office 365 tips and tricks 2021

office 365 tips and tricks 2021

office 365 tips and tricks 2021

If you're looking for a new suite of productivity software, look no further than Microsoft Office 365. This subscription service will keep your Office apps secure and up-to-date. The Family plan allows you to sign in to five devices at once, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. You can also share your subscription with up five people. You can even share your subscription with family members or friends. Continue reading to learn more about Office a 365 subscriptions and how they can help you improve work productivity.

Office 365 is much more than an email service. It also includes online versions for some of the most popular Microsoft titles. You can use the system to access your email, edit documents, create videos, manage data in Excel, and create webpages with SharePoint. You can even manage your own cloud storage instead of installing applications on your host system. Office 365 is free for up to five people. You can even use it as your main office productivity suite.

There are many ways to use Office 365. The package is flexible, and you can choose the plan that works best for you. The service uses a single billing system. There are no monthly fees and no contracts. In addition to the monthly fee, you can even upgrade if you wish. The subscription costs $365 per year. If you want to save money and get a variety of features, you can also buy a separate license for the Microsoft 365 Business Plan. This is a great option for small business owners who need the latest office software.

Office 365 is a subscription that lasts for life. It's available to consumers, and will provide the same features as the Office suite. The only difference is the name. Formerly known as M365, the new brand will be called Microsoft 365. The new name is an attempt to woo consumers and win back customers. It will not only offer a more complete product, but it will also provide a wider range of features at a lower price.

The Office suite is the cornerstone of the solution, and its key component, Microsoft SharePoint, is what makes collaboration possible. It allows file sharing, organization, as well as social networking. SaaS allows IT organizations to concentrate on their core business and not complex IT infrastructure. The SaaS offers more than just the basic Office suite. It also provides a wide variety of collaboration services and features. This allows your team to focus on their core business and not worry about how to stay connected with customers or colleagues.

OneDrive is a cloud storage service that is integrated into Office 365. It allows you to share files without compromising security with colleagues and clients. Logging in to your account with the same password allows you to monitor and control who has access to your computer. By utilizing the security features of Office a yearly subscription, you can be sure that your files and data are always secure. It's also a great way for creative professionals to communicate with others.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use suite of productivity software, Microsoft 365 is the answer. This subscription service is a great option to streamline your business and keep your employees productive. It's easy to use, and it has many benefits. You can even manage your entire business with Office 365. All you need to do is download the latest version and your business will be thriving. This service will also help you manage your data and secure it.

Office 365 offers more than just desktop apps. It also includes a calendar and mobile apps. There are also web versions of the Microsoft Office suite. If you have more than 300 users, you need to invest in an enterprise plan. You'll also need to install web-based versions of the software on every device. The Enterprise plan is more expensive, but it has more features. It's an excellent choice for organizations that need to work on their computers on a daily basis.

The most important feature of Office 365 is the fact that it doesn't require hardware or software installation. You can access your files and emails online anytime from any device. Because it's cloud-based, you don't need to worry about security breaches. Office 365 will ensure that you don't have to worry about data security again. This cloud-based solution offers more than spreadsheets. With the right subscription, you'll be able to get the most out of your productivity.

'Servsafe' in USA 2022

Servsafe in usa 2022

Whether you're a ServSafe fanatic or simply want to earn your certification, this article will explain the requirements and what to expect on the exam. Whether you're taking the ServSafe exam online or at a classroom location, the following information will get you on your way to becoming a ServSafe expert. Read on for more details! 'Servsafe' in USA 2022 will be one of the most well-known certifications in the construction industry.

ServSafe exam

When you take the ServSafe test, you will be tested on food and alcohol safety practices. This exam is a timed test and requires you to budget your time carefully. The best way to prepare for it is by taking as many practice exams as you can. There are two versions of the ServSafe exam. One is the food-handler exam, and the other is the alcohol-handler exam. You can take the online course in any language you wish, including Chinese and Spanish.

There is no waiting period for the ServSafe exam, but you can only take it once. After that, you have 60 days to retake the test. Once you have passed the test, you can take it up to four times within a year. You can study in advance and prepare for the exam by reading study materials and taking notes. By studying in advance, you will have the knowledge you need for the ServSafe exam in usa 2022.

