Ranavat Botanics Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser Review

Ranavat Botanics Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser Review


ranavat botanics cream cleanser

This cream cleanser from Ranavat Botanics is rich in texture and removes oil, dirt and makeup. It contains manjistha, an Ayurvedic herb, which is considered the 'apex of superfoods'. This brand is inspired by Indian royal beauty rituals and uses certified organic ingredients.

Benefits of ranavat botanics cream cleanser

If you are looking for a cream cleanser with soothing ingredients that can make your skin glow, look no further. Ranavat Botanics is a luxurious skincare brand that specializes in natural ingredients. Its products are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. They are also cruelty-free and made with botanical oils and extracts. Jasmine sambac is a key ingredient that can help soothe the skin.

The brand is made by Michelle Ranavat, an American first-generation Indian. Michelle was inspired by the ancient practices of her Indian ancestors. After visiting Jaipur in 2010, she embraced the culture and started a skincare line that was inspired by the traditions and practices of the Rajasthani royal family.


The RANAVAT botanical formula is a cream-balm hybrid that removes makeup and oil and leaves your skin hydrated and balanced. It was inspired by the beauty rituals of Indian royalty and is backed by Ayurvedic science. It contains only the best natural ingredients and is great for all skin types.

The cream cleanser contains Manjistha, which is the "apex of superfoods" in Ayurveda and has powerful cleansing and detoxifying properties. It leaves your skin hydrated and looking fresh. It also contains Damask Rose, which has incredible healing and hydrating properties. The other ingredients in this cream cleanser include Sesame Seed, which encourages the regeneration of skin cells. It also helps brighten the complexion and soothes irritation.


This cream cleanser is rich, luxurious, and made with Manjistha, a popular Ayurvedic herb for its cleansing properties. The delicate scent is an added bonus, making this a great choice for those who love a pampering experience. If you are looking for the ultimate skin care ritual, you should give Ranavat a try.


The Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser by Ranavat Botanics is a luxurious, high-end cleanser that removes makeup, dirt, and oil from the skin. Its formula contains manjistha, an ayurvedic herb that is regarded as the "apex of superfoods." Inspired by the beauty rituals of royal Indians, the cream cleanser also contains certified-organic ingredients that restore the skin's pH balance.

The Ranavat Botanics Cream Cleanser has a creamy balm texture that helps remove makeup and dirt and leaves skin hydrated and balanced. It uses the Ayurvedic philosophy and is inspired by ancient Indian beauty rituals. The cream cleanser also leaves the skin feeling supple and balanced.

Crunchbase Review of Durianpay

durianpay crunchbase

If you're in the market for a Payment aggregator, you should check out Durianpay. This Fintech company has a lot of exciting features, including a no-code interface, which allows merchants to completely customize their checkout process. They also integrate with third-party solutions to streamline the checkout process.

Fintech company

Durianpay is a fintech startup that aims to be the one-stop payment solution for small businesses. It offers modern dashboards, APIs and a seamless checkout experience. Its co-founders are Antara Sara Mathai, who has founded and run product teams for FinTech and SaaS startups. Others include Kumar Puspesh, who co-founded Moonfrog and has built high-scale tech products for South Asia. Natasha Ardiani previously launched the digital payment business for Shopee Indonesia and led the OVO lending business.

The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Singapore. It was named after a fruit native to south-east Asia called durian. Durianpay is a hybrid of mobile payments and digital wallets. The company has raised over $16 million in venture funding. In addition to the Singapore headquarters, Durianpay has offices in India and Southeast Asia.

Recently, Durianpay secured US$2 million in funding from Sequoia Capital India. AC Ventures, Kenangan Fund, and several angel investors contributed to the new funding round. The company plans to use the fresh funds to build out its solutions. It plans to raise a series of new funding rounds in the future.

Durianpay is a FinTech startup that aims to make payment processing easier for small businesses in Indonesia. It is based on a unique approach that solves a number of problems affecting the Indonesian payments industry. Its solution works across multiple payment providers and offers a seamless checkout experience for online merchants. It also includes an easy-to-integrate API.

Payment aggregator

Durianpay is a payments platform that provides users with a variety of options for making payments. These options include virtual accounts, a bank, e-wallet, and Buy Now Pay Later. The company's mission is to optimize the transaction process between consumers and merchants.

