Pixie Short Black Hairstyles ORR

Pixie Short Black Hairstyles ORR

Pixie Short Black Hairstyles

Voluminous curly falls and the shoop shoop see shoop, shoop shoop all the way home. When you have short hair, there’s no time for boredom in your style. You need to be on point and ready to go in a second flat.


African American women rock the pixie haircut quite possibly better than any other nationality. If you want to truly own a short hairstyle, a pixie cut is ideal. With its minimal maintenance requirements and lovely compatibility with black hair, you will love finding a style all your own.

While working in some choppy layers, this pixie cut uses bangs to soften the face and add a touch of modern beauty to the final style. This works best on relaxed hair, so if you love to rock straight or slightly wavy tresses, this forward focused cut will look beautiful. (Source: therighthairstyles.com therighthairstyles.com))This style is heavily layered and then colored to show off each section as an individual statement. Use vibrant hues of purple and teal, or choose any hues you love. Don’t forget to wear some bold makeup with this style, as you don’t want your face to look “washed out” next to your vibrant strands. (Source:

This style is heavily layered and then colored to show off each section as an individual statement. Use vibrant hues of purple and teal, or choose any hues you love. Don’t forget to wear some bold makeup with this style, as you don’t want your face to look “washed out” next to your vibrant strands. (Source: therighthairstyles.com)

Going natural is very popular right now with black women, but sometimes it isn’t realistic for all. It requires a lot of maintenance and isn’t always very functional for certain vocations. If you love the idea of natural hair but struggle to sport it yourself, go for a short and cropped version like this cute style. (Source: therighthairstyles.com)

Simply brushed back and cut close, this is one African American haircut that is not only lovely but convenient too. You’ll love how easy it is to get ready in the morning, not to mention the money you’ll save with a quick trim at regular salon appointments instead of paying for a fancy weave. (Source: therighthairstyles.com Count this hairstyle in when you’re looking for a change that is both fun and stylish. This coifed cut is ready to party but is also sophisticated enough to wear to the office. Add in some cut in lines on one side for a youthful accent you’ll love. (Source:therighthairstyles.com))

Punk out with this fun and free hairstyle that looks great on women of different ages. Short haircuts for black women don’t have to be by the book – instead, have a good time and wear hair that loves life as much as you do. (Source: therighthairstyles.com)

Say goodbye to short hair that follows the rules – today’s black females love to mix it up with both bold styles and colors. This color contrast of a deep burgundy and a more attention-getting orange will light up any room. (Source: therighthairstyles.com Were you an 80s baby? Do you love throwback looks that aren’t seen too often these days? Black people hold the distinct advantage of being able to wear a stunning pop of color in their hair without it looking too bold or brash. This vibrant purple hue will look adorable on both straight and curly hair. When you’re browsing ideas of short haircuts for African American women, don’t count out some day glo hues that could be a ton of fun. (Source:therighthairstyles.com))

This impeccably stylish and fashionable female has opted for a classic pixie cut style, which is shorter to the back and sides of the head, in this case, shaved close for a cool silhouette, and then longer on the top to create bounce and volume for the body of the hair. This lady has finished the top layer with tight ringlets making a gorgeous silhouette that we simply love. (Source: www.stylesweekly.com)

This is a simply brushed back and close-cut short pixie haircut. This is not only lovely but convenient too. You are going to fall in love with how easy it is to get ready every morning. (Source: www.hairdohairstyle.com This one is best suitable for women who love to wear earrings, especially diva hoops. This one is highly recommended for women who have a diamond face shape. It is a messy very short hairstyle and gives you a boyish look. (Source:www.hairdohairstyle.com))

“I love this look because it gives the braids distinct characteristics that will last as long as you care for it properly. Braids in themselves are also good for hair growth if properly done and cared for,” Jackson emphasizes. (Source: www.latest-hairstyles.com)

Philadelphia-based stylist Karen D. Wilson says, “I love the way the strands fall in the front of the face. I also love the layers that were created for this cropped cut. They are a soft, feminine touch to complete the look.” (Source: www.latest-hairstyles.com)

Our purpose is to help you find your next haircut, hairstyle or color that you'll love. (Source: www.latest-hairstyles.com Lovato has played with tons of hairstyles through the years, and this bright bubblegum is up there with our favorites. Lovato has also been open about how this haircut has made her feel free, which makes us love it even more. (Source:www.glamour.com))

Short, choppy layers can create a depth and texture to hair like no other style. The shape of this crop accentuates any girl’s bone structure and can even create the illusion of cheekbones on round faced girls. As if that wasn’t enough, we also love the deep, magical shades of ocean blue and purple. (Source: www.prettydesigns.com It’s impossible to choose what we love most about this hairstyle. The edgy cut is truly unique, bluntly rounded with a shaved undercut on one side and has been cut into wavy layers on the other. Then there is that stunning shade of pastel lavender. Altogether, this makes for one show stopping style. (Source:www.prettydesigns.com))

Pixie cuts like this one look best when they’re full of depth and texture and it’s no secret that black girls can rock big, beautiful texture like no one else. We love the way the hair has been divided with sharp lines and a shaved fade. (Source: www.prettydesigns.com)

The asymmetrical shape of this classically styled pixie would look amazing at any formal, glamorous occasion. The hair has been parted deep to the side; one half is short and choppy, accentuating cheekbones, while the other is silky and floppy. I love her tattoo! (Source: www.prettydesigns.com)

What's more to love about singer Rihanna's throwback style, the color or the cut? Not to mention, the deep side part and major swoop gives this look sexy yet sweet vibes. (Source: www.goodhousekeeping.com)

If you love your natural hair but prefer to wear it in a well-structured hairstyle, try something soft yet geometric like this curly taper cut. Hair that’s shorter at the sides and longer on top helps to create the illusion of a longer, slimmer face, which is especially flattering on women with round faces. Honey blonde highlights throughout the top of this style add an extra visual detail, helping to further draw the eye upward. (Source: hairstylehub.com)

If you’re really daring, try straight cutting your bangs and pairing the top layer with an undercut. Perfect for hotter climates or the ladies who prefer no drama in the mornings, this shocking duo is sure to turn heads and give you an extra boost of confidence. We love how this ‘do looks paired with statement earrings! (Source: hairstylehub.com)


Nothing says edgy and stylish like short hairdos and arched eyebrows. Jazz up this cute fauxhawk by making it your own! Undercuts flatter black ladies immensely. Adding color will not only compliment your black hair, but skin tone as well. On your way home from the salon, treat yourself to a new ear piercing. (Source: therighthairstyles.com)

The days of subtle highlights are gone with the wind. Exquisite rosewood dye is one of flattering hair colors to bring out your skin tone. Also, keep them guessing with a side swept bang – they don’t need to know what’s behind that veil. Not yet. (Source: therighthairstyles.com)



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