official soccer schools rotherham united

official soccer schools rotherham united

Future Stars Parkgate


Future Stars Parkgate is a child-centered facility for children with autism. Our beautiful, safe and secure building provides children and staff with a calming, structured and calm environment. Our vision is to provide excellent services to all children with autism in an innovative and progressive way from early intervention through to adulthood.



The Future Stars sessions give children from as young as 3 the opportunity to come and learn new football skills in a fun and safe environment, for the younger participants it gives them a chance to be introduced to football and play new games with their parents whilst also interacting with other children but For the older participants, it gives them a chance to build their skills whilst learning about competitions and making new friends.

The Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina have stood as silent witnesses to the uninterrupted, nightly rain of starlight for nearly a half-billion years, but artificial light now threatens this nightly show. In honor of notable local efforts to preserve the natural nighttime landscape of western North Carolina, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) designated the Mayland Earth to Sky Park and Observatory as the first IDA-certified Star Park in the southeastern United States. The Blue Ridge Astronomy Group (BRAG), a local amateur astronomy society, was instrumental in supporting MCC’s application to the Dark Sky Places Program. (Source: www.mayland.edu)


With links to Rotherham United’s Academy, Future Stars offers progression opportunities for children aged 7-14. Our Development Squads are by invitation only and give children the opportunity to develop their skills and understanding of the game in an environment designed to give them a high level of challenge. This is through extra training (potential twice a week), and a games programme against varied high-level opposition.

Mini Millers is the youngest element to the Future Stars Talent Pathway and is linked by the Trust to the Rotherham United Academy and aims to start children from just 18 months old learning the FUNdamental’s of good physical activity and football skills using the Rotherham United philosophy which is the golden thread through our footballing offer. (Source: www.myrotherham.co.uk)


These sessions are designed to be accessible to children of all abilities and include a special skills week where children will be able to take on different challenges in order to gain different levels in that particular area, we will then work through a structured program to help the children move up and progress through the different levels, this will become an integral part of the 10 week program as we feel it is important that the children get some recognition for the hard work they put in to learn new skills.

The Mayland Earth to Sky Park and Bare Dark Sky Observatory’s outdoor lighting consists entirely of fully-shielded, low-color-temperature light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures. Jon Wilmesherr, MCC Director of Learning Resources Center and Distance Education, and who led the effort to secure the IDA award, is optimistic that the Park will serve as a model for lighting conservation and highlighting the urgent need for the preservation of the natural night sky. Wilmesherr retrofitted all the existing outdoor lighting at the park with new state-of-the-art Cree LED light bulbs, each using only 6 watts of electricity. The lights fit all the optimum specifications for brightness, color temperature, and low wattage. Cree is a North Carolina company with headquarters in Durham. (Source: www.mayland.edu)



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