Raw Feeding Miami OR

Raw Feeding Miami OR

Raw Feeding Miami:

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Your order is built using RFM products and each order contains all necessary ingredients to raw feed your pet. Orders are delivered frozen to your house. All you have to do is plan out meals, thaw, prep, and feed. RFM build an order program is only available to families living in the continental US.Raw Feeding Miami is a mid-size pet food brand that markets products and services at rawfeedingmiami.com. Raw Feeding Miami competes with other top animal feed brands such as Ollie, PetFlow and PupBox. Raw Feeding Miami sells mid-range purchase size items on its own website and partner sites in the highly competitive online pet food industry.USDA requires that they adulterate raw pet food. My supplier fought with them years ago and had to start adding bone meal to the products. Charcoal is another common adulterant. If green tripe or bone is added clearly us humans shouldn't be cooking it up and eating it. If the dog food is cheaper than human food then I guess there's a temptation.

I'm planning on buying the grass fed beef stuff from RFM because they say it's local. I tried in the past to ask about the difference and they told me 'no, humans can't eat it' which wasn't what I wanted to know? Sometimes there are stupid rules (like the ones about whether something chemical free is organic, organic or gluten free certification, etc) that have more to do with money than the product itself so I just want to know whether the Beef 'isn't for human consumption' because of real issues (age, cleanliness, they butcher stuff on the floor with bleach around, etc) or arbitrary ones, ie. it being expensive to qualify something as for human consumption and there's not enough of a market for kidneys,etc to justify that cost. (Source: www.reddit.com)



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