Production Assistant Resume Reddit OR

Production Assistant Resume Reddit OR

Production Assistant Resume Reddit


This site is a great resource for anyone looking for a production assistant resume example. Searching the site by industry, location, or major keywords can be very helpful, so make sure to browse through some of the categories to find the perfect resume template for you.


Industry professionals are very quick to pick up "Film titles" and "Job titles" when it comes to a resume. What I mean by that is if you have a resume padded with what looks like a wealth of experience, the production person on the other end will not take that at face value. Running boom on a short film really doesn't mean anything to them, especially since chances are they have never seen that short film. Your experience can better be expressed in a short cover letter detailing your understanding and respect of the production world. Mention right of the bat that you respect the hierarchy of the job site and know that you have to put in 110% in any position in order to stick around. Let them know you are educated in the field but are hungry to experience more.

Land your first PA job with an open mind and a hard-working attitude. Understand that most of the established people on the job site are there because they have been welcomed back for their experience. Those people are the ones who you need to impress, it's usually never the Director, DP or Producers ... it is almost ALWAYS the First AD or Production Manager/Coordinator. Those are the guys who will invite you to the next gig. Those are also the guys who can smell BS from a mile away. Earn the respect of your co-workers and you will get to bounce around from job to job. (Source: www.reddit.com)


Essentially the main duties of a PA are to do necessary but menial tasks that usually require minimal critical thinking, while at the same time doing their best not to disrupt the rest of the production. So really a resume for an ideal PA just needs to show they were able to do that in any work environment at any capacity. Since you seem young and have no on set experience you should include your internship experience, but also include any minimum wage labor jobs you’ve done in the past, for example, if you worked at Subway for a summer, are currently working at your campus dining hall, if you did landscaping or some sort of labor intensive job. These type of jobs have more transferable skills to being a PA than any kind of school work or an online internship. Honestly, these are the main things (besides previous on set experience) coordinators are looking for when hiring PAs. Also, hopefully you know this already, this is very much a business of “who you know” so do some research about the shoot and see if you have any kind of remote connection to anyone involved with the shoot. Also it sounds like you’re currently going to school to work in the entertainment industry, in that case your professors, hopefully, should have some sort of connection to the industry, so reach out to them and see if they can help in any way. Regardless if they are able to get you in with this specific Netflix shoot, it’s still worthwhile to use them as resources for networking. Success in this industry is all about making connections so might as well get started building that network now.



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