Pollinator Seed Mix OR''

Pollinator Seed Mix OR''

Pollinator Seed Mix

I want to go back to our farm with you to show you how to grow the best fruit and vegetables ever in your garden. Together, we'll create your own organic fruit and vegetable seed mix that is indigenous to your garden. Pollinators are the natural engine of our connected planet. Honey bees, butterflies, worms and more feed on the flowers and veggies of your garden, making your garden even more sustainable than vegetable gardening alone.


Regional seed mixes are locally produced in their respective regions by independent farmers, using local eco-type seed wherever possible. Seeds are not treated with pesticides, and are designed to include widely adapted, non-weedy species. Most species require full sun and average soil drainage. For extremely wet, dry, or shady conditions, please contact the respective nursery in your region for recommendations. Note that mixes are designed to include multiple blooming species throughout the entire growing season.

Only wildflowers with extensive documented value to pollinators are included. Where appropriate, host plants for regionally important butterflies are included, along with bunch grasses to provide bumble bee nest habitat.Seed mixes are sold based on planting area size. Depending on the region, and the species included in each mix, 1/4 to 1/3 lb is required for each 1000 ft. For areas of 1/2 acre in size, 3 to 5 lbs of seed is required, and for areas of 1 acre in size, 3 to 10 lbs of seed is necessary. In general, this results in 20 to 40 seeds per square foot of planting area. (Source:www.xerces.org)



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