The ServSafe exam is mandatory for those who wish to work in food and beverage facilities. However, some states do not require this exam. In fact, you can even opt for an alternative exam. To take the exam, you must be a member of NMRA. Make sure to have a unique email address so you can receive your codes. You can also opt for online proctoring at home. All you need is a computer or a laptop, and a private place to take the exam.

ServSafe food and alcohol tests are offered by several companies. The National Restaurant Association is the largest restaurant association in the US. The association has been serving the restaurant industry since 1919. ServSafe training is not as old as the NRA, but is an ANSI-accredited program that has awarded over 5 million food protection manager certifications. Whether you are a manager or a server, the ServSafe exam can help you get the certification you need for a career in food and beverage preparation.

ServSafe courses

The first step to gaining ServSafe certification is to enroll in a ServSafe course. ServSafe courses are national certification programs. To earn a ServSafe certification, you must pass the exam in a ServSafe classroom or online course with a score of seventy-five percent or higher. These courses are designed to prepare you for the ServSafe Manager Certification exam. A ServSafe course costs $75, which does not include the cost of the ServSafe Manager 7th Edition book.

ServSafe courses are nationally recognized by the Conference for Food Protection (CFP). The latest food code is covered during these classes. They are taught interactively by experienced instructors and are suitable for both front line employees and management staff. Each class is 8 hours long, so preparing two weeks before the class is recommended. You should also purchase a book or two to prepare for the class. ServSafe training is based on the National Restaurant Association's Food Handler Program, which is the only national food safety certification in the USA.

ServSafe tests

There are five ServSafe exams: Food Handling, Alcohol/Primary, Responsible Alcohol Service, and Food Manager. You can take ServSafe tests in any combination of these, and some tests are proctored. You can find a proctor on the ServSafe website. You can also contact instructors and proctors directly. ServSafe's Technical Requirements page explains more about the requirements of ServSafe exams.

To pass the ServSafe exam, candidates must take training and complete an exam. ServSafe exams are available both online and in paper format. To pass the exam, candidates must fill in the answer bubbles completely and mark them with an X or a / if they are unsure of the answers. It is best to review study materials well in advance so you can be prepared for the test.

Practice is essential for preparing for the test. ServSafe tests are timed, so practicing for them beforehand will help you budget your time well. If you are not prepared for the test, you can use the free practice tests available on the ServSafe website. These practice tests are highly recommended. Using practice test questions on SERVSAFE's site can help you ace the exam. The ServSafe exams are not difficult, but they will help you get ready for the real thing.

ServSafe online courses

If you're interested in a ServSafe certification, an online course can help you get started. This course provides the resources you need to complete the exam. All you need to do is log into your account, follow the instructions, and take the exam. Make sure to follow all test-taking rules, such as avoiding cell phones and scratch paper. Be aware of other regulations, too, like not bringing electronic devices into the exam room.

Online ServSafe courses offer students the convenience of studying in the privacy of their home. These courses are available 24 hours a day and are designed to help you finish ServSafe food handler and manager certification exams in as little as one year. You must also complete all ServSafe courses and the related exam within a year of purchasing the online course. If you're a food handler, you should complete the test within 60 days, and if you're a manager, you should take the exam within 90 days.

ServSafe certification training courses are developed to meet the requirements of the National Restaurant Association. The courses are the industry's leading food safety training course, recognized by more health jurisdictions than any other course. Regardless of your experience level, the ServSafe course will help you ensure the safety of your food and customers. If you're considering becoming a food service manager, this course is an excellent investment. You'll also receive a certificate valid for five years.

ServSafe courses can be costly, but they're not unaffordable. Choosing a ServSafe online course that suits your budget and availability is essential. However, the cost of ServSafe courses varies depending on which course you choose and which method you want to take. ServSafe's website provides a comprehensive listing of products and links to online test prep resources and certification courses. If you're in the USA, you should check out ServSafe's website, as well. While fees may vary, they are usually much less than what you would pay in your locality.

