package handler job description

package handler job description

Page Numbers on Resume

Since its top-down design and get profile page, the resume has not changed that much. Throughout the years, the document has been repeatedly revised in an attempt to better show candidates to recruiters and hiring managers. The reason these changes have failed to improve the effectiveness of the resume is that the structure is stagnant. The history of the resume itself is key to it’s perpetuation.


A two page resume format allows you space to clearly categorize all your accomplishments in a way that makes them easy for an employer to recognize. Instead of only including work experience, skills and education, a second page can hold separate resume sections for conferences, publications, courses, volunteer work, certifications, technological skills or whatever other categories that make sense for your experience and industry, as well as give you space to include a summary on the first page.

Begin preparing your two page resume by deciding what is most important for the hiring manager to know about you. If they only read the first page of your resume, they should still be able to have a good sense of your qualifications. Make sure to read the job description and research the company to know what they are looking for in a candidate. Try to include all the information for your most recent position on the first page of the resume. Succeeding positions can continue on the second page, but it’s best not to split an entry. (Source: www.resume.com)


“In my 30-plus years as a resume writer, I’ve never come across definitive proof that a resume should be one page,” says Norine Dagliano, nationally certified resume writer, nationally certified online profile expert, and owner of ekm Inspirations, a resume- and online-profile-writing service. “Focusing primarily on the appropriate number of pages is a misdirected concern and can inhibit one’s ability to effectively market themselves.”

While I strongly encourage you to limit yourself to a two-page resume, there will be instances where this is near impossible. This often happens to professionals who have never-ending lists of technical skills and proficiencies, a large number of consulting gigs to explain, or a series of published works to include. If you fall into one of these categories, you may need to use the first part of a third page. However, try to avoid this if possible since there is still a limit to how many pages a resume should be. (Source: www.topresume.com)



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