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Nine News Australia is a broadcaster in Australia. The station has two major bulletins per day. One is a morning news bulletin, and the other is a late night news bulletin. The network also offers an in-flight news bulletin. It is available to passengers of Qantas airways and is available around the clock.

Nine News' history

The Nine Network launched as a joint venture with the Australian News Channel, creating Your Money. This network was free-to-air on Nine's channel 95 until it closed on 17 May 2019 due to lack of advertising and poor ratings. Your Money primarily presented entertainment programs from many genres. This channel was a popular alternative to Seven News.

In June 2006, the network signed an affiliation deal with Southern Cross Austereo, which was the primary regional affiliate of Network 10. Nine had previously been affiliated with WIN Television. The new deal introduced metropolitan branding for the network. In addition, the network secured an affiliate deal with Mildura Digital Television, a joint venture of WIN and Prime Media Group, which supplies Nine content to Mildura and the Sunraysia areas.

Nine News' logo has undergone several changes in recent years. The most recent redesign of the logo was in 2008. It replaced the previous 9Jumpin service with a new logo and slogan, "weTV". The logo has smaller dots than in the previous logo, and the numeral became a 3D sphere to represent the "7 colours for seven days" presentation package.

The network is owned by Disney and is part of the Disney group. The network also airs US programming. It has deals with Nickelodeon International, Paramount Australia and New Zealand, and NBCUniversal Television Distribution. The network also shares its content with ABC and 10. During this time, the company acquired the Nickelodeon International studio and shared it with its other sister networks. The deal allowed Nine to revive its Nickelodeon series.

The network's growth began during the 1960s. Regional television services were first broadcast in Victoria in 1961, including GLV-10 in Melbourne and GMV-6 in Shepparton. In New South Wales, the first regional service was NBN-3 in Newcastle. In the mid-1960s, more regional stations were established in major metropolitan cities. The network's affiliations with television stations consolidated in the late 1960s.


Nine News Australia live is a state-based television news program, which airs every weekday at 11:30am. The show is hosted by Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes and is broadcasted from QTQ Studios in Mount Coot-tha, Qld. It is a local news broadcast, and is also broadcast on Imparja Television.

It was on this news program that the infamous 'jacket-gate' meltdown occurred. While hosting a lighter segment, Amber Sherlock asked fellow television news presenter Julie Snook to wear a coat. The video went viral and attracted negative feedback from both sides. Some viewers lauded the professionalism of Ms Sherlock, while others called for her to be sacked.

Nine News Australia live has a rotating list of presenters. It rotates between fill-in presenters, who have varying levels of experience. Jane Goldsmith is a popular fill-in presenter, and Kate Haberfield and Adam Murray are the other main anchors. However, Vo will be back in Perth in March 2020, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

After Georgie Gardner's maternity leave, the program was without a host for the Friday and Saturday night show. Georgie Gardner's replacements for the show include Kellie Sloane and Allison Langdon. She had to juggle her Today commitments with her role as a Nine News Sydney presenter. She would then present the news on Monday morning.

Nine News Australia has also made several new additions to its newscast. The program features a new online bulletin and a live stream on Facebook. The new format was launched on August 2019, after the Nine Network announced its partnership with Facebook. It replaced the former national bulletin. The new bulletin will be broadcast in the morning and a new hour-long block will be aired in Victoria and New South Wales in the afternoon.

Despite the fact that the network is based in Melbourne, Nine News Regional has been operating in the south since 1982. Originally, Nine News Regional was produced by the Southern Cross in Canberra.

Online bulletin

If you miss Nine News Australia on TV, you can always watch the live online bulletin. Nine Network has launched 9NewsWatch, which is an online streaming bulletin hosted by Julie Snook. The programme first aired in August 2019 after the network partnered with social media site Facebook to bring its live online news bulletins to the public. Previously, the bulletin was presented by Sylvia Jeffreys.

The bulletin is a newscast presented on weekdays. Mark Burrows presents it on Monday and Friday, while Davina Smith presents the bulletin on Tuesday and Thursday. In addition to the main presenters, the bulletin is also presented by Lizzie Pearl, Jayne Azzopardi, Sophie Walsh, and Kate Creedon. The program was originally titled the National Nine Morning News and began airing in 1981. The broadcaster had a longtime relationship with WIN Television and later acquired the ABC network. The news bulletin is a simulcast of the show on WIN Television and Imparja Television.

Nine News Perth has confirmed the details of a new weekday bulletin. The program is a one-hour newscast that airs on the network's regional sites. The program's aim is to offer viewers an opportunity to interact with the news. As a result, the bulletin will also feature social media features that will allow audience members to ask questions and get answers to their concerns. The program will debut on Monday, January 31, and will run for an hour.

The program will replace WIN News Tasmania, a half-hour news bulletin that was broadcast by the Australian broadcaster. It will air weekdays from 5:30am to 9am. The program will be hosted by Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon. The program is produced from the TCN studios in North Sydney. Darren Wick is the Director of News and Current Affairs. The program is a morning show that focuses on national and international news.

In addition to a national bulletin, Nine News Adelaide is also simulcast on 107.9 Life FM. The bulletin is aired nightly across the Riverland and South West regions of South Australia. The program is also simulcast on other affiliate channels in the state.


The Today Show is a news program aired on the Nine Network in Australia. Originally aired in 1982, the show features news events and interviews with famous guests. In its first 40 years, the Today Show has hosted a variety of prominent personalities, celebrities and OBs from around the world. The Today Show has also featured several characters that have appeared on the program.

