious resume sample of someone entering the nonprofit world. It provides a point of entry into a transferable skill (i.e. guidance on a personal or professional resume), volunteer experience, and examples to show the volunteer's commitment to social change.


For example, if in your company research you find that the employer values hiring and supporting employees with a rich life outside of work, it might be helpful for them to learn about your contributions to a certain non-profit organization that you are passionate about. Another example might be that you started volunteering for a certain cause at a young age that eventually informed your decision to study a certain topic in college or pursue a certain career.

For example, suppose you know from your research that the hiring company values workers active in the social justice scene; in that case, it might be helpful for them to recognize your work with a specific volunteer organization or programme which champions social justice. Another example is stating that you started volunteering at a particular project and realized the need for a particular career in the community, which led you to decide on your career path. (Source: ca.indeed.com)


The goal of writing a resume is to quickly show employers you are a great fit for the job. Adding information like your skills, professional experience and education can help convey why the employer should advance you in the hiring process. Another section you might consider adding is volunteer work. Listing volunteer work on your resume can help employers understand your interests, skills and support resumes with little to no professional experience.

After you’ve included key work experiences and internships, list relevant volunteer experience under your professional history section. Format your volunteer work using the same structure you used for previously held jobs, but make sure you identify your role as “volunteer” along with any additional titles held like management or leadership positions. For example: (Source: www.indeed.com)


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