Durianpay is known for its plug-and-play solution, which makes it easy for merchants to select the most suitable payment option. It also offers merchants a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, paylater, and internet banking. The company has also attracted investors and seed funding to help it scale its business.

The company has received $2 million in funding from various investors including Sequoia Capital India, AC Ventures, Kenangan Fund, and a series of angel investors. The company has experienced founders who previously founded ShopeePay, PayLater, and OVO's loan and collection business.

Durianpay was founded in 2020 and is based in Singapore and Indonesia. The company sees a huge opportunity in this region. Indonesia's consumer market growth has outstripped its payment capabilities, and the company hopes to take advantage of this trend. It is also partnering with several payment gateways and fund transfer providers to offer the best solutions for local businesses.

Indonesia-focused startup

Durianpay is an Indonesia-based fintech company focused on payments solutions. It has raised a $2 million round of funding led by Sequoia India's Surge, AC Ventures, and Kenangan Fund. The company is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is led by Antara Sara Mathai, Co-Founder and CEO. The company's goal is to make payments simple and frictionless for Indonesian consumers. It provides an API for merchants and dashboards that simplify the entire process.

Other Indonesia-focused startups that raised funding recently include RaRa Delivery, which is building a platform that reimagines instant delivery for ecommerce in Indonesia. Another startup is Revery, which uses game thinking to provide affordable mental health treatment for people living in Indonesia. The company is backed by GGV Capital. In addition to Durianpay, several other Indonesia-focused startups have raised funds recently, including Pintu, an Indonesia-focused crypto wallet and trading platform.

RaRa Delivery is another Indonesia-focused startup with a US$ 3.25 million Series A funding round. The company claims to be the first instant delivery company in Southeast Asia and is using proprietary data batching technology. It is also working to increase same-day delivery across Indonesia's many industries, such as retail, food, and healthcare. The same-day delivery market in Indonesia is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to reach 4.5 million packages per day by 2023.


The Singapore-based fintech startup Durianpay has raised US$ 1.4 million in a seed funding round. The funding was led by Sequoia Capital India and AC Ventures, with angel investors also participating. The company was also chosen for Surge, an accelerator program led by Sequoia Capital.

Durianpay was founded in 2020 and is based in Singapore. The startup is named after the popular south-east Asian fruit, the durian. It was founded by Kumar Pushpesh and Antara Sara Mathai. The team's focus is on building a payments stack that allows online businesses to grow and scale.

Durianpay is a one-stop payment solution that aims to improve merchants' experiences. The company has identified a huge market in the Southeast Asia region. The region has seen a resurgence in the consumer side of the economy, with the birth of some of the world's largest e-commerce companies and super apps. Durianpay sees this market as a huge opportunity to build a localized payment solution for businesses in the region.

Durianpay's founders aim to provide a simple, secure and seamless payment solution for small businesses in Indonesia. The existing solutions are complicated and require manual reconciliation, which results in high costs. By building localised solutions, Durianpay aims to reduce costs and improve the scalability of online businesses in Indonesia.

Sequoia Capital India Share Price

sequoia capital india share price

When you think about private equity firms, Sequoia Capital India is one of the names that come to mind. This company invests in venture-capital rounds with three to four participants. Some of its investments include Zomato, a food tech platform. The firm also has an investment in Freshworks Inc, a software as a service provider.

Sequoia Capital India is a private equity and venture capital firm

Sequoia Capital India is a privately owned venture capital firm based in Bengaluru, India. It invests in consumer products, technology, and healthcare companies. In addition, the firm also has a venture fund focused on emerging markets. Its portfolio includes companies like Flyrobe, FreeCharge, Equitas Holdings, CleverTrap, and Zenyum.

Sequoia Capital India's investment portfolio includes startups that solve problems or change behavior. For example, in late 2018, the firm invested in ClearTax, a startup that is digitizing the tax process in India. This company is helping the government meet a growing demand for this type of technology. The firm also has a lean management philosophy, and encourages its portfolio companies to reduce costs and focus on growth.