ServSafe alcohol cruise line

ServSafe has created a course designed specifically for the cruise line industry, the Alcohol Cruise Line Course. This course costs $30 and must be completed within 90 days of the start date. The course contains 40 multiple-choice questions and requires a 75% passing score. ServSafe Allergens is an additional course that is recommended for all food service professionals, particularly those working in Massachusetts or other states where alcohol is served. It ensures that the staff is knowledgeable about the proper procedures for serving guests with food allergies.

Responsible service of alcohol is a challenge on land, but even more so on sea. Royal Caribbean made sure to maintain high standards while on sea, earning the VIBE Vista Award for the Best Responsible Alcohol Service Program. They also implemented the widely respected ServSafe program onboard. The ServSafe Online Course is comprised of several interactive exercises, role-play activities, and audio and video. The course has an interactive bookmark feature, allowing users to return to certain parts of the course whenever they wish.

Valley Fair Movie The Aters

valley fair movie the ater

When it comes to Valley Fair movie the aters, the Showplace ICON is the top choice for movie lovers. The theatre offers the best in moviegoing with beer and wine, premium spirits, and unique cocktails. AMC theatres have specially designed showings for children with special needs and autism. Select showtimes are accompanied by closed or open captioning devices. Whether you're in need of a family movie night or a night out with friends, the Showplace ICON has a movie for you.

Showplace ICON theater

Westfield Valley Fair's Showplace ICON theater is a 60,000 square foot, luxury cinema that is one of the most luxurious in Silicon Valley. The theater includes 10 auditoriums, ranging in size from 281 seats to 86. The theater can accommodate more than 1,400 patrons and offers heated and reclining leather seats and advanced Dolby sound systems. For the ultimate moviegoing experience, there's no better place to go than the Showplace ICON.

The ShowPlace ICON is a luxurious movie theater with 10 screens, each with heated luxury recliners. With laser projection and Dolby surround 7.1 sound, this theater offers a premium experience. For those looking for a more intimate experience, the ICON-X auditoriums feature VIP seating and swivel tables. The movie theater also has a bar and food menu that makes movie-going even more luxurious.

Showplace ICON

The San Jose Showplace ICON at the Westfield Valley Fair features a total of 60,000 square feet, 10 auditoriums and 1,474 seats, including two VIP tiers for those over 21. This venue is also known for its premium seating, featuring leather heated seats and advanced Dolby sound systems. The theater is located at 2855 Stevens Creek Boulevard. Showtime ICON at the Valley Fair is the premiere destination for movie-going in the Silicon Valley.

The Showplace ICON in Valley Fair is one of several high-end movie theaters currently in operation throughout the Bay Area. The theater opened on Oct. 5, and has been experiencing difficulties recruiting qualified staff. It has held a weekend hiring fair to find additional employees. It hopes to hire 140 employees and 15 managers. The application process for new theaters in Mountain View is much slower than in other parts of the country.

Guests can choose from a VIP section, which features beer and cocktails, as well as heated luxury recliners. The theater has a second-floor VIP lounge, which includes a 21+ bar and digital kiosks for pre-ordering food and beverages. It also features a full-service restaurant and bar, and an exclusive VIP lounge for those with special needs. Showplace ICON in Valley Fair movie The Ater shows a wide range of films.

SF Gate Horoscope - Avoid Mistakes

sfgate horoscope

If you're an Aries, you probably don't enjoy multi-tasking and would like to avoid mistakes and other pitfalls. But that's not the end of the world! You can always benefit from timely fact checks. Your sign is ruled by the expert TAURUS, who can save you from embarrassing mistakes. Your wise friend GEMINI can be a great help in a variety of areas.

Leo season

In a SF Gate horoscope, Leo season is a time to focus on your career and public role. New clients and opportunities are ripe during this time, and your work life should be relatively easy. You may even be able to get away from your desk to engage in some creative social activity. The Leo mind is very in tune with power dynamics, so using your knowledge and respect to push your industry forward could be fruitful.

Leo is the sun sign, so this season brings a fire element and warms up the chart. It is a sign that is naturally courageous, but also seeks rest. In this season, Jupiter enters Taurus in mid-month and will remain in this sign for the remainder of the year. It is an auspicious time for the Bay Area, as Leo can help youth connect to nature and art.

