Polo G Real Name OR

Polo G Real Name OR

Polo G Real Name


Woodland, Inc is different. Our team has always been strong on dedication and self-discipline. And we’ve been working on building something truly exceptional. It’s been a long journey, but our focus has brought us to the point of launching our first product, Polo G, which is about to make waves in the marketplace.



Taurus Tremani Bartlett is the real name of Polo-G. However, this stage name has a special meaning to it. According to the rapper, the word “Polo” in his name indicates his cherished clothing brand of the same name, and the letter “G” stands for Gucci, which is related to his friend who unfortunately passed away at the age of 16. This incident made a deep impact on him, and he decided to share his rap with the public as he was shy about it in the beginning. He wanted people to know the story and from where he, his stories come from.

Whatever people may say, the second half of his stage name doesn’t stand for Gregory. Instead, it is a sweet tribute to his late friend Gucci, who died aged 16. (Source: www.thefocus.news)

It racked up millions of views, setting the tone for his next hit, the popular “Pop Out” (2019) featuring Lil Tjay, which landed at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The success led to a Columbia Records record deal at the age of 20. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)

Learn about Polo G Net Worth, Forbes, Biography, Age, Wife, Kid, Label, Father, Real Name, Siblings, Son, Dad, First Song, Height, Facts (Source: www.ngnews247.com Polo G started his career by himself from the very beginning. He was an enthusiast of music and singing from a young age. His mother, Stacia Mac, was also a supporter of his career choice and helped him pursue his dream. Bartlett completed his high school education in Innovations High School in Chicago. (Source:www.ngnews247.com))

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Polo-G is a stage name that was given to Polo-G by Taurus Tremani Bartlett. This stage moniker has a unique significance to it, according to the rapper. The term “Polo” in his name refers to his favorite clothing line of the same name, and the letter “G” stands for Gucci, which is connected with his childhood friend who died at age 16. (Source: starsgab.com)

The net worth of Polo G is $2.5 million as of 2021. He earns mostly from the sales of his tracks and albums. He also makes a lot of money from YouTube upon the release of his songs. Furthermore, Polo even runs his clothing line by the name ‘Polo.G Capalot’. No wonder he is a millionaire at such a young age. (Source: wikibioworth.com Polo G grew up listening to Chicago rappers like Lil Druk, G Herbo, and Chief Keef. He wanted to be a rapper since very young and bought musical equipment with his pocket money. His first song is titled ‘Back That Ass Up’ which he recorded at the age of 17. He kept on making music and his tracks ‘Never Cared’ and ‘The Come up’ hit the milestone of 1 million views. (Source:wikibioworth.com))

Polo grew up in Chicago, Illinois, USA along with his parents and siblings. Having been fond of singing and raps from a young age, he chose to make a career in raps and music. He released his first song titled “ODA” on his self-titled Youtube channel, which recorded thousands of views in a short span of time. (Source: starktimes.com)

As per Polo G’s date of birth, his age is 22 years (as of now, in 2021). (Source: starktimes.com)

Despite the dangers that lurk on the streets, his childhood was fairly normal. However, as he grew older, he started getting into trouble with the law. In one scenario, Polo G was arrested at least 6 times, back to back. From car theft to drug possession, the youngster developed an early track record. At age 15, he lost a friend due to gun violence. As Polo G indulged in street hustling, he was also developing a rap career. Earned money was used to cover studio time and musical equipment. Though his parents initially disapproved of his choice, he continued to weather the storm. (Source: www.famousbirthsdeaths.com)

At age 17, Polo G, alongside Lil Blast and Lil Felton, recorded his first song, Back That Ass Up remix. The track received minimal feedback. In 2017, after releasing his first music video, he decided to pursue music full-time. His following song, Check Me Out, earned the rapper well-deserved attention. Not only did the song performed well, but it helped Polo G established a fanbase. His first tracks to hit the 1 million views milestone were “Never Cared” and “The Come Up.” Both songs, dropped in early 2018, have garnered millions of plays online. “Welcome Back” is also another standout track that created quite the buzz. (Source: www.famousbirthsdeaths.com)

Polo G was born in Chicago, Illinois, the U.S on 6th January 1999. He grew up in the Marshall Field Garden Apartments. His real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett. He is of American nationality and he belongs to the African-American ethnicity. Polo G is not too religious. However, he is a firm believer in God. He celebrated his 22nd birthday in the January of 2021 which is his present age. As per his birthdate, his zodiac sign is Capricorn. Thus, his race is white. His mother, Stacia Mac is his manager whereas his father's details have not been revealed yet. He has three siblings, a younger sister and a younger brother along with an older sibling. (Source: gossipgist.com)