Audiences for Nine's Australian Open coverage saw a massive jump this year. Nine's national linear broadcast average audience increased by 11.5% and its regional audience grew by 31.9%. It also saw a significant increase in its People 16-29 and 25-54 audience. Overall, the Australian Open provided the perfect launchpad for Nine's ratings year, with its tentpole programs dominating the 7.30pm timeslots.

Nine news is a commercial free-to-air television network in Australia. Its programming has a somewhat partisan approach to news, and is more likely to appeal to older viewers. Nine news's demographic is predominantly white and older, and likely to be more conservative than the ABC's.

The Project ranked #1 in the evening news market and delivered record-breaking numbers in the under 50, 16-39 and 25-54 demographics. Sky News' investigative documentaries also continued to grow the network's audience. Its latest program, What Really Happened in Wuhan, held the top spot in the national ratings, and Men In The Mirror: Rudd and Turnbull was the #1 non-sports program on Foxtel.

Sky News Australia was the leading news brand on social media in Australia in 2020. It had 687,000 followers at the end of the year, an increase of 32% over the previous year. The news channel's regional networks, Mornings and Breakfast, each delivered record-breaking audiences for their respective broadcasts.

Channel Nine News - Presenters, Formats and Locations

channel nine news

Channel Nine has many great features, but what makes it stand out from the rest of the broadcasters? Let's find out about the Presenters, Formats and Locations! Hopefully, this information will be of help to you when selecting your favourite television show. We will also discuss the current events on the show, as well as the most popular programs.

Current presenters

The current presenters on Nine are a mixture of familiar faces and a few new faces. Firstly, we have Cameron Williams, who left the network recently due to health concerns. She has been absent from the news bulletins of the 6pm and 9am timeslots, but we have not heard of her replacement yet. Williams joined Nine in 2010 as a sports presenter, but has previously worked at the Courier-Mail, Fox Sports, and Channel 7.

There are several fill-in presenters for Nine News Sydney. These include Mark Burrows, Davina Smith, and Amber Sherlock. They also present sport and weather news. The show is simulcast on other stations in New South Wales. However, if these presenters are unavailable, the weather program is presented by Kate Creedon.

During the weekdays, Nine News Adelaide is presented by Kate Collins, Brenton Ragless, and Will McDonald. There are also several weather and sport presenters. The news bulletin is also simulcast on local radio station 107.9 Life FM and on WIN Television SDS/RDS. In the evening, Nine News Adelaide is also aired in Broken Hill and in many other regional cities.

The Today show was criticized by viewers when Allison Langdon appeared in an outfit that was not black. The tradition has been that presenters on Channel Nine wear all black attire since Queen Elizabeth II's death. On the other hand, the Today show co-host Karl Stefanovic is returning to host the ACA on Thursday.

Nine News Sydney is a regional news bulletin for the Northern NSW region. It airs seven nights a week and employs over sixty staff. The news bulletin covers local, state, and national news. It also includes opt-outs for sport and weather. The presenter for the weather program is Gavin Morris.

Nine News also produces a late night news bulletin called Nightline. This news bulletin is broadcast on channel nine across the country and can be watched live online. It is also simulcast on River 94.9 in Brisbane and on Imparja television in remote areas. From 1995 to 2001, the 6pm bulletin was hosted by Bruce Paige and Heather Foord. Then, in 2001, Jillian Whiting took over the role. After Mike London's resignation in June 2003, he was accused of organising a female friend to make complaints about Paige.

Nine News has also had local editions in Perth and Brisbane. These local editions replaced the national bulletin during daylight saving time and offered local news in those regions. Initially, the program aired from Sydney, but was later shifted to Melbourne, where it was filmed for the first time.

The channel nine news team also features a host of other news anchors and reporters. Some of the other anchors include Tim Blotz and Hannah Flood.


Nine News Melbourne is the flagship local news service for the city of Melbourne. It has been in business for more than two decades, and often garners peak audiences of more than four hundred thousand viewers. However, in the mid-2000s, the network started to lose viewers to rival Seven News Melbourne. The network lost its lead in 2006 and 2007, but recovered in 2008. In 2008 and 2009, the channel was the only metropolitan bulletin to win against Seven News. The company then moved its headquarters to the Bourke Street area in Docklands.

The network expanded its news coverage by adding regional bulletins to its national afternoon bulletin. The Bulletins began broadcasting at 4pm, and have now expanded to an hour each. By the end of August 2008, the bulletins are now available on Nine's website. The network also streams live press conferences and helicopter feeds.

Nine News has numerous locations around Australia, and a supplementary regional service is available on the Gold Coast. This news service combines the best of local and metropolitan coverage, and airs seven days a week. The flagship show, the 6:00 pm state bulletin, is produced by the Nine-owned stations. In addition, the channel also produces opt-outs for sport and local news in regional areas.

Nine's afternoon news is produced in North Sydney, and features a variety of presenters. The program is presented by Andrew Lofthouse, Melissa Downes, and Jonathan Uptin. In addition to the main Sydney network, Nine also has affiliate stations in Griffith, and WIN Television broadcasts the program in the area.

The nine logo is animated with the personalities of the program. The nine logo rotates in a cubic fashion as the television personalities interact. The logo also displays the nine numbers on opposite sides of the box. It is accompanied by a four-note jingle. The logo's color is also altered to match the television station's color scheme.

Several presenters in Darwin were also featured on the local news bulletin. These local broadcasters included Jonathan Uptin, Tim Arvier, and Charles Croucher. Nine News Darwin is the only commercial network to cover the city of Darwin, but there is also an ABC affiliate in the city. It's worth noting that the regional news bulletin is not a full-time job.

