resume format pdf

resume format pdf

Although most resume experts agree that creating an "Objective" statment near the top of your resume is no longer necessary, there is some disagreement on the inclusion of the "Summary" statement. However, most agree that the more senior of a professional you are, the more important the "Summary" becomes. That said, the top third of your resume is certainly prime resume real estate, and so perhaps most important when you update your resume is to make sure you create a strong "Summary" (if you are indeed creating one) in order to capture hiring managers' eyes right away. You want to use this space wisely to include what position you're targeting as well as a few pointed achievements that support why a hiring manager should call you for an interview for that specific position. Very important: Don't use the space to state the obvious with fluffy attribute descriptions.


When deciding what font to use for your resume, keep in mind that it should be clear and easy to read. Making sure employers don’t have to work to understand words on your resume is the most important factor when choosing a font. It is also helpful if your resume is sent through an applicant tracking system. Many employers use an ATS, which doesn’t always read and interpret intricate fonts well. You should also avoid “light” or “thin” fonts which can sometimes be difficult for people to read on a screen or paper.

Recruiters often have to review many resumes for a single open role. They can read a resume in a standard format more easily and thoroughly because they know where to find the information they’re looking for. For example, if a role requires a specific skill, a recruiter will look for it in your skills section included either above or below your work experience. They have a limited amount of time to spend reviewing each resume, so they may move on and assume you don’t possess the qualification if it takes too long to find the right information. (Source: www.indeed.com)

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