Aside from community-minded projects, Leos will benefit from the energy that surrounds networks and collaborators. Whether you're a political activist or simply a civic-minded person, a Leo will find comfort and motivation through collaboration. You may even find unlikely allies who can work together to make a difference. In the past, neighborhood zoning battles and community activism brought together diverse groups of individuals.

Cancer is jealous of the luck that Leo enjoys. A Leo who does not follow up on an opportunity now is unlikely to make any progress. However, it is worth noting that Leo's Moon/Saturn conjunction keeps the Libra focused on their work and reminds them of their importance. A Leo is a person who tries to make others feel good about themselves. A Leo is not afraid to share his personal life with others.

Venus in your sign

The return of Venus in your sfgate horiscope today is good news for love-life-worshipping Virgos and Capricorns. The transit of Venus is a major positive event, since this planet smooths over socially ruffled feathers. However, love-making Virgos and Cancers must be careful about what they wish for in their relationships.

The ruling planet is Venus, so it is important that you make the best of the situation. However, be careful and take time to study the offer carefully. Scorpios and Capricorns are often downers. Capricorns are tenacious, while Sags and Geminis are upbeat. Those with the signs of Aquarius, Libra, or Sagittarius should take their time before making a decision.

The transit of Jupiter in Capricorn strengthens relationships with long-term partners, but this transit can also affect relationships. When Venus is in Cancer, make sure to encourage inter-independence, because the transit of Venus through Capricorn will amplify your energy and spontaneity. Also, Jupiter in Aries can help you to come up with a great idea. It's good for business partners and lovers alike to spend quality time together.

While it's easy to be jealous of other people's success, make sure that your relationships are healthy. Venus is the planet of love, so making sure that your love life is in top shape will ensure that it doesn't go down the drain. However, it can also be intimidating when others' visions are conflicting with your own. For this reason, you should be careful with your expectations and keep your emotions to yourself.

A new love life is on the way. The return of Venus is a great opportunity for lovers to renew their relationship. While this is a good time to look for romance, you may also want to take advantage of your practicality and explore a new career. You may even try working in professional sports, working with children, or improving your look and wardrobe. In this way, Mercury and Venus are working together to give you a better overall outlook.

Uranus over the North Node

This summer, you'll be surrounded by a powerful alignment between Uranus and the North Node. Both are calculated points in the sky that are related to increase and destiny. And since Uranus is in the sign of Taurus, it will fall in close proximity to the North Node. Both planets are highly symbolic of the pursuit of pleasure and the environment.

With Uranus in Taurus, you're likely to awaken to values, security, and comfort as your fuel. This is a potent combination that will inspire a new beginning. This planetary alignment will peak in the latter half of July, so now's the time to start manifesting your dreams. While you'll be fueled by your passion and drive for change, don't forget to make time for yourself.

The impact of this transit is largely dependent on how you respond to it. If you're under the influence of Uranus, you'll be inspired and motivated to help others. However, Mars and Saturn will make you hot-headed and prone to obstacles. Therefore, the best way to react is to seek the guidance of your trusted advisors. The good news is that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to make a difference.

The conjunction between Venus and the North Node is an excellent time to take action. This powerful aspect brings you an energizing new relationship. The partnership between these two planets is highly beneficial to both parties. Your SF Gate horoscope will be a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams. Just be sure to share it with your friends! If you love someone, make sure to let them know, and it won't hurt to share your latest horoscope.

Uranus in Capricorn

Today, the Sun will conjunct Uranus in the sky, giving a Libra a chance to make a fresh start in a relationship or business deal. Likewise, an Aquarian with Uranus conjunct the Sun may have to step back from the excitement of an exciting new venture - or at the very least, temper their excitable behavior!

The sextile between the Sun and the Moon will restore your confidence, while the trine between Mars and Uranus will energize your efforts. A Taurus will push you to make a dramatic move but will mull it over for a while before pulling it off. A Cancer will let someone down gently but praise their past deeds. In contrast, a Leo will encourage others to take risks, while a Cancer will encourage them to take it easy.

The Mars-Uranus trine has a resolving power. In 2022, Uranus travels over the North Node, a calculated point of the sky associated with increase and destiny. This aspect can inspire Capricorns to seek out new and innovative ways to share resources and develop more equitable ways to share resources. Sustainable city living, for example, could be an inspiration for Capricorns.

