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Pick Your Part`

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While your old pickup truck or golf cart can be added to your property, some people are opting to sell or trade. In their gas-guzzlin’ ride for a more environmentally friendly option: A

Start your vehicle inventory search at home, browsing online for our current inventory of cars, trucks. And SUVs at Pull-A-Part Atlanta East – or search from your mobile device or one of our convenient in-store kiosks at the store. We have both foreign and domestic junk cars and trucks available in all makes and models. Just enter a year, make, and model and you’ll know which vehicles are on the lot before you ever step foot out your door. You can also look for other vehicles that may have the parts you’re looking for. Using our convenient interchange search tool, which will show you what other automobiles may have compatible parts for your automobile. (Source:www.pullapart.com)


pick your part

The world of construction is constantly evolving. You might have started doing small jobs as an inexperienced DIYer, or you might have been in the business your whole adult life. If you build or maintain concrete decks, sidewalks and patios. You should consider becoming an expert in the industry's newest way of constructing, coating and going green.

PRICE LIST When you need spare parts for your automobile , it can be expensive to collect what you need through online sources. And spare parts stores. One of the best ways to save some cash is to get back the parts you need at local scrap yards. At U Pull & Pay, you can extract excellent parts at affordable prices… (Source: www.u-pull-it.com)


A garden is an executive's best friend. Virtually every type of garden has benefits, which is why homeowners across the country have decided to plant gardens on their land. A garden provides an instant or natural playground, a happy habitat for backyard creatures, an oasis of beauty in your otherwise ugly lawn, helps to clean the air and purifies the water, helps to cut down on the amount of pesticides used on your property, and helps to lower energy costs.

A friendly LKQ Pick-Your-Part sales associate will provide you a used car part interchange to make it easier to find what you need. Once you locate the autos with the used auto-parts you need, use your tools to remove them. When you’re finished, bring your used auto-parts up to the cashier. All of our auto-parts are pre-priced and posted so you will always know what the auto-part costs. We also offer a warranty, so if the car part doesn’t fit or is the wrong one, don’t worry. (Source: www.lkqcorp.com)


As with any job, there is a wide range of information that you need to know. And there are many materials that go in to setting up a nature-based project. Many items are at the disposal of the nature lover and are just waiting to be discovered. Taking this idea and turning it into a business has a profound impact on your life and the lives of others. In the end, the amount of good that can be done outweighs the hard work.

Every year, almost every month LKQ Pick Your Part has deal days where they offer the public 40% discount on all auto parts. Check the best times to visit the land for a hefty discount on all their recycled car parts. (Source: www.u-pull-it.com)

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Whether you're a landscaper, a carpenter, or a haberdasher, some members of local communities are concerned about the amount of waste they're creating. With many of us going into a state of depression when we look at week after week of furniture dumps and tons of trash. These communities have taken it upon themselves to try. And change the world's negative and wasteful parts into positive and helpful ones.

LKQ re-cycles each old auto to reduce landfill waste, as well as provide low-cost alternatives to new car parts. Each automobile has all of the fluids re-cycled or reused, including the Freon, mercury switches and tires. All of the metals are sorted and re-cycled. LKQ has a rigorous program to reuse all of the old auto parts that can be remanufactured such as alternators, starters and air compressors. In 2014, LKQ Pick-Your-Part re-cycled 2,498,885 gallons of gasoline. 499,577 of oil, 499,777 gallons of antifreeze and 749,666 tons of steel. Repairing your automobile with old or remanufactured parts reduces energy consumption and conserves our valuable natural resources. (Source: www.lkqcorp.com)


If you're looking to improve your community, re-cycling will get your attention. If you want to make a bit of cash, contact centers are the way to go. If you want to make some really good changes in the world, leveraging service centers is the way to go. And if you're looking to make some money off your land, that can happen too, just with different options. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your part in the select-your-part economy.


There will always be someone who doesn't know what to do with its yard waste and recycling. If that is you, it is time you learn how to select-your part by choosing a business that will come collect your land waste and recycling, giving you home a higher quality service at this time.

Ace Pick A Part makes every effort to be or work with the fastest and best junk car buyers in your area. Once we collect all the required information (and photos in some cases), we will reach out to you to schedule an exact day and time for pickup. We respond quickly to most requests.. With that said, most of our pickups happen within a few hours and many even happen on the same day as submission. (Source: acepickapart.com)



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