In the last decade, India's startup ecosystem has matured significantly. As digital adoption and consumer incomes have increased, India has become the third largest startup ecosystem globally. The region is projected to become a $1 trillion digital economy by 2030. Sequoia believes that the region's startup ecosystems will continue to mature.

Sequoia Capital India has raised over $1.5 billion over three funds. It typically invests $100K to $1 million in seed-stage companies, and $100 million or more in later stages. It invests in a range of sectors, including Internet and ECommerce. The firm also invests in companies in the financial services space.

The firm has been investing in India for almost 15 years and has an impressive track record of success. The recent fundraise by Sequoia Capital India is a sign of its commitment to the region. In the current market climate, Sequoia Capital has become one of the world's largest venture capital firms.

The firm is part of the Venture Capital Committee of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). Its members will focus on public policy consultations, stakeholder engagement, and ecosystem enhancement. The group will also highlight sector-specific challenges facing portfolio companies.

Omidyar Network India is a social impact investment fund that invests in startups. It makes equity investments in early-stage companies and non-profits. Its portfolio includes fintech, healthcare, and travel companies. It has invested over $300 million in Indian startups.

It invests in rounds with 3-4 partakers

Sequoia Capital India is an Indian venture capital firm that invests in startups in rounds of 3 to four partakers. It is one of many startup investors in India, including Norwest Venture Partners, Greenoaks Capital, and Maverick Ventures. While it is not the only Indian venture capital firm investing in startups, it is among the most active, with an average of 13 investments per year.

This investment firm was founded in September 2005 and is headed by Neil Shen. It currently has 31 different funds with $3 billion in total capital. They have made 398 investments and had 51 exits. The company invests primarily in IT, enterprise software, mobile, and semiconductors. It also advises startups looking to expand globally.

The company has been expanding its portfolio of blockchain software and has raised $450 million in new venture funding. Its market cap is currently $13 billion. It is actively working to expand its portfolio of Ethereum scaling solutions and to attract a larger developer ecosystem. Sequoia Capital India and Tiger Global led the company's first major financing round. The firm also participated in its private token purchase.

In addition to investing in startups in India, Sequoia Capital China has invested in 13 blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. The firm has also made several investments in the US and in Hong Kong. In the US, it has invested in startups providing blockchain infrastructure. For example, it has invested in StarkWare's Series A funding round and backed Espresso Systems' $32 million Series A round.

Sequoia Capital is a venture capital firm that specializes in the technology sector. Its investors include university endowments, charitable foundations, and large corporations. It also invests in India's tech sector and has invested in companies like WhatsApp, Dropbox, and Linkedin. Sequoia also manages funds in Israel, China, and Southeast Asia.

Sequoia focuses on maximizing the value of top-performing firms by developing long-term relationships. This helps the firm capitalize on the growth of its portfolio companies. In some cases, the relationships may last for a decade. While the firm leans towards software companies, it also has investments in the healthcare and e-commerce sectors.

Sequoia Capital is a California-based venture capital firm that was founded by Don Valentine in 1972. It has a public market value of $3.3 trillion, with an aggregate of 1244 investments and 251 exits. It has 22 investment funds with 15.3 billion in raised capital. The firm helps start-ups hire engineers, develop their products, and introduce early customers.

It has a stake in food tech platform Zomato

Sequoia Capital India has a significant stake in the food tech platform Zomato. The renowned venture capital firm purchased 2% of Zomato in 2013 and has since sold shares to reduce its stake to 4.4%. The firm is selling shares through two investment vehicles - SCI Growth Investment Holdings I and II. The firm has also acquired a stake in a fast-commerce delivery platform called Blinkit.

A recent round of funding has seen the food tech platform raise about $250 million. The company has a plan to raise the rest through an IPO later this year. The Series J financing round included investments from Tiger Global, Fidelity and Dragoneer. Another recent investor, Info Edge, disclosed a new investment in Zomato, in which it owns a 18.4% stake.

Since listing on the BSE last year, Zomato's stock price has tumbled nearly 70%. On 23 July, Sequoia Capital and Delivery Hero each sold a portion of their Zomato stake. However, the company's shares still hold a one-year lock-in period.

Tiger Global sold about 18 crore shares of Zomato in July after exiting its stake. It also sold 7.78 percent of its shares to cab aggregator Uber. Fidelity International bought 7.920 million shares at Rs 44 each on August 18. Fidelity International also owns a 5.06% stake in Zomato.