Breaking News Headlines From Australia

australia breaking news headlines

If you're looking for the latest news in Australia, you'll find it in these breaking news headlines. You'll discover topics such as the Cost of living pressures affecting sales, the rate hikes hitting retailers hard, health complaints on holiday, COVID-19 sweeping Victoria, and more.

Cost of living pressures to affect sales

Cost of living is a major concern for Australian consumers. More than a third of Australians blame the federal government for rising costs, compared to only 1% who blame local government bodies. Rising gas and power prices are the main causes of cost increases, but grocery and petrol prices are also up.

As a result of rising costs, consumers are tightening their purse strings in many areas. For example, 1 in two consumers are switching to cheaper brands, turning off electrical appliances, and making fewer car trips. Another four out of 10 people have cancelled services, such as food delivery and entertainment, in an attempt to save money. And nearly a fifth of consumers have created a budget to track their spending.

The cost of living is affecting consumer spending, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In July, Australian retail sales climbed 1.3 percent, beating analyst expectations for a 0.3 to 0.4 percent rise. Although sales volume in the retail sector has been trending down since November, they increased in Victoria and the ACT.

Rate hikes to hit retailers hard

The Reserve Bank of Australia is on track to raise its cash rate by half a percentage point next Tuesday, the fifth time this year. It has already signalled further hikes in the coming months, and money markets are pricing in a 3.4% interest rate by the end of the year. The bank has maintained that Australian households are well-positioned to handle higher borrowing costs. This is in part because of the stimulus provided by the pandemic years, which allowed households to build up savings.

Meanwhile, Australian households are expected to hold back on spending in the face of rising inflation. Inflation has reached its highest level since the early 1990s, with the Reserve Bank of Australia forecasting that inflation will rise further in the near future, then decline back into its target range of two to three percent.

In the near future, the Reserve Bank of Australia is likely to continue raising its interest rate to combat the ongoing economic downturn. It is based on various variables, including global economic growth and commodity prices. However, analysts' predictions are not always accurate, and traders should always do their due diligence and avoid risking money they cannot afford to lose.

Health complaints on holiday

Health professionals are fuming over the lack of consultations and surgeries during the bank holiday. The bank holiday follows the funeral of the monarch, which was held on September 19. The short notice has frustrated some healthcare providers. Some consultations and surgeries are usually scheduled months in advance. One surgeon, head and neck surgeon Eric Levi, is annoyed because he already had eight patients booked for surgery on September 22.

COVID-19 sweeping Victoria

The COVID-19 virus has been sweeping Victoria and other parts of Australia, causing thousands to be quarantined. The virus has been categorized as a pandemic, but experts believe it will soon become endemic and spread more like seasonal flu. In this way, it will have outbreaks where there are enough susceptible people and contact among them.

In Victoria, the disease has already claimed the lives of 720 people. The state government has mandated vaccination in almost all sectors and the vaccination rates have increased significantly. As a result, Victoria's health facilities may open sooner than expected. Earlier this week, a coronavirus website reported that 91.6 percent of Victorians aged 16 and older had received their first dose of the disease. As of October 15, more than 50 testing sites were closed, while pathology labs were backlogged.

Experts have urged people to take the proper precautions when outside. They recommend wearing masks while at work and eating outdoors. Parents should also make sure their children spend as much time outside as possible, and stay home if they become ill.

Etihad data breach

Etihad Airways has confirmed it is investigating a possible data breach. Gulf News reports that personal information of 7,000 members of Etihad's loyalty programme has been exposed online. Etihad says the breach involved a third-party website, EmailCiti, and that it has taken immediate action to prevent this from happening again.

The breach happened after the company was hired by Etihad Airways to run a promotional website. The UAE-based airline has contacted the company, who has agreed to share operational information about its security procedures. The two airlines have separate governments, and they will share operational information to ensure traveller safety.

Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. It is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and has 10 wide-body twin-engine 777-300ER aircraft. The airline recently announced a loss of $478 million for the year. In light of this, the company is working to reduce costs. In addition, it has extended its partnership with JetBlue to serve customers from the U.S.

Tyrone May's return to Australian football

Tyrone May has been enjoying a comeback in the NRL after his lengthy absence. While he was once with the Penrith Panthers, May was released from the team last year after being caught in a scandal with a series of pictures he posted on Instagram. He pleaded guilty to four counts of recording intimate images without consent and was sentenced to 300 hours of community work.

May had been with the Bombers since 2017 and had been an important member of the squad this year. His absence has resulted in the loss of a number of talented attackers. McKenna's departure from Tyrone comes at a time when the club is struggling to replace the panel.

The Catalans Dragons have signed May for one season with the club in 2022, which could mean he will be back in the NRL as soon as 2023. While he was at Penrith, May was dropped by the club for social media posts after his grand final appearance. The club have said they will closely monitor his behaviour in France to ensure his compliance with the contract. It is unclear whether May will be able to play in the French top-flight in the following seasons.

Tyrone May is hoping that his time at the Athletic Grounds in Armagh's All-Ireland final will not be his last outing in county colours. He is a talented, athletic player who has played for both Ireland and Australia.

Sam Newman's departure from Channel 9

Sam Newman has left Channel Nine after sparking outrage with his recent comments about the late black man George Floyd. Floyd was murdered by a white police officer last month after attempting to use a fake $20 bill. A petition was started by anti-racism group Democracy in Colour to ask Sam Newman to resign. The move has been met with widespread backlash. Sam Newman took to Twitter to address the controversy and said he and Channel Nine "mutually decided to withdraw".

Newman joined the Nine Network in 1993 and has had many controversial incidents throughout his career. In 2014, he caused controversy when he made controversial comments about a gay footballer named Michael Sam. The video footage went viral, and Newman was booed by the crowd. His co-hosts also blasted him for his remarks. Sam remained at Nine until his departure, however.

