Publix Customer Service Resume OR

Publix Customer Service Resume OR

Publix Customer Service Resume


Central Florida's Publix is an iconic superstore with a reputation for excellent customer service. As a Publix Cashier you'll not only be working your shift but you'll also be taking care of customers in a way that only another cashier can do. Along with being a salesperson and customer service representative, you'll also provide superior customer service during your shift. In addition, you'll use your sales skills to recognize the department's profit goals by meeting the assigned monthly sales benchmarks.


Applied at kiosk in store, received a call back 2 weeks later. First interview was with the assistant manager and it was very relaxed; more of a "get to know you" type interview. They did ask about my previous customer service experience, and also to tell them about a time that I dealt with an upset customer and what did I do about to handle the situation. Was told during the first interview that they liked me and they would call me the next day for a second interview with the store manager. As expected, they called the next day to schedule the second interview. This interview took place 4 days after the first. The manager asked me what I know about Publix and then proceeded to explain the origins of the company to me (I honestly had not researched that question). The interview was again very relaxed and the manager explained how there's a lot of opportunity to advance within Publix. No unexpected questions. I feel like, as in the first interview, they were trying to get a feel for who you are as a person. Was called the next day with an offer for full-time employment.

Publix Supermarkets (Best Company for women, minorities, and youth - Fortune Magazine, 2021) will be interviewing and hiring for your neighborhood Publix Supermarket! Hiring for all departments including Bakery, Customer Service, Deli Grocery, Meat, Seafood, and Produce. Positions include stocking clerks, meat cutters, cake decorators, bakers, customer service staff, deli associates, team leaders, positions leading to management, and others. (Source: www.salary.com)



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