Zomato is the leading food delivery platform in India, with more than eighty percent market share. The food delivery market in India is estimated to reach $12 billion by 2022. The company has a 80% market share and an average take-rate of 20%.

Zomato currently operates in eight markets, including India, and has 15 million monthly users. In the beginning, the food tech platform was little more than a menu-card scanning service. With the new funding, the company plans to increase the functionality of its product and add new types of businesses in the future.

George Robson - Partner at Sequoia Capital

george robson sequoia

George Robson is a partner at Sequoia Capital, and a Fintech expert. Previously, he co-founded Revolut. What did he learn there that he applies to Sequoia? In this interview, he talks about how important it is to have world-class investors and good partners.

George Robson is a partner at Sequoia Capital

George Robson is one of the founding partners of Sequoia Capital in Europe. His focus is on consumer and FinTech companies. His portfolio includes companies like Mos, Telda, Trade Republic, Two, and Xentral. Prior to joining Sequoia Capital, George worked at Morgan Stanley and Revolut. He also co-founded Kickstart Global and studied at the London School of Economics.

Robson's new role at Sequoia comes at a time when the venture capital firm is expanding in Europe. He will focus on early and growth stage investments and will be based in London. He will work closely with the European teams to expand the firm's presence and identify promising founders in Europe.

Robson is 25 years old. He became a partner at Sequoia Capital in August 2020, having graduated from the London School of Economics four years earlier. In a recent interview, he discussed his path to the startup world. Sequoia Capital has a new London office in Marylebone. In addition to Robson, the firm also recruited Accel's Luciana Lixandru.

Sequoia is now investing in 17 seed stage companies from Europe through its Arc programme. The programme will run from May 23 to July 15, 2022. Each company will get $1 million upfront and participate in a rigorous eight-week programme to learn about company building.

He is a Fintech expert

George Robertson Sequoia is bringing its renowned fintech expertise to the world of startups. Bindra has had an extensive career in fintech, including his role as CEO of Sequoia-backed Indian Fintech Unicorn Pine Labs. He previously ran Mastercard's business in APAC and MEA and led Visa product and solutions globally. Before his career in fintech, Bindra worked in strategy consulting and finance. He held executive positions at Citi, Bain & Company, and GE Capital India. He also holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

He is a graduate of Sequoia

George Robinson grew up in the Bronx and became interested in nature during his early years of growing up. He soon began observing and photographing wildlife in the pocket parks of the Bronx and the estuaries of the Hudson River. Today, he serves as an educator and school administrator. He also works as a professional nature photographer. He has led student expeditions to Key Largo and the Everglades, and he enjoys photographing the ecosystems and natural habitats in the Hudson Valley and National Parks.

George Robinson graduated from Sequoia in 1989. He has been an advisor to the firm since 2015. His recent work includes helping Bulb and the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority in securing debt facilities for Bulb. The company had been under pressure from rising wholesale gas and electricity prices. On 24 November 2021, Bulb entered administration, after which the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority applied for a court order under the Energy Act 2004.

Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Limited

sequoia capital india advisors private limited

Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Limited is a company that is in the business of mca providers. The company is registered under the National Industrial Classification (NIC) code 65999. The company operates in the financial industry and is involved in the provision of financial products and services.

Sequoia Capital India

Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Ltd is a Non-govt company registered in India. Founded on 21 June 2000, it has its registered office at Divyasree Technopolis, Bangalore. It is classified as a private company and has Rs. 26,734,380 paid up capital.

Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Ltd is registered as a Private Limited Company in Maharashtra and carries out its major operations from this state. It has a GST registration number of 27AAACW3425G1ZH. It is a regular taxpayer under the GST regime.

The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, India and invests in consumer, healthcare, and technology companies. Its investment portfolio includes 3M+ companies. In addition, it also invests in public companies. While most venture capitalists are interested in a single company, this company helps founders with their entire funding cycle.

The firm has invested in over 400 companies across India. This includes 36 that are valued at over $1 billion. It has also invested in 13 new companies globally. It is one of the early backers of companies such as Google, Apple, and WhatsApp. It has also invested in Indonesia's largest publicly traded internet company, Gojek.

Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Ltd is a private limited company that is registered in Maharashtra. The company carries out major operations from this state. As per its SIC code, SEQUOIA CAPITAL INDIA ADVISORS PRIVATE LIMITED engages in Other financial intermediation.

Sequoia Capital is a global venture capital firm and a growth investor. It has a combined investment of $1.4 trillion in stock market value. It manages multiple investment funds, including funds dedicated to India and Southeast Asia. It also focuses on investing in India's technology sector, and has backed some of the world's most valuable companies.

The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Bengaluru, India. It focuses on consumer products, technology and healthcare companies. Its investment portfolio includes over three million companies. In addition to startup investments, it also makes investments in late stage companies and public companies. The company has a unique approach to startup investing.

Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private limited is a private company in India with its registered office at Divyasree Technopolis, Bangalore. It has three promoters. Sequoia Capital India Advisors Private Limited has filed its most recent annual balance sheet on 2020-03-31.

Neil Shen - Founder of Home Inns and a Director at Focus Media Limited

neil shen

Neil Shen is an investor and entrepreneur who dropped out of a PhD course to start his own company. He has also worked as a Wall Street banker. Despite his early success, he has remained humble. The Founder of Home Inns and a Director at Focus Media Limited, Neil is a fascinating figure to learn about.


Neil Shen is a Chinese entrepreneur and investor who has achieved global success. He is often referred to as the "GodFather" of Chinese startups. He has an estimated net worth of $4.7 billion. This net worth consists of investments, venture capital, and salary from his leadership positions.

He has held numerous leadership positions in the business world, as well as public and philanthropic organizations. He currently serves on the board of the Hong Kong Chief Executive's Advisory Panel on Strategic Development and Innovation. He is also a trustee of the Asia Society and a director of the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum. He holds Bachelor and Master's degrees from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Shen founded Sequoia China, a venture capital firm in China. The firm has invested in more than 600 companies. Many of these companies have become household names in China, and 60 of them have become unicorns. He has also made investments in several other businesses, including an online travel agency and an accommodation service.

Shen's accomplishments have garnered him recognition in China and around the world. Forbes named him one of the world's top venture capitalists three years in a row, and he was ranked number three in 2014 and 2015. He has received numerous awards both at home and abroad. In 2012, Forbes named Shen as the Top Chinese Investor. He is also listed among the 100 Greatest Living Business Minds by Forbes.

Wall Street banker

Neil Shen is a Chinese-American businessman with experience on Wall Street. He has worked for investment banks and also runs his own company. He has strong leadership skills and has earned credit from companies such as Deutsche Bank, which was founded in 1870 in Berlin. The bank has played a vital role in the development of Germany's industry. Shen's leadership style has led him to build a net worth of $4.7 billion. He is a well-known businessman and he is well-regarded on Wall Street for his skill at building a company.

Shen has also taken his influence to China's policymakers. He made a speech to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in March, a symbolic meeting with little political power. That speech came just before the Two Sessions meeting, China's highest-profile political event. Shen is the only venture capitalist to address the CPPCC.

The world's top venture capitalist, Shen is also an avid mathematician. He won numerous prizes in major mathematical competitions and credits his study of mathematics for his success on Wall Street. In fact, Shen once dropped out of a PhD program to pursue his MBA degree.

After earning his MBA, Shen joined Citi and Lehman Brothers Ltd as an investment banker. Later, he joined Deutsche Bank, where he served as the Head of Capital Markets for China. He then founded Ctrip, an online travel agency, and became its chairman and chief financial officer. Ctrip eventually made the NASDAQ and became a global leader in online travel. He also introduced Home Inn, a service that provides accommodation for travelers.

Founder of Home Inns

Neil Shen, Founder of Home Ins, has an interesting approach to hotel development. Home Inns began as a spin-off from the Chinese online travel site Ctrip. The company is now one of the largest economy hotel chains in China. In 2004, Neil Walsh was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Asian Venture Journal. He has also been named one of CCTV's top 10 economic figures. Before founding Home Inns, he worked for Deutsche Bank.

Neil Shen is a businessman and an investor from Zhejiang province. He is a co-founder of Ctrip, an online travel site, and the home inn hotel chain. Shen earned his bachelor's degree at Shanghai Jiao tong University and an MBA from Yale University.