During this period, Scorpio will be tempted to pursue their heart's desire, but may have to pay the price in the long run. During this time, however, it is important to not overlook unsolicited suggestions, because they might be your savior in a difficult situation. If a friend is condescending and overly demanding, Capricorn will want to put it down in an uncharted direction and make the conversation a little more civil.

Uranus in Taurus season

During the month of March, the planet Uranus enters Taurus, the sign of the earth. This powerful planet is all about change, expansion and responsibility. It is a challenging aspect for a sign that rules the earth, resources, and pleasure. Thankfully, this particular transit is temporary, and will pass by in March 2020. But there are some things to look for during this period.

The new moon in Taurus on April 30th coincides with a partial solar eclipse. These events represent beginnings. The recalcitrant Bulls should think about making some life changes during this time. This season is also a time for Uranus to remain in Taurus, so the effects may be positive or negative. Uranus may manifest as brilliant inspiration or communication meltdowns, depending on your individual horoscope.

The Leo season shines a spotlight on your career and public role. The time is ripe for new client work, ease in your life at work, and creative social activity. Leos are very sensitive to power dynamics and can use their innate sense of respect to fight for change in their industry. Uranus in Taurus is a planet of foundations, so you should strive for those changes.

While this season invites you to have fun and party with your friends and family, a party with a purpose is necessary for a fulfilling experience. Try to find a way to enjoy the experience while simultaneously expanding your consciousness. So, in the midst of this horoscope, you may be in a mood to make the world a better place. If you are feeling irritable, make sure you do something constructive to keep your spirit up.

Cargo Trailers For Sale by Owner in 2 States

Used Cargo Trailers f or Sale by Owner in 2

There are many different uses for cargo trailers. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from hauling things around the house to professional use. Depending on the model, you can choose from a single, tandem, or triple axle. The triple axle models are designed to carry extremely heavy loads. Cargo trailers can be customized to carry company logos or graphics. One example of a used cargo trailer for sale is a 6x10 v nose cargo trailer with 4 D rings and a carrying capacity of 1840 pounds.

Norco Trailers

If you're looking for Norco Cargo Trailers for sale by the owner in 2 cities, look no further. TrailerTrader has been America's #1 choice for more than two decades. No other company offers such a variety of trailers at such a low price. And with the lowest prices on the market, you can find the perfect trailer for your needs right from the comfort of your own home.


When you're ready to buy a Norco used cargo trailer for sale by owner in two states, you've come to the right place. With a network of stores throughout the Southern California Inland Empire, and San Diego County, Norco Trailers is the place to go. For a great trailer purchase near Los Angeles, San Diego, or Temecula, Norco Trailers is the place to go.

First of all, you'll want to know how much the used cargo trailer can tow. Check the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) on the trailer to determine how much your cargo will be exposed to the elements. If possible, choose a tandem axle model, as they are easier to handle and can accommodate a heavier load. Also, when looking for a used cargo trailer, consider whether a single axle trailer is better for your needs.

If you don't need a trailer that can haul heavy cargo, a secondhand trailer may be the way to go. Many used trailers have extra features, and can save you a significant amount of money. Consider the size of the cargo you'll be hauling, and whether or not you'll be using the trailer for business purposes. There are many other factors to consider when shopping for a used cargo trailer.

Before buying a used cargo trailer, check that the brakes are working. Make sure the brakes are regularly inspected to ensure that they are in good condition. If the brake shoes are excessively worn, you'll need to replace them. If the trailer has brake lights, check them too. If they aren't working properly, they could indicate a possible future problem. The same goes for the tires.

The Norco used cargo trailers for sale by owners in two states may differ slightly in size and weight. There are different models of single and dual-axle cargo trailers available. While some are lightweight, others are big monster haulers. To ensure a great buy, consider these things and the best trailer for your needs. So, start searching now! You'll be glad you did.

Then, check out the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of the used cargo trailer. Make sure that the tow vehicle is rated for the trailer's GVWR. If you're driving, check the GVWR on a certified scale. There may be a better fit for your needs. With the right research, you'll have a great used cargo trailer in two days.

