Randy Travis: What's the issue,

Randy Travis: What's the issue,

Randy Travis: What's the issue,

We've all heard about the story of the singer who suffered stroke. But what's the truth? He's not yet dead. It seems that he's still around. In July 2013, he suffered an injury to his brain and developed an illness known as Aphasia. This can affect his ability to understand speech. Even though he's been in hospital for the past two years, he's not lost his sense of humor. Mary, his wife, is still by his by his side.

Randy Travis was finally diagnosed with a massive stroke following a two-day coma. The cause of his stroke was partly by congestive heart failure. His heart stopped beating completely at some point. He was taken to a hospital and placed in a coma to protect his brain. But there are no details about the exact cause of his stroke.

After Randy Travis was found unconscious in the New York City hotel, doctors confirmed that he had suffered a stroke. The stroke was caused by an enlargement of blood in his heart that traveled to his brain. His lungs eventually collapsed and the patient was placed on life support. The procedure included three tracheostomies and a brain surgery. In the course of the stroke the heart stopped beating as well. After a few months doctors decided to place him in an induced into a coma to safeguard his brain.

Randy Travis has not released new albums since 2014. He suffered from a massive stroke in 2013. His heart was failing and a blood clot had entered his brain, causing it to shut down. Travis was able walking for some more days, and even play guitar after being placed on life support. Travis has some new projects in the works, including gospel work and guest appearances.

Although Randy Travis is a popular singer on the country music scene, his career has been hampered due to his drinking. He was found guilty of driving under the influence in January 1, and his wife has been blamed for spotting the singer naked and throwing him out. The singer's children and wife have been a great help. And she's even able to sing gospel songs to him.

Randy Travis was suffering from an infection caused by a virus in the heart. He was taken to the hospital and doctors found that he suffered a massive stroke. The clot traveled through his heart and into his brain, causing severe brain damage. His heart stopped repeatedly and he's been in a critical state ever since. He is currently recovering from the stroke and is planning two albums featuring classic country music.

Mary Mary, Mary's spouse, shared updates about her husband's condition to fans. The singer was in the hospital for nearly six months. He suffered strokes as well as flat lining and viral cardiomyopathy. it was necessary to put him on life support. He refused and he continues to sing. His heart was still beating. His family and doctors were trying to figure out a way to save his life.

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