Resume Dates

Resume Dates

Resume Dates

As we all know, there are major career changes in our industry on an almost daily basis. Careers can be changed not just by internal moves within our company or external opportunities, but also by the release of new tools and technologies. This is a major point we want to share with our readers as we talk about the changing landscape of the HR industry with each of our blog posts. For more about this topic, check out our post about technology's impact on careers.


Some people prefer to focus on their relevant skills rather than stating the exact number of years they've worked. If you feel you have considerably less amount of experience and don't want to include exact dates of employment, you may choose a practical resume format that draws more attention to your skills than the experience you've had. You can have a special section that summarizes your relevant skills, stating clearly how you can use the skills to improve your performance in the role.

List the most appropriate skills at the top of the resume to catch the attention of the hiring manager. If you have any technical skills, ensure you bring them out clearly. You may then state your professional experience and ensure you concentrate more on your duties and how you used your skills to carry out duties successfully. If you learned any skills during your previous role, include the information on your resume and show how the skills may be beneficial to your next role. (Source: ca.indeed.com)


If you have a large amount of experience and are unsure about what to include, refer to the job posting. It should list the skills and experience they prefer candidates to have along with the number of years of experience they prefer. Review your resume to ensure you've included all of the information listed, if applicable. You can then remove any information from your work duties and responsibilities that the posting doesn't mention or that you believe may not relate directly to the role.

If you have worked for several years, have gained a considerable amount of experience, and you aren't certain about what exact skills and knowledge to cite, you can go over the requirements of the job listing again. A job posting mentions the specific number of years needed for a significant experience and the proficiency appropriate for the role in question. By going through the job description, you may discover what previous roles to remove and what roles to keep. This improves the appearance and quality of your resume and guarantees your resume the right kind of attention. (Source: ca.indeed.com)



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