PC Magazine - Google Books Result For "PC Magazine"

PC Magazine - Google Books Result For "PC Magazine"


PC Magazine, or PC Mag for short, is an American computer magazine. It was first published in 1982 and is now published online. In the 1980s, the magazine focused on programming for IBM PCs using BASIC, assembly, and C. Some notable writers included Charles Petzold.

The shrinkage of PC Mag

A Google Books search for the term "PC Magazine" yields a number of results. The computer industry's shrinking ad market and the availability of the internet have all contributed to the decline in PC magazines. As a result, PC Magazine, which was once a 500-page publication, has shrunk to a mere 300 pages. That's down from more than 1,000 pages in 1992 and as few as 200 in 2008.

The impact of the dot-com bubble

In the years 2000 and 2001, the dot-com bubble burst, resulting in hundreds of internet-based companies going bankrupt and many more losing huge amounts of stock valuation. While some dot-com startups survived the era, others failed, leaving them to try and enter markets that had already been dominated by established businesses.

The dot-com bubble was inflated by a combination of factors. The first factor was the massive influx of cash into the sector. Low interest rates made capital easily available and there were few barriers to entry, which prompted massive investments.

The dot-com bubble burst when investors stopped investing in these companies. The proliferation of venture capital funds and a booming market led to an explosion in valuations. The bubble also resulted in massive layoffs in the technology sector.

The recession and the dot-com bubble affected PC magazine's business. Some of its readers stopped buying their subscriptions or stopped using them altogether. The company subsequently moved to New York and hired two editorial directors who were based in the New York City office. They replaced the California staff, led by David Ahl and Betsy Staples. During this period, PC Magazine's top editor, Jonathan Lazarus, left the company to work for Microsoft, where he would publish Microsoft Systems Journal.

The future of PC Mag

The future of PC Mag is not as bleak as many people may think. The company is still in business, but its focus is changing with technology. PCMag will be doing more product testing from its New York lab. The company is also branching out to other places, including the United Kingdom, California, Georgia, Maine, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Ziff-Davis, the parent company of PC Magazine, expands its publishing empire by launching PC/Computing in 1983. Later, PC/Computing will be run by a former PC Mag staffer. Ziff-Davis also launches other publications, including Windows Sources, FamilyPC, Corporate Computing, and Yahoo! Internet Life.

InfoWorld Dec 24 31 1990 Page 22 - Google Books Result

If you are interested in purchasing InfoWorld Dec 24 31 1990 Page 22 and have not already purchased it, you can click on the title below to access it on Google Books. You will be able to find the Title, Publisher, Authors, and Contents. You can also learn about the authors and publishers by reading their informational bios.

Animockup, Placeit, and LiveMockups

Mock  Mockup your videos with devices

There are many different options for creating video mockups. Some of the most popular options are Animockup, Placeit, and LiveMockups. Each offers unique advantages and disadvantages. It is important to choose the best one for your needs. Read on to discover how to create a great video mockup for your next project.


Animockup is a great tool for mocking up your videos using popular devices. With this tool, you can easily add the frame of a device to your video and change the angle and rotation of the frame. The good thing is that you can purchase the app for one time and get lifetime access with one-year of updates. The program is easy to use and allows you to create different mockups for different devices and social networks.

Animockup is a web-based application that allows you to create animated videos and GIFs. It supports gradient backgrounds, and includes more than 20 different mockups. It also supports export settings, so you can customize the final product. With this tool, you can easily create animated videos to use on social media sites, landing pages, and even your own website.

Animockup supports the latest devices available on the market. It allows you to create a mockup of your video with a few clicks and includes simple animation effects. You can also upload a video file to the mockup and add text. This program also allows you to export your GIF and video files as a mockup.

The software is very easy to use, and the website has a comprehensive tutorial that will show you how to use it. You can also record your screen and app store images. The program also offers many functions, including the ability to insert designs and add a timeline. It also lets you edit the duration of your video and add background images.

Designers and marketers alike use videos to bring products to life and give customers an authentic experience. They use videos to highlight the UI elements of products, or to motivate and inspire users. Videos can also be used to create video marketing campaigns. Smartmockups allows you to upload videos to your mockups so that you can show them to potential customers in a video form.


Placeit is a free tool that helps you mock up your videos and images with the devices you own. You can choose a device from the selection of more than 10,000 devices and upload a photo or text to place in the mockup. You can also choose a color for the background and icon and customize the font.

The Placeit app is designed to make mockups easy to use and create. It offers a variety of mockup templates that can be customized to match your brand's personality and story. You can even use Placeit to mock up your videos and images for eCommerce. This is a great way to leverage video marketing to reach a wider audience. It is estimated that 500 million hours of video are viewed on YouTube every single day. Furthermore, 64% of consumers buy products after viewing a social video. Social videos also generate more shares than text and images combined.

