Programmer Resume Template

Programmer Resume Template

Programmer Resume Template

Once you put your resume in order for recruiters, the application process can be pretty easy. All you have to do is to send it when the time comes. That may be true, but it's not always enough. That's because recruiters are flooded with resumes and have less time to spend talking to each candidate; they want more than just a piece of paper.



You’re a computer programmer ready to move forward in your IT career . Fabulous! You are in a profession that requires you to be focused. Because your job can be done anywhere in the world, your competition is global. On the plus side, your skills are required across many industries since almost every business uses some type of computer program so those great jobs are out there — if you know how to get the attention of hiring personnel. Computer programmers are, in general, detail-oriented workers. As a programmer, you have to be since coding is precision work. But, creating “beautiful” code that does the job well also requires creativity. You may overlook that aspect of your skills, but when you are crafting a programmer resume, you definitely don’t want to overlook any ability that could give you an edge. That’s where Resume.io and this guide come in

Your goal is to get your resume into the hands of a person. To do that, you have to understand the ATS software designed to screen out resumes that don’t meet employers’ requirements and make the jobs of overworked human resources personnel a little easier. As a computer-savvy professional, you understand algorithms. ATS software uses algorithms to scan and rank your programmer resume and either put you in the hands of a recruiter or send you to the garbage pile. There are more than a hundred systems on the market, so there is no one way to ensure your success, however, there are some tips and tricks you can use to increase your ranking. ATS is designed to make parsing information easier; therefore, you should make your information easily scanned. The top two pieces of advice to remember are: (Source: resume.io)


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