Puerto Sagua Miami OR

Puerto Sagua Miami OR

Puerto Sagua Miami:

Puerto Sagua Miami is one of Miami's top party destinations, with fabulous nightlife, breathtaking scenery and a vibrant cultural scene. Their pop-up beach party during Art Basel in Miami was a huge success, with more than 10,000 people in attendance.



Puerto Sagua is a restaurant in South Beach offering hearty Cuban cooking. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served, so you can stop by whenever fits your schedule. When trying authentic dishes here, diners will be taking a culinary journey to the island of Cuba. Puerto Sagua has been serving a wide-ranging menu of Cuban delicacies from media noches and lechon with moros to yuca and more since 1968. Some of the most popular dishes include croquette, fried pork chunks, the steak sandwich and coconut flan for dessert. Toast your evening out at this restaurant with a glass of beer or wine from the legendary drink list. Puerto Sagua is the perfect hangout for old-world Cubans, club kids and just about everyone visiting South Beach. There is a kid-friendly atmosphere so families can also enjoy it here. This restaurant has the ability to seat large parties. No-frills Puerto Sagua is a long-standing institution in South Beach, where restaurants come and go with frequency. This one has continued to please the fickle masses with traditional Cuban comfort food and decor that is fuss-free, with the exception of its awesome murals of Cuba street life. Native Cubans and South Beach residents who miss the days when the Beach was home to dozens of counters and cafeterias savor authentic shrimp in garlic sauce, fried plantains and grilled Cuban sandwiches stuffed with ham, pork and cheese. Late hours also make Puerto Sagua a perfect stop-off after a show or a night of club-hopping, when a medianoche or Cuban sandwich is the perfect antidote to too many cocktails.

Puerto Sagua Restaurant was honestly a hidden gem in South Beach Miami! Our hotel for the long weekend was close to here, but we didn't think much of the restaurant until we kept seeing lines out the door everyday. Eventually our curiosity got the best of us, and we had to give them a try. This place felt like a nothing fancy, family owned, Puerto Rican/Cuban diner. Their menu is pretty big, but everything we ordered came out great. The portions are huge so come hungry, or each entree can honestly feed 2 people. We had their Puerto Sagua App Combo, fried squid, a cup of their bean soup, braised oxtail dinner, and their ground beef spanish style w/ rice, beans, and sweet plantains. Everything was tasty, but the most interesting part, is that surprisingly a lot of their food tasted Filipino. The oxtails tasted exactly like Filipino Kaldereta w/ rice, amazing. The ground beef spanish style reminded me of Filipino picadillo. Fried squid is a common Filipino favorite, esp bc we dipped it in this spicy vinegar sauce that came w/ the appetizer combo. I highly recommend giving this place a try! There's a line out the door of this place for a reason! The food was tasty, portions huge, and a big variety to choose from. They also have a variety of condiments on the table if you like to spice things up a bit, I personally liked their habanero hot sauce. If you're in a rush though, they also have their number on their door to call in your order at their pick up window. Enjoy! (Source: restaurantguru.com)



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