Professional Nanny Resume Examples OR

Professional Nanny Resume Examples OR

Professional Nanny Resume Examples


If you think you have the right skills and are ready to apply, remember these three things:


Alternative resume formats are sometimes better suited to job candidates who are new to the workforce or changing careers, or those with a more varied occupational background. Self-employed professionals working on a freelance or contract basis might opt for a project-based “functional” resume format. Other functional resumes emphasize special skills or niche abilities, rather than work history. Nannies with specialty qualifications might consider adopting the functional resume, or even a hybrid (combination) document that reflects their background, skills and interests.

Because you are helping to raise a child, your approach to your resume should be a bit different from one for a less personal career. Go ahead and be creative here! Your resume should remain professional, of course, but give yourself a little leeway to explain why you will be a great nanny. The number one quality any child-care worker needs is a love of children. You would be remiss if you didn’t point that out through examples of how you entertain and treat children in the one section of your resume that allows you to be yourself. A typical resume profile is two to four sentences. You are not writing a biography. Instead, this introduction should point out your career successes and the attributes that will make children respect and like you and parents trust you. Use vivid descriptive language and strong action verbs that tell the story of your career achievements. (Source: resume.io)


An extremely warm, caring and nurturing Full Time Nanny known for creating an enriching environment for children to thrive. Possesses a strong passion for children and families and expertise in early childhood development to promote the children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Creative and fun individual with skills in childcare, child psychology, planning educational activities, cooking healthy meals and handling light housekeeping. Comfortable working autonomously with minimum supervision in fast-paced environments as well as within a diverse team atmosphere. Detail-oriented self-starter with excellent oral and written communication, interpersonal, organizational and time management skills.

The bulk of your Nanny resume should be the Work Experience section. While this section should include your relevant job titles, company, and the dates you were employed, it should also include your accomplishments and key skills. For example: • Provide compassionate care for and teach a two-year old child, maintaining a complete focus on the child while organizing and carrying out daily routine activities and driving the child’s growth through fun and educational activities. This is a strong first bullet because it shows you provide compassionate care, the age of the child, and other key qualities. (Source: www.zipjob.com)



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