When selling a used cargo trailer, the process is similar to that of selling a used car. With literally hundreds of models to choose from, it's best to compare prices. Use the Internet to find ads for used cargo trailers. Many websites and classified ads have sections for used cargo trailers. You should take a look at similar trailers in order to decide which features you want to emphasize and what you'd be willing to compromise on in order to sell your trailer.

Buying a used trailer is a great way to save money and avoid paying for unnecessary costs. Buying a used trailer will also be easier on your budget, because it's already known that it's been in use by a real-world business owner. And since they're cheaper, they also typically have a higher resale value. This makes them a great choice for both commercial and personal use.

Smith and Wesson SW9V OWB Holster Specs

smith and wesson sw9v e specs

What makes a concealed carry gun suitable for concealed carry? What is the best holster for concealed carry? Then, decide if you want an OWB holster or a CR-90. Once you've made that decision, consider a few other things to make your decision even easier. Read on to learn more about the OWB holster, Firepower, and Concealability.

OWB holster

Listed below are the main Smith and Wesson SW9V owb holster specs. This holster is made to fit the Sigma (SW9ve or SW40ve) with a 4 inch barrel. As a result, it's a hybrid of concealed carry and open carry. The design allows the user to carry the firearm comfortably and easily without having to remove it.

In addition to the OWB holster, the manufacturer also offers two types: the cloak slide, a leather hybrid belt slide holster, and the Cloak Mod, a paddle swivel owb holder with adjustable grip cant. These holsters come with a lifetime warranty and the company's Iron Clad Guarantee. You can also trade in your retention shell or holster for a different one if you find it unsatisfactory.

A quality OWB holster will provide excellent retention and ensure that your pistol is secure even when you're walking. The OWB holster is adjustable and comfortable. It comes in various materials, including leather, and can fit most standard pistols. It's ideal for carry in the right or left hand. It also features a level II retention and a belt loop that fits outside the waistband.

An OWB holster can increase your situation awareness and let you carry your gun with ease. You'll be able to draw your Smith Wesson SW9VE quickly and comfortably and have it at your side when you need it most. With its open top design, the open top OWB holster is a low-profile, pancake-style holster that's lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

You can adjust the cant of your belt clip with a phillips screwdriver. The belt clips on this holster are adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees. This allows you to choose the perfect concealment and self-storage time. You can adjust the retention of your belt clip according to your personal preference and body shape. In addition to that, you can also adjust the angle of your belt clip.

The OWB holster is specifically designed for Smith & Wesson pistols. Available for the SW9V, the SD9, and the SW40, the OWB holsters are made of high-quality materials and come with a lifetime warranty. These holsters are made to fit a variety of body shapes, and can be worn in a variety of situations, including while exercising.


The Firepower of Smith and Wesson SW9.V e is an extremely powerful handgun with an impressive firepower rating. As of this writing, it is the third most powerful handgun in the company's line. With a full-size frame, it is surprisingly light and compact and has an extremely durable, reliable design. Moreover, the gun's high concealability rating means that it can be carried openly and comfortably without a worry.

The Sigma pistol is another excellent option in the 9mm category. It was developed to compete with the Glock and is extremely popular with law enforcement agencies. The Allied Forces Model SW9VE, or SWgVE for short, was recently brought to the market. This pistol is so popular that the Afghan National Army, Police, and Border Patrol ordered 22,000 of them. For this reason, the Sigma is among the best choices for law enforcement agencies and civilians who want a good pistol that is easy to use and has a solid firepower rating.


The Smith and Wesson SW9V EV is one of the most popular handguns for concealed carry. This handgun is very concealable, with a low profile that resembles a pancake. It also allows quick draw and reholstering. The design is also very durable. Here are some tips for choosing the best concealable holster for your gun.

Suitability for concealed carry

The Smith & Wesson Sigma SW9V e is a large frame, fully automatic pistol with stainless steel slide and polymer grip. The gun is available in nine-millimeter caliber and is popular among law enforcement officers. Its trigger pull is rated between eight to twelve pounds, which is slightly high compared to a Glock Model 19's 5.2 pounds. However, this doesn't mean that this pistol is not concealed-carry-friendly.

