Resume Background Check OR

Resume Background Check OR

Resume Background Check


Hi Patrick, In my experience, customers who pay an outside contracting agency for talent acquisition do expect some minimum employment screening practices, like employment and/or education verification. However, if your wife’s contract did not explicitly state that she would complete employment verifications on all applicants she submitted, then the company should not have an expectation of that service. I cannot say, with any hope of accuracy, whether or not this discovered inaccuracy will affect her reputation in the eyes of the company she was contracted to recruit for. The advice I would give your wife as she works with companies in the future is to state the source of her compensation data; applicant provided or verified through employer.


Criminal record. Employers check criminal records for many reasons – one of them is because they must ensure the safety of other employees. If there’s a workplace violence incident, a company could be held liable for negligent hiring. However, there are laws that vary from state to state on exactly what criminal record information employers can obtain. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) also says job candidates cannot be denied employment because of prior criminal offenses.

Employers may sometimes do physicals or medical history checks, though these checks are limited by laws. A company may need to know your physical condition and medical history if the job requires essential duties like carrying boxes, for instance. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) limits the medical information employers can dig up, and the law makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against you based on disabilities or medical history. (Source: empireresume.com)


When it comes to screening employees, it’s crucial to scrutinize the information contained on resumes and conduct thorough employment background checks. While you likely will not utilize the skill of a top-notch detective, you can take steps to spot resume red flags. Become your own PI by asking good questions and follow-up questions, check blind references, ask the candidate to complete a pre-hire project, and conduct background checks. With ShareAble for Hires, you’ll get a comprehensive, online employee screening service that includes everything except the trench coat.

For example, if your candidate claims to be an expert at spreadsheet management or data analysis, you could give them a set of sample data and thirty minutes to analyze and review the spreadsheet to glean as many insights as possible. You can also ask how the data collection or spreadsheet layout could be improved. A true expert with spreadsheets and analysis would have no problems finishing this simple task in the allotted time and explaining how it was done. (Source: hires.shareable.com)


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