Purple Clover Weed OOR.

Purple Clover Weed OOR.

Purple Clover Weed

Noted for its exuberant yellow flowers, Baptisia sphaerocarpa (Yellow Wild Indigo) is an upright perennial with a long season of interest. In spring to early summer, this southern United States native bears long spikes of pea-shaped, brilliant yellow flowers, resembling Lupines. They last for about three weeks and attract butterflies and bees. When the flowers fade away, the lovely blue-green, trifoliate leaves remain neat and form a lovely backdrop for the other perennials in the garden. If left untrimmed, the plant forms interesting inflated seedpods turning tan to brown in the fall. They often remain attached to the naked winter stems and are valued additions to dried flower arrangements. Looking good with almost everything, Yellow Wild Indigo is a striking specimen for the small garden where an easy-to-grow, long-lived plant is desired.


You'll be impressed with the excellent vigor of this yellow flowered selection. It forms an upright, vase-shaped mound of attractive blue-green foliage topped with long, charcoal stems which carry the lemon yellow flowers in late spring to early summer, followed by decorative seed pods in fall. The contrast of dark stems with light flowers really pops in the landscape, delivering an excellent floral display. Ok I bought this from a nursery and it looked so attractive with the yellow flowers. I planted it in early Spring now it’s summer and the plant is doing well no flowers though .. but the foliage is very nice. I am having to transplant because even if it says DEER RESISTANT it’s not and the deer keep munching the new growth. I am planting on other side of my garden bed to see how it does there and no excess to deer as it will be in the back .

Mine is a young plant and this is the fist year for flowers on 'Lemon Meringue'. I'm so glad I purchased it and can hardly wait for it to form a large clump. The yellow blooms simply glow and it is a great addition to my front garden. When most Baptisias are done blooming, the Small Yellow Wild Indigo is in full flower, making it a great shrub-like perennial for a landscape setting. The small flowers produce just one seed per pod unlike other Indigos, which will produce many in each pod. Another common name in use: Yellow False Indigo. Baptisia tinctoria is one of the host plants of the Wild Indigo Duskywing skipper and the Clouded Sulphur butterfly. (Source: www.prairiemoon.com)



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