Pork and Beans Miami OR

Pork and Beans Miami OR

Pork and Beans Miami:

What was that old saying? “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? ” This saying is thrown around a lot but don’t be fooled by the bad graphics, this blog is still hyped up and hitting home with the right content. They never miss on a good pork reference, and their content is focused on a lot of little ways to bring back home life to your work life.



Liberty Square (often referred to as the Pork & Beans) is a 753-unit Miami-Dade public housing apartment complex in the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami, Florida. It is bordered at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard/North 62nd Street to the south, North 67th Street to the north, State Road 933 (Northwest 12th Avenue) to the east, and Northwest 15th Avenue to the west. Constructed as a part of the New Deal by the Public Works Administration and opening in 1937, it was the first public housing project for blacks in the Southern United States.Until the de facto racial segregation in public accommodations and private homeownership practices ended after the enactment of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968, Liberty Square became the most densely populated subdivision in the Miami area. Once a largely middle income community, a purge of poor elderly and several welfare-dependent single mother families from Overtown fled to Liberty Square, leading to a black flight of middle and higher-income African Americans to suburban Miami-Dade county and a decline in living standards in the project between the 1960s and the 1980s. Liberty Square and surrounding area were the location of notable Miami area race riots in the years following the Civil Rights Movement.

has not been met with unanimous support, especially from those who have seen previous redevelopment plans contribute little to Miami’s most distressed neighborhoods. One source said that Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Giménez "was well into his first term as a county commissioner when the Department of Housing and Urban Development had to take over the county's public housing agency because of the rampant scandals ...The only way Giménez can sell this plan is by allowing trusted community leaders, not the paid-off pastors or political cronies, to have oversight on the project."In Miami, there are a numerous public housing programs that have been built since 1934. The action for public housing stated because housing corporations wanted to clear slums and low-cost housing for blacks. The city of Miami didn’t have enough private investments to go ahead with the housing program so when the Public Works Administration (PWA) launched a nation-wide slum clearance in 1933, Miami decided to take advantage of that and used federal dollars to finance their housing projects. As a result, Liberty Square was one of the first public housing projects to be completed in 1937. Another public housing project was Edison Courts. This was a built after Liberty Square for the white population; it was completed in 1941. This would be the last public housing project for the next 15 years because of opposition from the real estate industry. [1] [2] (Source: miamiplanning.weebly.com


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