Polo G is not a new name in the Hip-Hop world. The singer has showcased his innate talent of singing, rapping, and songwriting at a young age. His vivid and explicit way of storytelling has won the hearts of many people. Alongside that, Polo also speaks about his race and black culture in his songs. The singer is also known for being the boyfriend of social media star Crystal Blease. (Source: ebiographypost.com)

Polo G started his career by himself from the very beginning. He was an enthusiast of music and singing from a young age. His mother, Stacia Mac, was also a supporter of his career choice and helped him pursue his dream. Bartlett completed his high school education in Innovations High School in Chicago. (Source: ebiographypost.com)

Polo G loved the hip-hop artist Lil Wayne and started writing songs from 8-9 age. He released Pop Out featuring Lil Tjay in 2019, which peaked at no. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. This song also landed him a record deal with Columbia Records. After that, Polo released his first studio-length album, Die A Legend, on June 7, 2019. The album’s songs Deep Wounds, Through Da Storm, Effortless, and Dyin’ Breed have their own music video. (Source: ebiographypost.com)

Polo G has addressed issues on drug addiction in his songs. In the single “21,” which is part of “The Goat album,” he talks about not wanting to relapse. He also talks about how his last experience with using drugs was with Juice, who died after a drug overdose incident in 2019, at the age of 21 years. He had been addicted to prescription drugs, which almost cost him his life. He has incorporated issues about drugs in his music to help people struggling with addiction to know that there is more to life than getting high on drugs and that they can get over their addiction. (Source: chaospin.com)

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On June 11, Bartlett released Hall of Fame, which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 and became his first number-one album. He will release Hall of Fame 2.0, a deluxe edition of the album, on December 3, 2021.

Saponara, Michael (November 8, 2021). "Polo G Flips Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' For 'Hall Of Fame 2.0.'". HipHopDX. Retrieved November 10, 2021. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

The year 2020 is marked to be one of the most successful years of his career so far. That year he released the track “Go Stupid,” along with rappers Stunna 4 Vegas and NLE Choppa, which became his second song to be featured in the Hot 100 Charts at number 60. As of 2021, his latest single, “Rapstar,” got released on 9th April. The song made its debut at No.1 at the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Later this year, Polo-G announced the news about his third studio album named “Hall Of Fame”. (Source: otakukart.com)

Chicago-based drill rapper Polo G initially rose to fame due to a well-known song with Lil Tjay, “Pop Out.” He has since changed his artistry, aiming for a more melodic vibe, and recently got his first number-one single with “Rapstar.” What is Polo G’s real name, and what is his net worth? (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)

In 2020, he will have completed his thirtieth year in the music industry. He released the song “Go Stupid,” along with rappers Stunna 4 Vegas and NLE Choppa, which became his second song to appear in the Hot 100 Charts at position 60 in that year. Polo-G’s most recent single, “Rapstar,” was published on April 9th of this year. The song debuted at No.1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Charts this fall. In 2021, Polo-G revealed plans for a third studio album titled “Hall Of Fame.” (Source: starsgab.com)

Taurus Tremani Bartlett popular Polo G is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, Youtuber, and media celebrity. He is widely known for his fabulous and successful albums like Die a Legend, The Goat, and most recent Hall of Fame, which ranked 1st in US Billboard 200. He is also known for sharing music videos on social media platforms, especially TikTok and Youtube. (Source: starktimes.com)

With rising fame as a rapper, in 2019 Polo released his debut album titled “Die a Legend”, which ranked 6th in US Billboard 200 and 1st in US Rap Top Albums. Following the success, in the following year, he released another album called “The Goat, which ranked 2nd in US Billboard 200 and US Top Rap Albums charts. (Source: starktimes.com)

Recently, in June 2021 Polo released his third album titled “Hall of Fame”. The album was commercially successful and ranked 1st in US Billboard 200, US Top Rap Albums, and US Hip-Hop Albums charts. Besides this, he has released a few singles such as Hollywood, First Place, and many others. (Source: starktimes.com)

Polo G is an American rapper from northern Chicago. He also goes by the moniker Mr.DoTooMuch. He acquired fame after releasing the hit single “Finer Things.” The music video has garnered over 12 million views in as little as 3 months. Real name, Taurus Tremani Bartlett, he was born on January 6, 1999, in Chicago, Illinois. Unlike many rappers, he grew up with both of his parents. One of four siblings, he traced his childhood to an area called Cabrini-Green. In an interview, he recalled various gangs controlling their own buildings. (Source: www.famousbirthsdeaths.com)



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