Periods at End of Bullet Points in Resume OR

Periods at End of Bullet Points in Resume OR

Periods at End of Bullet Points in Resume


Who doesn’t have an open position, an amazing resume and serious interest in interacting with a great team, who they absolutely adore? If you're not a rockstar in the workplace, start with a good reference letter. When your dashing the odds and finding a new employer, your letter can transform that dreamy interview into a reality.


Never use periods on resumes. A resume is a quick summary of experiences in bullet form. You don't need or want to include periods (full stops). Since some bullet points will clearly be incomplete sentences, it would be grammatically incorrect to put periods there, and since you don't put periods there, you don't put them anywhere for consistency reasons. Writing full, lengthy sentences in a resume would just make for a very cluttered, boring presentation. Keep the resume period free and the bullets neat and to the point.

If a resume is written using periods, then you must continue to be consistent with this punctuation throughout the whole resume. If one sentence in a section contains a period, then they should all end in a period. If one bullet point ends in a period, all bullet points must end in a period. (Source: linguaholic.com)

Bullet Point

By utilizing a combination of both bullet points and paragraphs, you are making the most of the space available on your resume while simultaneously attracting the reader’s eye by breaking up text-dense material with a few short, compelling bullet points. Your content will have a better chance of being read—and your resume will make a better first impression. The skills, experience, and qualifications that you include on your resume should be there for a reason, and in order for a potential employer or recruiters to understand why they should hire you, they first must want to put the time into learning about your qualifications and your past work. Make your resume format do that work for you.




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