Despite his dismissal from Channel 9 Australia, Newman's comments continue to be controversial. He has been accused of racism and has previously referred to COVID-19 as a "Chinese Virus." Recently, he told Brazilian-Australian athlete Heritier Lumumba to "stop pulling your dick" after he booed him during the Battle of the West.

Nine News Australia Presenters

nine news australia headlines

Nine news Australia is one of Australia's most popular news channels. Its live streaming bulletins and podcasts are a popular way to keep up with the latest news and events. Its regional Queensland composite bulletins are also available via the Internet. In addition to broadcasting local news, nine has a large network of affiliates around the country.

Live streaming of bulletins

Nine News Australia is one of the most popular broadcast channels in Australia. The channel's flagship program, Nine News, excels in its comprehensive coverage of the news. Nine News bulletins are broadcast in several different cities throughout the country, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

Nine News Australia also offers live streaming of its news bulletins. The bulletins can be viewed live on the Nine News website from any location, and can be viewed in full or by region. The network also streams the Morning and Afternoon News, as well as the Adelaide and Perth Bulletins. The Nine News website also features live press conferences and helicopter feeds. Live streaming of nine news Australia bulletins has been made possible thanks to a partnership between Nine and Facebook.

Nine News Australia is Australia's national news service. The network was founded in 1956 and currently broadcasts news services in many regions. It is owned by the Nine Entertainment Group and is based in New South Wales. Nine News Australia is available in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

The network also produces regional news bulletins for different regions of Australia. The program is presented by Will McDonald, Edward Godfrey, Tom Rehn, and Jessica Braithwaite. The news service is also simulcast on South Australian affiliates. While the show is based in Sydney, the live stream is available in many other regions across the country.

During the last few years, Nine News Australia has also made a transition from its original news to a new show, First at Five. The show is now primarily simulcast across the South West of Australia and in the Spencer Gulf. It is also broadcast on 107.9 Life FM in Sydney and on 2GB in Brisbane.


Australia's daily podcast market is growing rapidly, with new daily shows and a growing number of podcast indexes. Public broadcaster ABC has also stepped up its podcast offerings, launching a coronavirus podcast and creating daily content for smart speakers. The country's largest publisher, News Corp, has also launched short and long form podcasts linked to some of its best-selling titles. In addition, Triton Digital has launched a podcast tracker.

The Australian Podcast Association's 'All-Australian Top 100' rankings list the best Australian podcasts. News Corp's From the News Room topped the list and Hamish and Andy was second. According to a spokesperson from the Australian Podcast Association, the All-Australian list reflects the work of local podcast producers. In order to appear on the list, a podcast must be commissioned by a publisher in Australia.

A daily deep dive into big stories is the mission of Please Explain, an award-winning podcast featuring hosts Nathaniel Cooper, Jess Irvine, and Bianca Hall. The show covers topics ranging from the latest royal news to stories about the COVID-19 vaccine. It features the latest headlines from across Australia.

Another podcast from the public broadcaster ABC teamed up health expert Dr Norman Swan with a young reporter. The series has grown to become an Australian icon, and a hit with listeners. The show initially focused on answering listeners' questions on the flu virus, but has branched out to explore aspects of science and the virus. With more than a hundred thousand listeners per episode, Coronacast is one of the ABC's most popular podcasts.

Nine's daily podcasts are categorized into four categories. Microbulletins last three minutes, news roundups last about ten minutes, and deep-dives cover twenty to thirty minutes. Extended chats last up to an hour. These podcasts cover the latest news and the people behind them.

Previous presenters

There are several previous presenters of Nine News Australia. The broadcaster has changed its presenter lineup several times. The following list features the current and previous weekend news presenters of the network. They are listed alphabetically by last name. The presenters who are not in regular rotation are listed as fill-ins.

Tracy Grimshaw - This Melbourne-born presenter began her career as a reporter at the national news station. She later went on to present the national morning bulletin and co-hosted The Midday Show and Today on Saturday. She also co-hosted A Current Affair. In 2018, she was nominated for a Gold Logie Award.

Regional Queensland composite bulletins

Regional Queensland composite bulletins were first introduced in July 2017. They were presented by Samantha Heathwood and Paul Taylor and were aimed at providing a local, regional news service for Queenslanders. The bulletins initially covered Cairns and Far North Queensland, Townsville and North Queensland, Mackay, the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. On 15 February 2019, the Toowoomba and Darling Downs bulletins were replaced by the metropolitan Brisbane bulletin.

Nine News Darwin's local studio was closed on 8 September 2017 and the program folded into regional Queensland operations. The program's producers, including Sam Heathwood and Jonathan Uptin, moved on to other projects, including the Brisbane bulletin. The bulletins were re-launched in September 2018, but Uptin opted out of local news and became a sports editor for the Brisbane bulletin.

The Regional Queensland composite bulletins are produced using the most recent statistical data and can be combined to create customised regional profiles. Each regional profile covers an area of Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2), which is equivalent to a suburb in urban areas. Statistical Bulletins in regional Queensland are produced by regional media organizations.

Regional Queensland composite bulletins broadcast on regional radio and television stations. These bulletins are produced by WIN News and air on regional stations across the state. They are anchored from Wollongong by Melissa Russell, and feature a meteorologist, Adam Straney. The bulletin is also broadcast from WIN's Wollongong headquarters.

WIN introduced regional bulletins in April 2009 for the Mackay & Whitsundays region and the Wide Bay area. The regional bulletins continued on the Gold Coast until WIN axed the weeknight bulletin in March 2012. The bulletin's output has now been incorporated into the nine-hour News, produced in Perth.

