Payless Rent a Car OR

Payless Rent a Car OR

Payless Rent a Car

Payless of Payless Rent a Car was founded by Bud Hasen's father, with the goal to provide vehicle rentals to small businesses on a budget. With their low-cost, low-rate vehicle rentals and their unique business model, Payless represents an opportunity for businesses to grow as well as for their customers to save money.



The prices shown on other websites only reflect the cost of the rental itself and do not include other costs that might be added during the booking process or at the end, such as rental insurance, delivery to your hotel, additional drivers, distance surcharges, etc. With PaylessCar, the booking price is always the same as what you pay at the office.

Other extras, such as child seats or additional drivers, may also increase the final rental price. For example, a rental showing an initial price of 51 euros might eventually have a final price of more than 200 euros after adding fully comprehensive insurance, a child seat and a second driver. On the other hand, the price for that same example at PaylessCar would start at 80 euros and remain the same throughout the booking process, including all the extra services and equipment. (Source: www.payless.es)


While all other car repair costs are paid for by the rental company. For example, imagine that a rental company includes fully comprehensive insurance but with a 300-euro excess. If the customer is found responsible for an accident and the cost of repairing the car amounts to 800 euros, the customer would have to pay the first 300 euros while the rental company would have to pay the remaining 500 euros. At PaylessCar, our fully comprehensive insurance is excess-free, which means that the customer in the example above would NOT have to pay any costs stemming from the accident. (Source:

Although it is true that insurance should cover puncture costs (as is the case with PaylessCar), this is not always the case at other rental companies and they also charge for replacing the whole tyre, as well as the tyre on the opposite wheel on the same axis (given that the tyre tread and/or wear may vary and will not meet the technical Spanish MOT requirements). They might even charge for the time that the car was out of service for the tyre repairs, as well any towing costs whenever that is required. At PaylessCar, we do not charge anything extra for a puncture or for repairing the tyre or changing the opposite wheel, etc. That said, the customer is indeed responsible for replacing the wheel with the spare that is included with the vehicle. (Source: www.payless.es)


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