Placeit's video maker enables you to upload videos and images in MP4 or MOV format. From there, you can select the dimensions that are appropriate for each social media platform. You can also enter custom dimensions if needed. Placeit's video maker also offers templates for video backgrounds. These templates can give your videos a more professional look and can be created with minimal time and cost. A professional looking video helps customers learn about your products and your business.

For those interested in launching an app or website, Placeit can help you create a professional-looking video that shows your app's features in a unique way. With over 140 pre-designed video templates, Placeit can help you tell a compelling user story or show how people use your app.

Placeit is easy to use. Using it is much easier than hiring a production crew or uploading a promotional video to your site. The whole process can be completed in just five minutes. Placeit is an excellent tool for building brand awareness and generating clicks to your online store. And if you're not sure whether to use it, you can download a free mockup to try it out.

Placeit is a valuable resource for any kind of designer or content creator. It is ideal for freelancers, musicians, advertising teams, bloggers, and more. Designers and content creators can use Placeit to create graphics for different platforms, while musicians and social media marketers can use the video maker for composing intros and songs.

Placeit is one of the most popular mockup generators online. There are more than 1,700 templates to choose from. And the site's editor allows you to change the angles and rotations of the devices. Placeit is also less expensive than Smartmockups, which is integrated with Canva.

Placeit is also great for designing your own apparel. It features a variety of templates for T-Shirts, labels, business cards, and even social media images. You can edit text or change the background colors, or change the font type to suit your needs.


You can create LiveMockups for your videos with over 150 pre-made templates, covering many different devices. The customizable options are limited, however. You can change the background color, playback speed, and a few other things. If you need more detailed mockups, you'll need to upgrade to a premium plan. Premium accounts also give you unlimited mockup videos.

Live Mockups is an online service that makes video mockups. The tool exports mockups in MP4, GIF, and Background images. They also have a preview mode, where you can review your mockups before publishing. It's easy to use and has an intuitive interface.

Live Device Mockup Templates are similar to the Element Templates that you use for other video and audio elements. They're downloadable files that allow you to set up and modify a device for your presentation. To use a device mockup, you must have a theme that supports Live Video Sources.

To make your video more appealing to the audience, you can show the app in action. This will give your audience the ability to understand how it works. Moreover, the most successful apps have a "Aha!" moment that sparks the audience's imagination. As a result, your videos should include minimal mockup animation, only animate the mockup when there's a natural pause or zooming.

In the world of design and marketing, videos have a crucial role to play. They can be used as educational material for customers or as a call to action or motivational tool. Videos also showcase the look and feel of a product or service. With the new feature of Smartmockups, you can now incorporate videos into your marketing campaigns.

The most popular video mockup generator is Placeit. This online tool allows you to create high-quality videos using various mockup templates. Its library has over 1,700 video mockups. You can add images and text, as well as an alpha channel. You can export your mockups in jpeg, png, and mp4 formats. Mockups are also saved in the cloud for safekeeping.

Aside from these features, you can also use the free version of Visme. It provides hundreds of professionally designed templates, and its interface makes it easy to use and customize. It also allows you to import designs or paste your visuals into a variety of popular device mockups.

Amazon Audible Review

amazon audible

If you want to listen to audiobooks without the hassle of buying them, Amazon Audible is a good option. This subscription service offers a free 30-day trial. You can also get daily deals. The Audible app is intuitive and offers simple functions. It lets you browse titles and find the genres you like. It also suggests titles based on your reading history.

Audible is an audiobook subscription service

Audible offers audiobooks in many formats and can be played on any device. It has a mobile app that can be downloaded to your phone and can keep track of titles you've finished or are currently listening to. It also has a desktop application called the Audible Cloud Player, which lets you stream audio directly to your computer. The app also allows you to log the amount of time you've spent listening to audiobooks, mark them as completed, and view their details.

Audible is available in many different languages and is one of the biggest audiobook subscription services. It also produces original content such as podcasts, sleep tracks, and meditation courses. It also offers daily deals and exclusive packages. It has a total library of over 500,000 audiobooks. To get started, you can sign up for one of Audible's free trials.

The Audible website is easy to navigate and has plenty of categories to browse. There is even a search bar for titles by genre or author. Once you've found what you're looking for, you can purchase it using your credit or by paying cash. You can also access Audible's library from your phone or computer.

You can also listen to free books and podcasts on Audible. You can sign up for a free trial of Audible by signing up for a free account. You can listen to audiobooks and podcasts for two weeks or three months, or for as long as you want. Audible also offers two subscription plans: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. If you choose to subscribe to the Premium Plus plan, you can access thousands of audiobooks and podcasts.