Australian government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Australian government's response to the COVI D19 virus pandemic has led to the early lifting of mandatory home quarantine for Covid-infected people. This move has prompted some concern but it also means that the government is reducing the need for government intervention. It is also lowering the quarantine and isolation periods for fully-vaccinated contacts.

Unlike in the United States and other developed countries, Australia's infection rate has been low, with daily rates of new cases in the low double digits. This indicates a low risk of community transmission, and the Australian population has generally supported physical distancing measures. In addition, the sense of community in Australia is contributing to recovery.

The government and opposition have made some short-term economic and social support measures to aid the recovery process. However, the post-coronavirus recovery has also reignited the ideological debate over employment and taxation policy. Unemployment is expected to rise to ten percent by 2020, though the Reserve Bank of Australia predicts it will fall to six percent over the next two years. However, there are signs that demand for labour is increasing in some sectors. For example, 'panic buying' of essential goods has increased supermarket trade and employment.

Although the government has announced emergency assistance packages for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, temporary visa holders and international students were excluded from the benefits. Some governments have suggested sending these temporary residents home, but this has caused a national debate. The government should focus its efforts on the health sector and the prevention of social and economic fallout.

Australia has implemented some strict rules on travel and international student exchange. The government has restricted interstate travel to Australia's southern neighbours, but this restriction will be eased by the end of the month. However, travel to Tasmania, South Australia, and the Northern Territory will require a permit. In the meantime, the federal government has extended the time limit for the mass return of migrant workers and international students.

Nine Network Australia

channel 9 news melbourne australia

Nine Network is an Australian commercial free-to-air television network. It is owned by parent company Nine Entertainment and is one of the five major free-to-air television networks in Australia. The network airs various news and entertainment programs, including the Nine Morning News and the Weekend Bulletin. There are also numerous regional news broadcasts on the network. These programs feature local, regional, and national stories. Nine Network is available on many platforms, including the web.

Weekend bulletin

Nine News Melbourne has long been the dominant local news service, often drawing an audience of more than 400,000 viewers. However, since the mid-2000s, the station has started to lose viewers to rival Seven News Melbourne. In 2006 and 2007, the Nine News won 24 out of 40 weeks, but by the end of 2008 and 2009, it was losing the battle against Seven News more than ever. In 2009, the station moved to the Docklands and began airing the Morning Show, and in the following year, the station's base moved to Bourke Street.

The Bulletin has had a number of different presenters since its beginning. The weekend show was first presented by Brian Naylor, who presented the show for 20 years. After he retired, he was replaced by Sonia Vinci, who stayed on as a weeknight anchor. In June 2008, she replaced Mike London as the weekend anchor. However, in 2011, she cut back on her work with Nine to only give news updates. Since then, the Weekend Today show was hosted by Alicia Loxley.

The Nine News Weekend bulletin is produced in Australia, with local and national content being broadcast from studios. Nine News' flagship bulletin reaches audiences in Melbourne, Tasmania, and Victoria, and runs for an hour every Friday evening. It includes local, state, and regional news, as well as national and international news. Additionally, the news program covers a wide range of topics, including finance, sports, and other topics of interest.

The regional bulletins were previously presented by Brett McLeod and Dougal Beatty. In March 2017, the regional bulletins commenced on a weekly basis. The Ballarat and western Victoria bulletin was launched on 6 March, followed by the Bendigo and central Victoria bulletin on 8 March, and the Gippsland bulletin in the fourth week.

Nine News Melbourne's Weekend bulletin is telecast from GTV studios in Docklands. Presenters include Peter Hitchener and Alicia Loxley on the weekends. Other presenters include Anthony Jones and Clint Stanaway. The program is simulcast on Imparja Television and the Channel 9 News network.

NBN News

The history of NBN News can be traced back to 1962. It began as a half-hour news bulletin and was hosted by Murray Finlay. A decade later, it was expanded to an hour-long newscast. Ray Dinneen joined Finlay on the newsdesk and was soon promoted to main anchor. He retired on 17 December 2010 and was replaced by Paul Lobb.

Nine News was Australia's most popular news service until the mid-2000s. Seven News surpassed the network, but Nine News regained the national lead in 2013. The station is led by Darren Wick, Director of News and Current Affairs. The morning show "Early Edition" airs at 5:00am on weekdays. The station is also home to a supplementary regional news program for the Gold Coast, Queensland.

In August 2021, NBN News announced some major changes. It made Chief of Staff Andy Lobb and Head of News Blake Doyle redundant. Doyle had 40 years' experience in local television production. These changes affected 20 positions, with five staff members being redeployed to the Nine QTQ studios in Brisbane.

The NBN News program is simulcast live in six markets. It has a total of 60 news reporters and presents, with over 20,000 stories produced every year. It combines reports from Nine News and local stories. It also features opt-outs for sport and other regional stories.

NBN Television's live electronic newsgathering capabilities are enhanced with the Dejero LIVE+ Platform. This device enables news crews to transmit high-quality live video using Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It can also store and transmit videos to multiple locations. In addition to broadcast-quality live video, the Dejero LIVE+ Transmitter allows news teams to record stories even while travelling.

Nine News Melbourne is broadcasted from GTV studios in Docklands. The show is presented by Mark Burrows Monday-Friday and by Davina Smith on Tuesday-Friday. It also features fill-ins such as Sophie Walsh and Jayne Azzopardi. The program's length was extended on 4 May 2009 from thirty minutes to an hour.

