Pink Penstemon OR''

Pink Penstemon OR''

Pink Penstemon

To keep penstemon that have finely textured or matted evergreen foliage looking their best, you'll want to 'deadhead" them. Shear off the fading flowering spikes just as the plant is going out of flower. Gently bunch the flower spikes together with one hand and cut them off at the point where they go down into the mat of foliage with your clipper in your other hand. Recommended for the following varieties: P. pinifolius types (‘Compactum', ‘Mersea Yellow', ‘Nearly Red', ‘Magdalena Sunshine' and ‘Tall Orange Mix'), as well as Penstemon linarioides v. coloradensis and Penstemon virens ('Blue Lips').(15-20” tall x 18” wide) Pristine™ Pink Penstemon has cheery pink flowers that are favorites of hummingbirds. This easy-to-grow Beardtongue enjoys full sun and an infertile, fast draining soil. It's an excellent choice for xeric gardens and make a great companion plant for Blue Flax (Linum), Tickseed (Coreopsis) and Evening Primrose (Oenothera).


More in-depth guidance for growing Penstemon: Watch our video: How To Plant Penstemon or read articles: Growing Penstemon, Penstemon for the Waterwise Garden, David’s Favorite Plants: Pineleaf Beardtongue, The Beardtongue Family: Penstemania for Penstemon and The Genus Penstemon: The Royalty of American Wildflowers The Genus Penstemon: The Royalty of American Wildflowers (Part 2). Very floriferous, award-winning Penstemon 'Hidcote Pink' is a bushy evergreen perennial with erect stems boasting large, bell-shaped, salmon-pink flowers, 1.5 in. across (3.5 cm), revealing a creamy-white throat with purple stripes. They rise above a lush foliage of lance-shaped, grey-green leaves. A very attractive, vigorous and fast growing variety that is excellent for adding a splash of color to the landscape. Best grown in full sun or partial shade, in fertile, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils. Tolerates almost any soils including dry soils. Drought tolerant once established. Dislikes damp conditions and needs excellent drainage! Penstemons need very little water and barely any fertilizer. Fertilize lightly when planting and then never again.

Over fertilizing Penstemons leads to excessive die back in theVirtues: 'Elfin Pink' is a small penstemon, or beardstongue, that offers a profusion of pink flowers from late spring through early summer. This penstemon puts up with humid air and moist soil better than most of its kind, making it an option for gardens in the eastern United States as well as the drier west. Its short stature (12-inch height) suits it to containers or the front of the garden bed.How to grow it: Site Elfin Pink beardstongue in full sun and average to sandy soil with excellent drainage. Once established it tolerates drought well. Follow spacing guidelines because penstemons need good air flow, and take care to not bury the crown of the plant. With this genus, it's essential to avoid damp soil, crowding and especially a site that remains wet in winter. These plants can easily fall prey to root rot in damp conditions; however, Elfin Pink is reported to cope with moist soil and humid air better than other species and selections, making it a good option for gardeners in the East as well as the West. Fertilizer is not necessary—in fact it can be detrimental, causing floppy growth. When the bloom ends, trim off the spent stalks to tidy up the plant. USDA Zones 3–8. (Source:www.hortmag.com)



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