Prostate Resume Procedure OR

Prostate Resume Procedure OR

Prostate Resume Procedure


Would you like to learn about prostate health and perhaps excite your prostate exam professional with a story from your personal life? Imagine meeting with your doctor and telling him that you were bitten by a spider while hunting at your cabin in the mountains and that this spider bit you on the top of your head and killed your wife! No kidding, I just told this story to my doctor, and here is the story of how I found out more about prostate health.


Rezum was approved last year by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). The procedure involves small jets of steam injected into the prostate to destroy excess tissue which then causes the prostate to shrink over a period of weeks. This new procedure is significantly less invasive than traditional surgical interventions for the condition, meaning that patients can receive the treatment and return home the same day. As the procedure does require a general anaesthetic it is a real benefit that it only takes 10 minutes to perform the surgery as it is ultimately far

Dr Elterman, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for performing the REZUM procedure yesterday. Needless to say, I was very nervous. However, your staff, your fellow doctor, Dr H and all the nurses and staff really made me relax for the procedure. You have a great team, and I extend my appreciation to all. Your team really helped me feel comfortable. I thank you very much, and please extend my thanks to all members of your team. I am looking forward to having a better life with a normal sized prostate! Regards (Source: uuaurology.com)


Rezum is a minimally-invasive alternative to pharmaceutical treatment and more invasive surgeries like the TURP procedure that are frequently prescribed for BPH. The Rezum treatment allows men to go off or avoid medications altogether. Additionally, with Rezum, men will not experience the sexual dysfunction of surgery such as retrograde ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. The one-time Rezum treatment allows men to return to their regular routine quickly, without the hospitalization and recovery associated with surgery.

As for all surgical procedures, patient selection is paramount. Not every patient with BPH are candidates for Rezum therapy (Table 3). However, in contrast with some other procedures, patients with median lobe obstruction are eligible to receive Rezum therapy. Critical factors that preclude patients from receiving Rezum therapy include previous surgical/radiation treatment involving the prostate, a history of urinary retention and patients with a large prostate burden (>120 cc). Prior to surgery, in order to determine areas of prostate enlargement, patients undergo flexible cystoscopy. It potentially also provides an opportunity to assess the patient’s tolerance to rigid cystoscopy while awake. Obtaining an ultrasound scan to assess prostate volume is also useful. (Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)


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