Perennial Wildflower Mix OR''

Perennial Wildflower Mix OR''

Perennial Wildflower Mix

If your plan is to sit back and let Mother Nature do her thing, then this is probably the wildflower mix for you. Once you've done the proper soil prep and sowed the seed, you're-done! Our All-Perennial Wildflower Seed Mix contains many of the most beloved perennial wildflowers including Lupine, Flax, Coreopsis, and Shasta Daisy. Suitable for all regions of North America.What to Expect: As with most perennials, the first season you plant the All Perennial Wildflower Mix you'll see a handful of blooms, not all the blooms. This is normal! Perennial varieties usually show limited germination in their first season after planting, but will bloom to their full potential in the following growing season.


I ordered this mix from Eden Brother's amazon site and will add this review to there (with a picture). We ordered 1/4 pound for a wildflower garden that is oval-shaped, approximately 15 feet x 10 feet, underneath a tree (part sun). We live in SE Michigan. The garden was planted in the end of May 2018, right at the beginning of a dry spell. After planting, there wasn't any rain for a few weeks, so the site was watered approximately 5-10 minutes each day. We had very few flowers during the first season, so we were concerned that they didn't take very well. This year, we have PLENTY of blooms, which began in late May. This is now my wife's favorite part of our yard, seeing what flowers come next. As of today, we've had daisy's, candytuft, wallflowers, and are starting to get some gloriosa daisy's. We are very happy with this flower mix, and are excited to see what comes next!I love the fact that this is 100% Seed, no fillers like you get in most wildflower packets at the big box stores. I used it to cover approximately 500 square feet. My planting method was to first use Roundup to kill off 5 individual areas of grass, each approximately 10x10. A week later I hand raked with a garden rake to slightly loosen up the soil, then broadcast the seed with some sand.

I packed it in, and this area was hit by my lawn sprinklers every other day. I don't know all of the species of flowers, but there is a good variety. Some didn't show in the first year, but may take another year to bloom since they are perennials.These seeds are awesome! I bought a 1/4 lb. package 5-6 years before planting them because we moved shortly thereafter and didn't have a good site for wildflowers. I kept them stored in the freezer. Last year we tilled up a couple of areas that were perfect for wildflowers. I found these long-forgotten seeds in the freezer last June and thought I'd try them because I had nothing to lose. I sewed them very thickly expecting to have a low germination rate with such old seeds. But lo and behold, I soon had think clumps of plants and a succession of flowers through the fall! Can't wait to see what else comes up this spring! (Source: www.edenbrothers.com)



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