Primary Teaching Resume Examples OR

Primary Teaching Resume Examples OR

Primary Teaching Resume Examples


We’ve combined data from a range of sources to identify what makes a resume stand out. And if you’re a beginning teacher or teacher looking for a new job, this will help you put together an outstanding resume.


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If you’re applying for an entry-level teaching position, your work experience section will look a little different. Instead of previous teaching roles, you’ll need to include examples that showcase your ability to take responsibility – whether that’s a committee position at university, a babysitting role, or a Saturday job. Make sure to explain how you’ve gained transferrable skills that will serve you well as a teacher. However, to gain QTS, you’ll need to have completed a teaching work experience placement. This means it’s unlikely you’ll apply for a role without any experience at all. (Source: www.myperfectcv.co.uk)


Primary Teachers follow a prescribed curriculum to educate students who are in the age group of 5 to 12. These Teachers develop the literacy, numerical level of children and as well foster their social, emotional and physical growth. The job description and tasks mentioned on the Primary Teacher Resume include – preparing lesson plans and preparing study materials, checking the work of the pupil, attending parent-teacher meet to discuss the progress of the ward, preparing the students for inspection, teaching various subjects, running extra-curricular activities and motivating students with imaginative and enthusiastic presentations.

The main role of a Primary School Teacher is to teach and train students who are in grade 5 and below in various areas such as English, math, and science. The job description entails creating daily lesson plans, administering tests, assigning and reviewing homework, and completing student assessments. The following duties mentioned on the Primary School Teacher Resume is considered essential and vital – developing lesson plans and instructing students, assessing student performance and behavior, overseeing and attending meetings, submitting reports to the management, conducting parent-teacher meetings; and keeping students engaged in interactive activities. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)



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