In order to gain a better understanding of its laser capabilities, you need to first familiarize yourself with the handgun's manual. You can find a book that will give you an overview of handgun laser training, but be warned that some information in the book is outdated. You can also modify the Smith and Wesson SW9VE by adding various parts and accessories, such as sights and lasers, and cleaning utilities.

The Smith and Wesson SW9VE is compatible with many different holsters. There are OWB and IWB holsters for the SW9VE, pancake holsters, and paddle holsters. In addition, you can also purchase duty holsters, small of the back holsters, crossdraw holsters, and ankle slings.

The flashlight is also an essential piece of EDC gear. In cop movies, these hand-held lights were used to help officers spot suspects or victims. With a hand-held flashlight, you can use the gun during dark situations and without having to invest in custom holsters. And since this is a handgun, it can be used even in dark environments.

Who Will Be the First Female Editor of the Portland Press Herald in 2022?

Portland press herald in 2022

Will Sefania Missamou be the first female editor of the Portland Press Herald in 2022? Or is Sara Dhalai the best candidate? There are many reasons to vote for Missamou, but what are her qualifications? She was nominated by two schools. A top student at both Portland Arts and Technology High School and Deering High School, she has also worked with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Maine. Born in Kentucky, Dhalai's parents immigrated from India. After a failed marriage, her mother and her family moved to Portland, where they settled.

Sefania Missamou

When she was first brought to Portland as a sixth grader, Sefania Missamou looked like every other young girl in high heels and glitter eyeshadow. She also had the Congo flag wrapped around her shoulders. Though she had been frightened of the school environment since she first came to Portland, Missamou quickly gained confidence and soon led her class at graduation. She is now the Portland Press Herald's youngest employee, and we look forward to her continued success and contribution to the community.

Tameka Thomas

If elected, Tameka Thomas will become the Press Herald's next female editor. She graduated from Portland City Hall and accessorized her outfit with the school colors. Her gown had swirls of blue and white, as well as gemstones in black and blue glitter. In addition to her school colors, her gown had 2022 written in blue glitter. "Tameka Thomas, Portland press herald in 2022," said the paper.

Leigh Oldershaw

Oldershaw, a writer who began writing at age twelve, is no stranger to success. She co-led a workshop at the 2022 New England Youth Identity Summit on writing empathy. As a high school student, Oldershaw led Creative Writing Club, participated in social justice groups, and worked part-time at Sherman's Maine Coast Book Shop. She hopes to study creative writing at Columbia University and to eventually work in journalism or screenwriting.

Joseph R. Moran

Born on February 21, 1942, Joseph R. Moran was one of the most respected news reporters in Portland. He was a graduate of Cathedral Grammar School, Cheverus High School, and Maine Maritime Academy. After graduating, he served as Class President. He also served on various boards, including the Boys and Girls Club, Iris Network, Mid-Maine Medical Center, and various energy boards in and out of state. In addition, he was a member of the Knights of Columbus and Elks.

How to Search For Your Name on the Unsent Project

The Unsent Project 20 22

The Unsent Project is a series of video and photo pieces that explore identity and belonging. The Unsent Project was founded by Rora Blue, a recent VSA Emerging Young Artist Award of Excellence recipient who has work in nine countries. Blue graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in New Genres. Her work has been featured in numerous media outlets. Here are some tips to search for your name on the Unsent Project.

Rora Blue

A style and beauty blog Rora Blue's newest project is not about fashion or beauty, but rather about heartbreak. The artist creates stickers of various feelings and photographs them in beautiful settings. She explains in her website that the project is about love and loss. The beautiful collages are meant to encourage and heal, but they also serve as a reminder of how powerful our feelings can be when we're behind a screen.

The artist Rora Blue, 19, is known for her interactive art. She often asks participants to share their feelings and experiences. In the project, she asks participants to state a colour and the name of their first love. The artist then uses those colors to create an installation of the images. Rora Blue has received more than 26,000 entries, and her goal is to create a project that reflects people's true feelings.

Blue's work is a powerful expression of the human spirit. Her work explores the human condition by asking strangers for their thoughts and feelings. The Unsent Project is a powerful exhibition of intimate messages - each one colored in the color of the first love. The artworks are raw and emotional, making them an extremely meaningful gift. While this project is not for everyone, it may help those who are lonely.