Nine News Australia Announces New Staff

9news au

Jerrie Demasi will appear on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Despite her new job, Jerrie Demasi will still be appearing on the local news. She is a chief crime editor for 9News Perth, where she will be hosting the afternoon news show at 4pm. She has also recently been nominated for the Kennedy Award, which honours excellence in journalism. Unfortunately, she will not be able to attend the ceremony.

The network's flagship news program, 9News, is an hour-long news program produced by Nine Network stations. During the week, the program is broadcast on a national level. The 6:00pm bulletin is the flagship program, and a regional news program is broadcasted for the Gold Coast, Queensland.

In the past, Dixie Marshall presented the weeknight bulletin from the GTV studios in North Sydney. The program was then followed by Sonia Vinci, who presented the show for five years until she was replaced by Greg Pearce. Until June 2008, the show's weather was presented by Natalia Cooper. Now, Tracy Vo will present Today on the Sydney network, while Louise Momber will present Nine Live Perth.

Nine News also has a sports bulletin with a number of different presenters. In addition to Jerrie Demasi, other fill-in presenters include Tony Jones, Kate Haberfield, and Adam Murray.

Tracy Vo will present Today

The current host of the TODAY show in Australia will be replaced. Georgie Gardner, who has been with the show since January, will present the weekend edition. Former TODAY host Tom Steinfort will join 60 Minutes as a special correspondent. In addition, Stevie Jacobs is leaving the show to work on other projects for the network.

Tracy Vo has been a journalist for over a decade. She started out on radio, where she worked for 2SM in Sydney and later moved to Sky News Australia. Currently, she is the host of Today Perth News. Previously, she presented the news show on radio 6PR. She has also covered major events like the death of Nelson Mandela and the hijacking of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. She has also been working in Canberra as a political reporter.

The Today Show is also hiring new presenters. In addition to Vo, Tim Davies will be the weather presenter, while Alex Cullen will handle sports. Meanwhile, Brooke Boney will present entertainment. Richard Wilkins will continue to host Weekend Today with Rebecca Maddern. The Today Show will continue as usual, but there will be a change in host.

Tracy Vo is replacing Dixie Marshall, who presented the weeknight bulletin between 2002 and 2011. Prior to that, Sonia Vinci presented the program for five years until being replaced by Greg Pearce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vo was moved back to Perth to cover the outbreak. She will also continue to present the weekend bulletins.

John Farnham's cancer diagnosis

Cancer has struck John Farnham, the famous Australian singer. Diagnosed on Tuesday morning, he underwent a day-long surgery to remove a cancerous growth. He is recovering well after the surgery, which began at 8am and ended at 7.30pm. He has since been transferred to the intensive care unit, where he continues to receive treatment. His condition is currently stable, and he has thanked doctors for their care.

Farnham has a history of overcoming adversity. His wife has been his steadfast support through the toughest times. The actor also lost his close friend Glenn Wheatley, who died of complications from COVID-19 in February. Olivia Newton-John has also passed away from cancer.

Farnham was 73 when he was diagnosed with cancer. His wife was the one who insisted he go to the doctor. She insisted that he have his mouth checked when she noticed a lump in his mouth. She was right - a tumour had formed. Farnham underwent successful surgery to remove the tumor, as well as reconstructive jaw surgery.

While Farnham's family has asked for privacy, his wife and sons are in the hospital with him. The doctors are confident that he will be cured. According to a source inside the hospital, Farnham is in good spirits, cracking jokes with doctors.

Nine News Darwin suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in Australia, the Nine Network has suspended regional news bulletins across the country. Nine News Darwin has reverted to its local format and will resume airing weeknights from 5 October 2020. The program previously featured Paul Taylor as its main presenter and will be replaced by a rotating roster of Darwin reporters.

NTD was originally owned by Publishing and Broadcasting Limited, the same company that owned the Nine Network. After acquiring the station, NTD's news service was rebranded as "Eight National News". The station was the only commercial television station in Darwin until 1998, when Telecasters Australia launched Seven Darwin. It was a relay service for Seven Central.

The newsroom was further reduced during the subsequent cuts, leaving only a newsroom chief and three reporters and camera operators. At 10:30 p.m., the station aired All the King's Men, a crime drama based on the life of a convict.

Kathy Sabine is a meteorologue

Kathy Sabine is a meteorologue and a seven-time Emmy Award winner for her work on 9News in Denver. She has been with the station since 1993. Sabine recently announced that she was having a skin cancer operation. The procedure required removing skin cancer from Sabine's nose and reconstructing her eyebrow using cartilage from her ear. The meteorologist has been working on the station's 10 p.m. weather broadcasts for the past 29 years.

Sabine began her career as a previsionniste for 9NEWS in 1993. Eventually, she was promoted to principal previsionniste, where she reported on the weather. She worked four, six, or even nine hours a day. Eventually, she was promoted to meteorologist for the station, earning an Emmy Award for her work.

Channel 9 Australia News

channel 9 australia news

Nine News is an Australian broadcaster that offers a variety of news programs and special features. Its flagship 6pm news bulletin is produced from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Newcastle. A large team of journalists and presenters brings breaking news and exclusive stories to its audience. The network is available in over 60 million homes throughout the country.

Nine News

Nine News Australia is a national news service of the Nine Network, broadcasting in most of the country's major cities. Its flagship program is the hour-long 6:00 pm state bulletin. Its five radio and television stations are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin.

Nine News Australia is one of the most popular broadcasters in Australia. Until the mid-2000s, it topped the ratings for news programming in the country. It was overtaken by rival Seven News in 2005, but later regained the national lead. Nine News is led by Darren Wick, Director of News and Current Affairs. The network also features the popular show Nine News: Early Edition, which is broadcast at 5:00am on weekdays.

