Pet Resume for Rental Template OR

Pet Resume for Rental Template OR

Pet Resume for Rental Template


Four-legged ne’er-do-wells have a lot in common with their human counterparts. They need to be taken care of, have a soft belly, and benefit from a good work ethic. Their only difference? They do all the work themselves, so a professional pet resume is crucial. We'll walk you through how to create a powerful pet resume.


With many landlords and property managers making the decision to place restrictions on pets (or disallow pets altogether), your choices as a rental in a tight market become even more limited. In light of this, it’s normal for renters to wonder about the best way to stand out from the crowd and ensure that when you apply for your dream rental that the landlord chooses you–and your furry friend–over the other applicants. Enter the pet resume, the perfect way to convey to your prospective landlord or manager that your pet is an ideal four-legged tenant.

We’ve tried to anticipate all questions and concerns you might have, but we understand there might be something we’ve missed. Feel free to leave your questions in a comments section below this article, and we promise to get back to you with a well-researched answer as fast as possible. Got interesting stories about apartment hunting with a pet rental application? Go share it with our renter’s community. We love the stories you have. (Source: rentberry.com)


To truly stand out from other applicants, reinforce the idea that you and your pet will be excellent tenants. A property manager’s job can be made stressful if they’re getting calls about a tenant’s dog constantly barking or a cat roaming in areas it shouldn’t. Provide peace of mind and quell these fears by including pet references with your pet resume. Include one from a former landlord and a former neighbor, if possible. These should convey that your pet did not cause damage to the property or disrupt other residents. You can also include a reference from a veterinarian, obedience trainer, or friend who has had close contact with your pet. This reference can speak about your pet’s overall demeanor.

Many landlords and managers have breed and/or size restrictions–even if they have pet-friendly housing available. Including this information at the beginning lets your potential landlord know that your pet will qualify and will save you from wasting any time with going through an extensive application process for housing that may ultimately not be appropriate for you and your particular pet. Keep in mind, if you have a dog that is a larger breed, your photo can play an important role in displaying a happy and playful side of the animal. This can help managers or landlords who may not have a breed restriction, but may still be concerned when it comes to breeds that are deemed aggressive. (Source: www.rentecdirect.com)



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