The project collects over 40,000 unsent text messages. Each submission is displayed on a color associated with the first love, and the text itself is viewed on the site. The Unsent Project also features collages with these text messages. These can be placed anywhere on the body. It is a unique way for people to share their feelings to their first love, while giving insight into the color of love and colors.

After the Beep

Artist Rora Blue has set up a project called The Unsent Project, where users can send anonymous messages to their first love. Each letter is colored in the first love's favorite color. Over 100,000 people have contributed messages through this project, which is dedicated to the feeling of loneliness. Blue is at the heart of the project and recently spoke with May about her work and inspiration. Read on to discover more about this project and why Rora is so passionate about it.

After the Beep is another collection of voicemails that explores the connection between color and emotion. Like The Unsent Project, this collection explores the connection between color and emotion. When listening to voicemails, viewers are asked to consider what colour they think of first. The answers are then displayed in colour on a map. After the Beep is a fun way to discover the true nature of human emotion.


Each of the eleven colors in The Unsent Project signifies a different emotion. Dark colors, for example, may mean emptiness, sadness, or regret. The light and neutral colors, on the other hand, may indicate joy, hope, or connection. Black, for instance, signifies desperation. Gray, on the other hand, conveys an understanding or a desire to connect. The unsent project uses these colors as a way to connect with other people.

After reading submissions, Blue chose to create a collage from the 2,000 that were submitted to the project. Blue then posted daily updates on her blog, and hopes to create even more collages in the future. The Unsent Project has attracted widespread attention and media attention. It has also been featured widely on the Internet. Here are some of the highlights from the project:

In addition to the colors, the Unsent Project uses eleven colors to express your inner thoughts. Each color has its own meaning, depending on the emotion it represents. Pink represents giving your all for your lover, while white represents missing someone. Gray and brown represent less intense emotions, while orange is a symbol of rejection. It's a fun way to express yourself. It's not just for lovers, though. It's a great way to explore the connection between color and emotion.

The Unsent Project is an interactive collage that collects more than 40,000 unsent texts. These texts are displayed on a color that corresponds to the first love of the sender. There are a variety of categories, including first names, colors, and even pet names. You can browse through the collections in chronological order and by color. There are also numerous collages that incorporate the submissions. This way, visitors to the Unsent Project can explore the emotions of their first love.

Searching for your name on the Unsent Project

The Unsent Project is a platform where you can find anonymous texts sent to your ex by others. It allows you to search for messages and adjust your filter preferences. Messages will be sorted by colour, word, and emotion, and once you've entered your name, you can scroll through the results. If you want to see a specific message, you can visit the website for that person.

The website hosts four million unsent text messages from people all over the world. Searching for your name on The Unsent Project is a fun way to connect with those messages, and you can find a message that's written by your first love. Just remember to use a reputable service before attempting to trace it yourself. You may be surprised to learn that there are some messages you've never sent, but they still have a meaning behind them.

Messages you wish you could have sent to exes

Sometimes, you'll want to text your ex, but it's not a good idea to start with a bang. It's not a good idea to send your ex negative messages, even if you're missing them. Your ex may have asked you to stop texting and you don't want to hurt their feelings. Texting should be exciting and make your ex want to reply. There are a few golden rules you should follow when texting your ex.

Name-dropping is a good way to evoke a sentimental memory, but make sure you avoid overly serious messages. For example, don't send your ex an email asking if they are interested in social gatherings. It may turn him off, but it might make your ex want to get back together with you more. If your ex is an introvert, this might be the message for him.

If you were able to break up with your ex, try to start a conversation. You might be surprised at how much the other person has changed and why you'd want to reconnect. Be honest about your intentions and it will be more likely to result in a more productive conversation. If your ex doesn't reply to your text, try sending an ad-hoc text to gauge the waters.

Another tip for sending a text is to tell your ex you're in town and that you're close by. Your ex may not be thinking of rekindling your relationship, but they may still be texting to stay friends. A simple text can lead to an invitation for you to go out to dinner or drink. This can be an easy way to get back together. When you send a text message, make sure to include the words "no longer interested" and "breakup" in the message.

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