Nine News bulletins are produced from the Nine studios in Australia. Its format largely follows that of the NBN News network, which broadcasts in northern New South Wales. It also features opt-outs for local news, sports, and weather. Moreover, it simulcasts metropolitan-based news programs.

The network also has several deals with foreign broadcasters. NBCUniversal Television Distribution, Paramount International Networks, and Nickelodeon International supply Nine content. It has also secured an affiliate deal with Mildura Digital Television, a joint venture between Prime Media Group and WIN. This channel will distribute Nine content in the Sunraysia and Mildura regions.

Nine News Australia has a local radio station in Adelaide. Its Adelaide bulletin is simulcast on 107.9 Life FM in the Riverland region and Spencer Gulf in New South Wales. It also has a simulcast on 9GB's sister station KIIS-FM in Broken Hill.

In 2007, the network adopted a new logo to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The new logo removed the nine dots that had been a part of its identity since 1969. However, it partially reintroduced the nine dots in May 2007. The logo was changed from a square to a three-dimensional cube, with nine dots on every second side.

The company's ownership is controlled by the general public with a 45% stake. The company is primarily funded through advertising.

Nine News Regional

Nine has announced that it is temporarily combining its national newsrooms with regional resources to better cover a potential COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this, the network will package regional news bulletins for the Southern Cross Austereo network. Nine says the move will create a more accessible and inclusive news service for regional areas.

The new regional news service will employ 110 staff across Sydney and regional NSW, Queensland and Victoria. It will be broadcast on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The broadcaster also plans to produce local news bulletins in these areas. There is no exact date yet for the launch of the service. The move is expected to be completed in March 2020.

The newscast is also produced and distributed on regional television stations. The Sydney edition airs on WIN Television SDS/RDS and WIN Griffith on the WIN Television digital platform. The Sydney edition also airs on Hope 103.2 radio. The station was formerly presented by Seven News, which won only one rating week in 2005.

In 2016, Nine News announced a new collaboration with Southern Cross Austereo (SCA). The partnership will create dedicated local news bulletins for the region. SCA's regional broadcasters will have local news stories and dedicated sport and weather reports in their respective regions. These will complement the regional content of the Nine News bulletins.

Nine News Regional is a regional news service covering Northern NSW. It airs seven nights a week and has 60 reporters. The show features over 20,000 local news stories annually and features stories from the major news sources in the area. It also features a sport opt-out. The hosts of NBN News are Natasha Beyersdorf and Jane Goldsmith. The show's presenters are state-based journalists from the surrounding regions.

The network has changed its logo and re-established the Nine dots, which have been a part of its identity since 1969. The nine dots were initially removed from the logo, but were partially re-introduced in May 2007. The new logo has nine dots on every second side.

Nine News Darwin

The news section on Nine News Darwin provides local coverage of major events and stories in the Darwin area. Nine News Darwin's experienced team of journalists and producers cover local stories in a comprehensive and detailed manner. Click on the stories below to find out more. We will also discuss some of the current issues in our community.

The local studio production of Nine News Darwin ceased on 8 September 2017. Instead, it folded into the regional Queensland operations. Samantha Heathwood and Jonathan Uptin joined the regional Queensland bulletins. The news was also recorded as a composite bulletin with other local broadcasts in Brisbane. Nine News Darwin is not the only Australian television network that no longer produces local news bulletins.

Nine News Darwin began broadcasting in 1982. Initially known as Eight News at Seven, it launched alongside current affairs program Spectrum. In the late 1980s, the station was rebranded as Eight National News. On New Year's Day 2003, the station changed its branding to Nine News Darwin. Its weekend bulletin was delayed from Nine News Sydney and aired from QTQ in Brisbane. The news bulletin is simulcasted on 104.1 Territory FM and Imparja GEM.

Nine Network also recently announced a regional news strategy that involves centralising its regional news production in Brisbane and maintaining a standalone news bulletin in Darwin. While a handful of reporters and producers will stay in Darwin, other staff may be redeployed to other regional news bulletins in Queensland. Currently, a new regional news bulletin is being rolled out in Cairns, Townsville, and Toowoomba. In addition, a weekend bulletin will run out of Brisbane.

Nine News Darwin is one of the oldest and most widely-watched television news bulletins in Australia. It broadcasts on weekdays at 11:30am. In addition, the show is presented by Mark Burrows on Mondays and Davina Smith on Tuesdays and Fridays. There are also several fill-in presenters. The show was originally known as the National Nine Morning News and has been on the air since 1981. In 2009, it was extended from thirty minutes to an hour.

Nine News Perth

Nine News Perth, Channel 9 Australia news, is a local television station in Perth, Western Australia. This station is owned by the Nine Network. It was founded in 1956. Its first program was presented by Bruce Gyngell. The network was initially free-to-air, on channel 95, but closed on 17 May 2019 due to lack of advertising and poor ratings. This channel featured entertainment programs from a variety of genres.

Nine News's program lineup also includes the 9NewsNow news bulletin. The program is updated every half hour with videos from their newsrooms across the country. It includes specially produced 60-second video reports and full video packages from nine news bulletins. Nine News also streams live press conferences and live feeds from helicopters.

Nine News is one of Australia's most popular news networks. It reaches over 9.781 million viewers each month. The site has a new look and experience that's optimized for mobile viewing. It also offers custom alerts and a streamlined interface. Its redesigned mobile app allows users to subscribe to multiple alerts and receive breaking news alerts.

Nine News Perth, Channel 9 Australia news program presents local and regional news stories. The program is presented by Paul Taylor and Alison Ariotti. The show is also simulcasted across regional Queensland on the WIN Television and Imparja Television networks. Its programming is updated every three minutes, and a lot of viewers tune in on their way to work every day.

