Product Manager Resume Linkedin OR

Product Manager Resume Linkedin OR

Product Manager Resume Linkedin


See more of my product manager resume. Please let me know what you think and how I can improve it. I’d also like to know how I can improve my skills to become a product manager with a history of quality content.


Over the last month, I have reviewed a lot of Product resumes to help folks who have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 crisis. Some of you were let go because your company lost critical business to the Covid-19 lockdown. Some of you had to see your job offers withdrawn for the same reason. It was sad to hear the stories but it was really inspiring to see your grit and aspiration to do something even bigger in your next role. The first step to land your next role is to write that killer resume. Due to the large number of resumes I received, I could not meet with each one of you in person. Hence, I am penning down some concepts and tips you can use to sharpen your resume on your own. Hope it helps.

Hi Aman Rathi, this is very well explained, and absolutely in line with our beliefs at Team Curate, a comprehensive learning & mentorship platform, being built by Ankur Agnihotri & myself. We aim to enable every individual to shape the career they desire through a bunch of offerings - dedicated mentor support, CV overhauls, up-skilling etc. We have recently kick-started our Summer Intern Mentorship Program for the incoming batch of MBA students, & would love to host you for a session with the students revolving around CV design (in line with this post) and/or acing a career in product management. Can we connect sometime today/tomorrow to discuss that in detail? (Source: www.linkedin.com)


If you’re lucky enough to have well-known companies on your CV, the usual suspects such as Spotify, Netflix, Monzo, Facebook, Google for example – who are known to create best-in-class digital products, this may well buy extra time from Hiring Managers in terms of engagement with your CV. However, you still need to include the headlines of what you want the reader to take away. If you don’t tell them you increased users by 60% due to feature X or created an entire new way of cross-functional collaboration (also why you did this and its’ impact), then we don’t know

- If you wanna become a product manager you have to stand out from other applicants and illustrate your ability to do the job. So the most important thing you can do to land that first gig as a PM is to perfect your resume. Now if you think resumes are boring, outdated, dinosaur, bureaucratic documents that don't serve much purpose in the modern era of LinkedIn and personal websites, I'm totally with you on that. Unfortunately, they're still a necessary evil. But the good news is that a resume done right can be yet another way to show recruiters and hiring managers your suitability for the PM role. So I'm gonna give you a few tricks to polish up your resume. Firstly, you need to think about your career so far and identify any experience you have that aligns with what a PM does day-to-day. Now I know you may be thinking, but Cole, I don't have any PM experience yet. Well, I hear you, but almost everyone has some PM related experience no matter their background. Think about any… (Source: www.linkedin.com)



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