Before establishing his own lodging service, Shen worked as an investment banker in New York City. He later returned to China to work with Lehman Brothers Ltd. He also served as director at Deutsche Bank and headed its capital markets in China. After his work at Deutsche Bank, Shen founded the online travel agency Ctrip in 1999. He served as president, CFO, and chairman of the company. On December 9, 2003, Ctrip was listed on NASDAQ. In 2002, he launched Home Inn, a lodging service.

Aside from Home Inns, Shen serves in a variety of other positions. He is a trustee of the Yale Leadership Center in China, vice-chairman of the venture capital committee of the Asset Management Association of China, and member of the Asia Society.

Director of Focus Media Limited

Focus Media Limited is a leading digital media company in China. Its stock is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the symbol FMCN. Recently, the company announced changes to its board of directors. Neil Shen is now an independent director. He is currently co-chairman of Home Inns and director of Ctrip and E-House (China) Holdings Limited, both NYSE-listed real estate companies. He also serves as director of the China Entrepreneur Forum and is a member of the Young Presidents Organization.

As a director of Focus, Shen has a significant stake in the company. Before the March 2007 deal, Neil Shen owned 0.45% of Allyes, a stake that was valued at $540,000. The deal made him a $793,000 shareholder, a 146% return on his capital.

Shen also advised China to focus on "deep technology" and to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing and agriculture sector. These recommendations align with Beijing's strategic emerging industries plan for 2020. This change of focus indicates that Shen is backing away from startups in favor of more traditional industries such as manufacturing and biotechnology.

Neil Shen is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who is also an angel investor. He co-founded Ctrip and is a co-founder of Home Inns. He is a member of the board of the China Entrepreneurs Forum and Teach for China.

Co-chairman of Yale Center Beijing

Neil Shen is a Yale graduate and active community member. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Yale Center Beijing in 2014, a hub for all of Yale's activities in China. He works closely with Yale SOM and its partners at Sequoia China to promote educational programs for CEOs of Sequoia's portfolio companies. He has also given a generous gift to the Yale China Fund for Emotional Intelligence.

In addition to serving as a fundraising center for the university, the center facilitates Yale-China ties. The center rents its space, but its purpose is to enhance Yale's relations with the country. While some donors are reluctant to see the center disappear, they are determined to help it grow. Xu has suggested starting a Yale executive program at the center.

Although Yale Center Beijing has the most events and attendees of any university center in China, its location in Chaoyang's business district has created tension. Some Yale students worry that the center's presence in a busy commercial area will interfere with its educational mission. A CUSY retreat organized by a Yale student, Zhong, chose to hold the event outside the center's doors. Zhong also secured free space at another location for the retreat.

Neil Shen, Co-chairman of the Yale Center Beijing, is a highly successful businessman and philanthropist. He also serves as a trustee of Asia Society and the Yale School of Management. He is worth $1 billion and is an active community member of the Yale Center Beijing advisory committee.

Director of Sequoia China

The founder and managing partner of Sequoia Capital China, Neil Shen has become one of the world's most successful venture capitalists. He was ranked number one on Forbes' Midas List in 2018 and named one of the world's Greatest Living Business Minds in 2017. He founded Ctrip, an online travel company, as well as home inn, a company that provides accommodation services. In addition to being a successful venture capitalist, Shen also holds numerous other positions.

Shen has a background in business and investment banking. He is well-versed in using mathematics to evaluate business models. He is also known for making quick decisions. He also believes that luck is only 20% of the equation in investing. For that reason, he believes that success in entrepreneurship depends on speed.

Shen is a Yale graduate and is actively involved in university activities in China. He helped establish the Yale Center Beijing in 2014, which now serves as a hub for Yale's activities in the country. He has also collaborated with Yale SOM to develop the Yale SOM-Sequoia Leadership Program, a one-year program for CEOs of the Sequoia China portfolio companies. He has also made a significant donation to the Yale China Fund for Emotional Intelligence.

After 17 years, the Sequoia China team has invested in over 300 companies across the globe. Its portfolio includes many unicorns that have developed from start-ups to public companies. In fact, the company is the largest unicorn in the world.

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