Perfect Investment Banking Resume OR

Perfect Investment Banking Resume OR

Perfect Investment Banking Resume


Investment banking is a lucrative career, but it won’t be easy to land. No one said it would be easy, the competition is fierce. As a junior banker, you will be forced to learn about a whole new area of finance and make mistakes that are almost unavoidable. But what if you could make your mistakes with a small investment of your time that pays big dividends?


One thing that became glaringly obvious to me when I started working in investment banking and was on the other side of the job interview process: it is truly hard to believe how many mediocre resumes there are out there. This is a terrible situation for the job seekers in this position, because having a good resume is a key factor in whether many candidates even get a first-round interview. Remember: if you’re applying for an investment banking job, you will have stiff competition. You resume must stand out, and it must be highly professional. Thus having a solid understanding of how to construct a high-quality resume is crucial. It is arguably the first thing you do in your career search.

Some people will be unfortunate not to have had any real, relevant experience at all. The key for such candidates is to find relevant interests that are not listed as part of a job that they held, and that would be of interest to a hiring manager or a prospective colleague. Just make sure that these interests are indeed relevant and not too “fluffy.” For example, you could highlight specific case studies that you worked on in college, if they are relevant to investment banking. Or, you could talk about your investment portfolio if you have one or help manage one. Using fluff here could hurt rather than help. For example, don’t claim that because you were the treasurer of your fraternity or a cashier at Walmart, you are experienced with handling money. Don’t use anything that’s too much of a stretch unless it is really unusual and impressive. (Source: www.streetofwalls.com)




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