Programmer Resume Summary

Programmer Resume Summary

You’re a computer programmer ready to move forward in your IT career . Fabulous! You are in a profession that requires you to be focused. Because your job can be done anywhere in the world, your competition is global. On the plus side, your skills are required across many industries since almost every business uses some type of computer program so those great jobs are out there — if you know how to get the attention of hiring personnel. Computer programmers are, in general, detail-oriented workers. As a programmer, you have to be since coding is precision work. But, creating “beautiful” code that does the job well also requires creativity. You may overlook that aspect of your skills, but when you are crafting a programmer resume, you definitely don’t want to overlook any ability that could give you an edge. That’s where Resume.io and this guide come in.


Soft skills also include communication, organization, motivation, and other habits and qualities that enhance your contributions to the team and your employer. While many think of computer programmers and software engineers as lacking in people skills, emotional intelligence (the ability to understand yourself and have empathy for others) can set you apart from the crowd. These skills are especially important because you want recruiters to understand the benefit of in-house or local talent since you are competing with outsourced talent who may be in far-flung time zones and, therefore, difficult to communicate with quickly. As you create your skills list, also consider adding resume examples of how you used these abilities during your past jobs. That will come in handy when you begin your Employment History section. Of course, you should not neglect the hard skills that are required to write elegant code. Dev, a community of software developers, lists these as technical skills every programmer needs:

With only seconds to impress, you need to communicate quickly what makes you a great candidate for your dream job! Here’s where you start. You’ve already brainstormed your biggest achievements, now you get to say a little about them. For your summary (also known as the profile), you get to do a little bragging. Don’t go so far as to exaggerate but show your pride in your professional achievements. You also have a little leeway to get creative here—the only section in which you can do so. Because creativity is a valued skill in programmers, do show off this skill. (Source:



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