Professional Athlete Resume OR

Professional Athlete Resume OR

Professional Athlete Resume


You’ve been playing for years and made it to the top of your sport. The time has come to finally transition from player to coach. You may have even been coaching players in the academy for years before.


The Athlete Resume that The Scout Hub built gives me one professional looking page, like a private webpage, to house all my son's player and personal information along with his highlight videos, analytical metrics and even validation links quantifying what I am putting down so the coaches can see it's valid. I am also saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars too which is always great. Now, my son's email stands out from the pack with this great tool and the coaches are even telling me this the most comprehensive, professional looking player page (Athlete Resume) they have seen and they really get a full view of who my son is and the player he is today.

Transitioning from sport can be an intense and challenging experience. Many athletes step away from the all-consuming role of being a renowned sporting professional, feeling anxious of what may lay ahead in the future. An unconventional resume features little in the way of workplace experience, with academic accomplishments scattered inbetween a prodigious amount of sporting accolades. It’s not uncommon for a retiring athlete to question what transferrable skills they can bring with them into the corporate working landscape, although a period of soul-searching and life-mapping will often lead them to discovering they can in fact, demonstrate a depth of valuable experience. Perhaps one of the most valued contributions a professional athlete can bring to a workplace, is their intellectual and deep-seated ability to truly understand the importance of teamwork. (Source: www.athletecareertransition.com)


Good teamworking skills will undoubtedly strengthen transition for retiring professional athletes. Whichever sector or industry is pursued following their departure from sport, it is likely the role will require an element of teamwork. Athletes have an unrivalled chance at success. Unlike many other potential candidates, athletes have not just learned teambuilding skills - they’ve expertly refined them and have practiced them. They’ve invested time, passion and energy into driving a team to victory. Teambuilding isn’t a resume advantage for athletes but instead an intrinsic core value ingrained deeply in their character and personality.

With this comes the exceptional ability to effectively communicate. Athletes recognise that effective communication means incredible results. It fosters an environment where each team player fully understands another, along with being able to gain a concise understanding of role, responsibility and objective. Good communication opens the pathway for team culture and chemistry, another incredibly important asset behind some of the world’s most renowned and leading organisations. (Source: www.athletecareertransition.com)



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