Pennywise Georgie OR

Pennywise Georgie OR

Pennywise Georgie


Lets re-envision the infamous penny wise and pound foolish adage by inserting a fish. The fish will visit a fish market, eat 5 fishes. The 6th fish she doesn’t want to eat so she takes it home and lives with it in her tank. The next day she goes back to market, buys a new fish and the cycle starts anew.


In my storyboard, this is the famous Pennywise/Georgie scene at the beginning of IT. In this scene, Georgie was running in the rain with his boat drifting in the rain that was running along side the curb. Georgie wasn't paying to much attention so he hit his head off of a sign which led him to lose track of his boat and getting washed into the sewer. Georgie ran the to sewer yelling no, trying to find his boat, but instead meets face to face with Pennywise. Georgie tries a couple ways to get away but Pennywise insisted a conversation to gain Georgie's trust. After awhile, Georgie tried to leave once again, But Pennywise reminded him about his boat so Georgie leaned in to grab it. But ended up with Pennywise biting his entire arm off and dragging him into the sewer.

More on It Womens Pennywise Costume: We all float down here! Everyone at the Halloween party will be spooked when you show up in an It Pennywise Costume for women! The costume includes a gray dress, a collar, boot toppers, and leg warmers — perfect for dressing up as Pennywise. Wear this costume and clown makeup to complete the look. Show up to the costume party as the twisted clown of everyone's nightmares! Review the size chart for additional sizing information. Shoes and balloon not included. (Source: www.partycity.com)


Walk out from the sewer together as an unlikely duo while you wear Pennywise & Georgie Couples Costumes! The It costumes feature a women's Pennywise costume that includes a gray dress, a collar, boot toppers, and leg warmers. The Georgie costume for men includes a yellow raincoat and a laminated paper boat that reads ""SS Georgie."" Check out the individual Pennywise Costumes for more information and size charts.

It's year 1991, and the Losers are in their Sophomore year of high school and everything has been pretty chill. The school year is almost up, the loser's club is ready for some nice summer fun, Georgie has made a new friend, and, oh yeah, children keep on going missing. (Source: archiveofourown.org)


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