Plants That Grow in Sand OR''

Plants That Grow in Sand OR''

Plants That Grow in Sand

Soil plays a critical role in determining what plants will grow happily and thrive, or what plants will struggle and die. Learning what type of soil you have in your garden is important to help choose what will succeed there. In general, soil is made up of a percent of each clay, sand, and silt. Clay is the smallest soil particle while sand is the largest, with silt finding the happy medium in between.The fascinating topic of plants that grow in sand is covered in this article about five desert plants that have adapted to the unique environment.


Coming in nearly every color you can imagine, bearded irises are a garden favorite! They require very little attention and have no problem competing for their place in the garden. The rhizomes multiply fairly quickly, so it is helpful to divide the plants every few years to avoid overcrowding and spread your iris collection! Many bearded irises are reblooming, so you can enjoy their color both in late spring and in early to mid-fall.Often, gardeners who have sandy soil will go to great lengths to amend their garden beds with organic material to try to create a more sustainable habitat for a wider variety of plants. Many plants perform poorly in sandy soil conditions because the porous medium does not hold water or nutrients for very long.

However, despite its less than stellar reputation among gardeners, sandy soil does have advantages of its own. It drains well, it’s easy to dig in, and it’s less susceptible to bacterial and fungal diseases in the garden. Sandy soil also tends to warm up earlier in the spring than other soil types, which can mean new plant life earlier in the season.So, if you live in an area that has lots of sandy soil, you may want to check out the plants that perform well in your area and plan your garden out to include some of those options. You may find that you only need to amend a few small beds to accommodate your needs, saving you lots of work in the rest of the yard. Or you might embrace your sandy soil completely and create a low maintenance garden that makes the most out of what your property offers. Even if you ultimately decide to amend the majority of your garden space despite the wide array of plants that thrive in sandy soil, you are sure to find one or two plants on this list that you will enjoy growing in the sandy spots of your garden. (Source: www.gardeningchannel.com)




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