If you're not happy with your subscription, you can always cancel by clicking on the cancellation button. If you cancel your membership, you won't be charged again, but you can use the credit you've purchased. If you cancel your membership, you won't automatically renew your subscription, so you don't have to worry about purchasing an audiobook on the spot.

It offers a free 30-day trial

The free 30-day trial offers you a chance to try out the audiobook service before you commit to the monthly price. The service offers a variety of genres and has over 11,000 titles. The selection includes fiction, non-fiction, podcasts, and more. The service rewards members with credits, which can be used to purchase a variety of titles. Prime members receive two credits for the trial, and non-Prime members receive one credit.

The free 30-day trial is valid for both Audible Premium and Audible Plus. You can cancel your trial at any time and continue with the service. After the trial ends, Audible will automatically bill your credit card for the monthly membership fee, although you will receive a reminder before they charge your card.

The free 30-day trial is similar to the free trials offered by many Amazon subscription-based services. It allows you the opportunity to explore the service without any cost, which makes it an excellent option for newcomers. The service also offers a no-risk guarantee - if you decide to cancel the subscription before the trial is over, you will not lose any money.

Once you start the trial, you will be able to choose from an unlimited number of audiobooks for a free thirty-day period. Once you're convinced of the service, you can buy an Audible subscription for fifteen dollars per month. However, keep in mind that the average cost of an audiobook is around $25, so you'll still have to shell out money for the subscription whether or not you actually listen to the content.

The free 30-day trial allows you to sample the service and decide whether it's the right fit for you. You'll be able to download audiobooks from a wide range of genres, and you can even exchange unwanted audiobooks for free. With the free trial, you'll get to sample the largest audiobook library available, without any commitment.

It costs $7.95 per month

Amazon audible is an audiobook service that is available through Amazon. The cost for a monthly membership is $7.95. Audible has many different plans. You can choose the one that fits your schedule the best. There are also a number of free trials you can try before you decide to join.

If you want to try Audible for free, you can do so for a limited time. You can use it to download books to your computer or listen to them while you're on the go. You can even try out different titles before you decide to subscribe to a monthly plan. The service has more than 500 titles available.

You can also give Audible credits to other people. You can purchase additional audiobooks at 30% off list price. However, you must check country restrictions first. Audible also offers free audiobook swaps. In order to purchase an extra three credits, you'll need to sign in with your Audible account.

If you don't want to purchase a book every month, you can sign up for Audible Premium Plus, which includes access to their vast library. Audible Premium Plus includes unlimited access to their new Audible Plus library, as well as a 30% discount on audiobooks. This membership includes all audiobooks, as well as podcasts. It also doesn't require any long-term commitment. If you're not happy with the service, you can cancel anytime.

The cheapest plan, Audible plus, costs $7.95 a month. It includes Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts. It also offers Audible credits in bundles of three. That makes it more economical for you, especially if you plan to add audiobooks to your library. You can use the credits to purchase more books.

It offers daily deals

If you love listening to audiobooks, you may want to try Amazon audible. With free trials available on its website, you can download an audiobook in just a few days. You can even listen to it for free for a week. However, you must be a Prime member.

To receive an email from Audible, you must first subscribe to its daily deal newsletter. To do this, go to your Account details (upper right corner of the Audible website). Scroll down to the Notifications section and toggle it on. This way, you will receive a notification every day with a list of new titles.

You can use Amazon audible coupons to receive a discount on your purchase. You can also get notifications about new launches and discounts from the company's newsletter. These newsletters will inform you of special offers, discount codes, and new promotions, so you don't miss out on any great deals.

You can sign up for an Audible Premium Plus membership to get access to a wide selection of premium audio books. In addition to having access to a huge collection of audiobooks, you'll also get access to a variety of other content, including podcasts and Amazon Originals. This subscription allows you to listen to Audible content on any device, and it's free for the first three months. To save even more money, you can purchase credits to pay for your monthly subscription.

It works with independent creators

The first step in getting your first audiobook published is to register with Amazon's ACX platform. This platform allows independent creators to create audiobooks and upload them to Audible. You will have to create an account as an author or producer and then follow the steps outlined by the platform.

Audible has an extensive library of audiobooks and is committed to helping independent creators make a profit. However, there are several issues that have been brought to the attention of independent creators. For one, Audible does not disclose the number of return orders, which is an important part of the business. It has also been accused of not having clear return policies for creators.

Audible's return policy has been criticized for reducing royalties. Many customers have used their subscription credits to purchase entire series and are unable to return them. The problem is that the returns policy allows Audible to claw back payment from creators. Audible's legal agreements do not mention how the system works or how the company is going to compensate creators for the cost of return shipping.

Another issue with Audible is the fact that it is a part of Amazon's massive corporation, which means that it makes decisions based on their own bottom line, not the author. Audible decides how much audiobooks cost and how much they discount them. It also decides whether an audiobook will be Whispersynced.

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