Prairie Nursery Wisconsin OR''

Prairie Nursery Wisconsin OR''

Prairie Nursery Wisconsin

Prairie Nursery is a Wisconsin company founded in 1875, and they specialize in some of the most valuable natural products found in our landscapes. One company they proudly mention is Green Cactus. This is one of the pioneering companies in the US, and they have developed an entire community of like minds. They have a few bloggers and photographers who document their garden adventures which have been shared far and wide.Spreading awareness of the important role native plants play in supporting diverse wildlife—and helping people build native landscapes of their own—has been a focus of Prairie Nursery, where Evans leads marketing efforts, since its founding in 1972.


Prairie Nursery’s business has always been built on shipping seeds or plants to growers in the Greater Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and East Coast states. This started with seed catalogs, but in recent decades, online sales have been a major driver of growth. This follows a trend in the larger horticultural world, as vendors are finding more of an appetite among customers to buy plants online.Diboll says Prairie Nursery aims to maintain manageable growth for the foreseeable future. Sustainability is a theme not only in its products but in its management, as the business does not carry debt and promotes employees from within to ensure a consistent focus on the core mission of promoting biodiversity through greater use of native plants.Morning Sky Greenery offers exclusively container-grown nursery stock of prairie, wetland, and woodland species. Visit their website for an online catalog. They are certified with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and a member of The Minnesota Wildflower & Grass Producers Association, The Minnesota State Horticultural Society, and The Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association.

At the same time, Neil Diboll was studying prairie ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. After graduating, he worked summers for the U.S. Park Service in Virginia, and later the U.S. Forest Service before returning to his alma mater to perform prairie plant research. In 1982, Bob decided to retire. Neil called Bob and asked him if he wanted to sell some of his stock plants so that Neil could establish a prairie nursery in his own backyard, but Bob suggested instead that Neil move to Westfield and take over the business Today, Diboll is the company's President and Owner of 36 years, having turned it into a major player in the native plant industry.From its modest beginnings, Prairie Nursery has expanded and continued to grow. "What started out as an original backyard prairie garden has grown to become a national retailer of native plants and seeds," Diboll said. People have become more and more interested in native plants and their benefits over the years. Since the end of the recent recession, we have experienced 15 percent average annual growth, marketing plants primarily for gardeners, landowners, landscape designers, and project managers. Presently, eighty percent of our orders are placed online. (Source:agratech.com)



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