Plant Candles OR''

Plant Candles OR''

Plant Candles

It looks like the term “plant candles” or “green wedding decorations” have been added to the list of choices that Google can’t stop autocorrecting to the term ‘plant cocaine’. That’s pretty funny. But let’s make things a little more serious for a moment, for these candles are actually incentivizing healthier living habits.Hyggelight is a company that styles itself with an earthy chicness that evokes that Dakota Johnson home tour video where she shows off her display of limes. Its hero product is a “growing” candle, which is described as follows: “Burn Candle + Plant Label = Grow Flowers.” The idea is that you enjoy the candle, and when it burns down, you repurpose the container as a planter, using the plant label itself, which is made with seeds.


Keep your candle container out of the landfill. The label around “The Growing Candle” is made with seed paper. Plant the label in the container after the wax is gone. Planting Instructions Included. Hygge Inspired. Planet Obsessed. We believe taking care of our planet should be a part of life, not a hobby. Our goal is to use our hygge-like values to inspire people to slow down, be present, and be an active participant in our world, not a bystander. LAVENDER - Calm, relaxing Lavender with a hint of sweet Vanilla, makes this fragrance our best seller. Natural herb + earthy scent inspired by nature. Scented with pure organic fragrance + essential oils. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Small batch, Hand poured in Toledo, OH, USA.

Thank you for being a part of our family business. We appreciate you and your love for our planet! Burn Time 45 Hours, Dimensions - 3”x3”x3”, Volume - 8.5oz (250ml), No Additives or Dyes, Cotton Wick, Color - Off-White with Sea Green Stripe. Each container is handmade and unique.This 8 oz candle is hand-poured and made from an all-natural, vegan soy and coconut wax blend. It also features a natural cotton wick and is scented entirely with essential oils and natural fragrance. You'll enjoy up to 40 hours of burn time. When you've finished with this candle, wash out the frosted glass jar and reuse it for plants, pencils, or other decor. The jar can also be recycled. These candles are made without phthalates, paraffin, dyes, and artificial fragrances. Made in the USA. (Source:www.planttherapy.com)



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