Nine News Perth is also known for its Sunday news program. It airs at 6pm. The program was formerly presented by Sharlyn Sarac. From October 2009, the Saturday bulletin was presented by Matt Tinney, who had previously been the presenter of WIN News, the regional Western Australian news program.

The network has rebranded itself, removing the nine-dot logo that was part of the Nine identity since 1969. Nine News Perth's website offers catch-up TV and video on demand services. The company also provides online live streaming of their news and other programs.

Channel Nine News Australia

channel nine news australia

Channel Nine News Australia is one of the most popular television networks in Australia. The network relaunched in 2008, introduced Afternoon Edition, and moved into new studios in Docklands. It also featured a variety of homegrown series. Here are some facts about the station and its history:

Relaunched in 2008

Nine has a new look and is trying to get back to the top of the ratings after being knocked off the top spot last year by Seven. The new look has seen Nine bring back former Today and A Current Affair reporters to its network teams around Australia. However, it has not been a smooth transition.

The Australian television network was first launched in 1956. The station was founded by John Godson. The first broadcast was the Summer Olympics. In 1956, GTV-9 Melbourne started transmissions, which would eventually form the National Television Network with QTQ-9 in Brisbane and NWS-9 in Adelaide. The network was then renamed as Nine in 1959, and the stations were merged into one.

The logo was changed again in 2008, this time with a new design. Nine's old logo was replaced with a three-dimensional cube, and the iconic nine dots were removed. The nine dots were partially reintroduced in May 2007, but the cube had a smaller version of the logo. Moreover, the logo now incorporates the "seven colours for seven days" presentation package.

The original idents were replaced with a new design to match the new television station's branding. Nine's new logo was unveiled before the premiere of Voice Australia. However, the channel's logo is often cut out. However, the channel's logo was retained for game shows and live studio shows. It is rare to find the original logo in a promo, since the network usually changes its logo.

Nine's new logo includes zooming out and turning, and a synthesized whooshing sound. The theme music is from the film Cool Hand Luke. The theme song is played on the Sydney and Melbourne stations first, but was later adopted by other O&O stations. It is now being used on all seven stations. Nine also has its own radio station, Nine Radio.

Introduced Afternoon Edition in 2004

On September 6, 2016, Michael Strahan was named co-anchor of The Today show. The show is an all-day talk show that covers news, entertainment, and special guests. Strahan's new role focuses on morning news and entertainment. The show also features a panel discussion.

Moved to new studios in Docklands in 2004

The new studios for Channel nine news Australia have opened in Docklands, Melbourne. The studios have more than twenty-eight screens and will house the news channel's main anchor desk. The anchor desk features a backlit ring and unique wedge-shaped seating arrangement. In addition to the curved LED screen, there is a five-monitor wall for live shots and topical graphics. The studio's other features include a rolling monitor cart and a complete KM of LED lighting.

In addition to moving its headquarters to Docklands, Nine also purchased the WIN Corporation's Adelaide affiliates NWS-9 and STW-9. The affiliation made it possible for the network to expand their news coverage beyond Melbourne. Nine also partnered with the Australian News Channel to create a new news channel, Your Money. This channel was broadcast on both Foxtel and free-to-air channels. However, the program was cancelled after only one year because of poor ratings and lack of advertising revenue.

As a result, the studios will be able to handle a wide range of productions. The new building will be equipped with modern equipment to meet the needs of both local and international productions. The new studios will also house the newsroom and administration, and will also feature a news studio. If Nine does decide to move, they will downsize a bit to make room for the new studios.

Channel nine news Australia moved to new studios in 2004 to expand their coverage of Australia's news and entertainment industries. This change also helped the network attract new talent to their staff. For example, a reporter named Michael Amor has returned to Australia after 17 years in the United States.

Featured a range of home-grown series

Nine Australia is a leading news and current affairs channel in Australia. With a wide array of content to offer, Nine covers a range of topics and is home to a number of home-grown series. The channel also features a range of classic TV series, including Married at First Sight and Space Invaders. For sports fans, Nine airs many classic matches, including the AFL Grand Final, as well as homegrown series like The Australian Rules.

Nine has recently announced new and returning series on their channels. The new shows include drama series Warnie, action-packed adventure show The Summit and observational documentary series RPA. The shows are produced by Roadshow Rough Diamond, a group that includes John Edwards, Dan Edwards, Greg Haddrick and Samantha Winston. In addition, story consultant John Sylvester is involved in the project.

Attracted younger demographics

As the local news provider for the city of Melbourne, Nine News had traditionally drawn a high peak audience of more than 400,000 viewers. However, in the mid-2000s, Nine News began to lose ground to rival Seven News. In 2006, Nine News Melbourne won 24 out of 40 weeks against its rival. However, the broadcaster lost its edge in Sydney over the next two years and only won one week in 2005. This period was marked by the move of GTV to Docklands.

Younger audiences have become increasingly sceptical of news and are less likely to trust news organisations. Despite this, they continue to engage with news more than any other medium. News organisations need to make sure they appeal to young people's preferences. In particular, many young people want diverse voices and stories that won't upset them.

Nine News bulletins were produced in Australia, using a similar format to that of NBN News, a local broadcast station that airs in northern New South Wales. The bulletins featured pre-recorded opt-outs for weather, sports, and local news. Nine News also simulcast other metropolitan-based news bulletins.

Nine Entertainment Co owns several media brands in Australia, including the Nine television network. Its portfolio also includes the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Australian Financial Review. It also runs radio stations and other platforms. The other major player in the industry is the ABC. Its website reaches more than half of the population monthly and is one of the most visited websites.

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