Python Project Description for Resume ORR

Python Project Description for Resume ORR

Python Project Description for Resume


I am a recent graduate from Stanford University with a degree in engineering. I've been passionate about software since I was a kid, and I've been using python to do complex data analysis at scale while working with an increasing amount of simulations. I've worked with various major players in the industry including Walmart, Toyota, and Intel.


Python developers are in high demand in today’s data-driven market. As per the most recent reports (until 2019) 42% of developers around the world use python due to its high flexibility, adaptability, and versatility. Python also happens to be one of the fastest-growing programming languages. Naturally, the number of jobs in Python is on the rise currently. Whether it is an entry-level python job or a role that demands experience, Python roles are equally lucrative at both senior and junior levels.

Never downplay your achievements and success, your resume is the best place to showcase your skills as a Python Developer. There’s no need to fill every single part of your document, white space provides the recruiter with a visually appealing resume and could leave a good impression of you. You wouldn’t want your Python resume to look like you’ve learned your skills from a “learn Python in 24 hours” video, it is important to show the recruiter that you have adequate knowledge and have practised your skills. (Source: www.mygreatlearning.com)


Fuses are the PROM bits in processors which are programmable at the sort. The Fuses are used for enabling/disabling certain features in the Processor at the time of manufacturing. Now these fuses have been moved on to flash ROM on the package which can be flashed many times. The fuses gets downloaded on to the processor during the booting. This project involved in developing tool for implementing the process of flashing the fuses on ROM multiple times.

Intel next generation Processor has several components which need to function properly. Each component has several registers with different fields which can be read and programmed for knowing the behavior/functionality. This project involved in developing tool which abstracts the components, several registers, fields and descriptions to the user and provides user friendly debug environment. The tool should be comprehensive enough to hide the confidential and IP of the Intel so that it is given to customers which help in debugging the customer issues. (Source: www.hireitpeople.com)



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