New Enterprise Associates Careers

New Enterprise Associates Careers


New Enterprise Associates Careers

new enterprise associates careers

The salaries for New Enterprise Associates (NEA) positions vary depending on location, department and job description. Salary levels can also vary according to skills, experience and education. Check with the HR department of the company for details on pay ranges. This is a general guideline for New Enterprise Associates job salaries, but it is not guaranteed.

Company reviews

New Enterprise Associates is a venture capital firm with a particular focus on the technology and healthcare sectors. The firm operates as a team and is a leader in the industry. It is currently raising a new fund in the Northeastern US. The fund will be used to provide funding for new enterprises and support employees.

The firm has been in business for 11 years. Its investments include financial services, devices, and health care. The firm invests in transformative companies. The firm focuses on helping patients and entrepreneurs overcome serious diseases. The company is headquartered in Lutherville Timonium, MD. It is a member of Rock Springs Capital, Aisling Capital, and several other venture capital firms.

Company culture

Before applying for a job at New Enterprise Associates, you should research the company's culture and values. The company's culture is one that values creativity and integrity. It also encourages teamwork. This company provides a stimulating workplace where associates can develop their skills. The company offers several development programs, including short-term assignments, which give employees the chance to experience different work environments. Some of these assignments may be in different countries or markets, or even within their home country.

Company compensation

If you are interested in a career at New Enterprise Associates, you may be wondering about the company's compensation and benefits. The average salary at New Enterprise Associates is $134,115, but it can vary depending on location, position, and skills. The compensation at Nea depends on a number of factors, including the position, experience, skills, education, and location.

In many ways, company compensation for new enterprise associates is similar to that for other jobs within the company. As a business associate, your job is to identify new customer pipelines for the company's products and services. This means you need to be an expert in the company's products and services. Other responsibilities of a business associate include researching potential new markets and matching products with appropriate markets. In addition, you will be responsible for building relationships with customers to understand what the market is looking for and how they want to obtain it.

Company benefits

If you're considering a career with New Enterprise Associates (NEA), you should know that salaries can vary depending on your role, location, and the type of work you perform. Your pay will also depend on your level of experience, education, and skill set. As a member of the NEA investment team, you can expect to earn a salary that is above average for the industry.

Canaan Venture Capital

Canaan is an early-stage venture capital firm with a diverse team. It values diversity and encourages spirited debates among its investment team members. The firm's diverse team enables its investors to benefit from a 1:1 partnership. The Canaan team is supportive of each company's management and entrepreneurial team.

Canaan is an early-stage venture capital firm

Canaan is a leading early-stage venture capital firm with a diverse team and a proven track record of success. Their approach to investing emphasizes transparency and honesty, and they put the needs of portfolio companies first. They are not afraid to dig in and help solve problems, but they also know when to step back and support the company's management team. Canaan's team is experienced and highly supportive, and they are very helpful to the companies they invest in.

Canaan has invested in a wide variety of early-stage companies, including technology and healthcare companies. They also have a diverse investment team that includes 40 percent women, which is unusual in the VC world. Previous investments include grocery delivery service Instacart, which is valued at $17 billion. Other notable investments include NextCure and Ideaya Biosciences.

Canaan's portfolio includes companies that are developing innovative technologies to fight cancer. Ideaya Biosciences, for example, is working to develop targeted cancer therapies. Canaan has also invested in Semur, a company developing non-opioid injectables for cancer pain. The firm has published a pitchbook for entrepreneurs seeking investment capital.

Canaan Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm with offices in the East and West Coast. Canaan focuses on investing in visionary entrepreneurs with transformative ideas. The firm provides funding at every stage and works closely with its portfolio companies to ensure their success.

It invests in technology

The Canaan Venture Capital team is a diverse group of women, which is unusual for a venture capital firm. It has invested in companies ranging from Pathios to Arvinas. It has offices in Silicon Valley, India, and Israel. And it is not afraid to invest in new companies based on its own ideas.

The Canaan Venture Capital firm supports visionary entrepreneurs with capital, operational guidance, and connections. Over the past 33 years, the company has invested in over 250 companies. Its team of investment professionals is located in the Westport, CT, Israel, and India. The firm invests in companies from the earliest stages of development to later-stage companies. The firm looks for companies that can create a positive impact on society.

The Canaan team treats portfolio companies with respect, transparency, and honesty. They are willing to get into the weeds to solve problems, and are not afraid to step back when needed. This approach helps them build strong relationships with their portfolio companies, resulting in mutual respect. The Canaan team believes in the adage, "actions speak louder than words," and works to develop healthy partnerships with their portfolio companies.

The Canaan team also invests in seed-stage startups through the Beta program. The two youngest employees, Hootan Rashidifard and Adina Tecklu, are investing with the firm's beta program. Together, they've invested in five seed-stage companies, with checks ranging from $250,000 to $500,000. Rashidifard and Tecklu, both of whom are 27 years old, began their careers in investment banking at Oracle and then spent two years at Zenefits, a once-high-flying insurance brokerage unicorn.

Canaan Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm in the United States and Israel focused on technology and healthcare. The firm invests in entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas. Their goal is to create companies that improve people's lives through their investments. The firm has invested in more than 1,000 technology companies since 1987.

The firm's general partners work on several sectors, including biopharmaceutical startups. During 2011 the firm invested in two fresh deals in India. It also participated in four follow-up rounds for its portfolio companies. The firm recently led a $45 million round in Happy Minds Technologies, a company founded by former MindTree Ltd co-founder Ashok Soota.

Andreessen Horowitz is another venture capital firm that focuses on late-stage technology startups. With more than $16.6 billion under management, the firm focuses on companies across all stages of development. Its portfolio includes Snap, AppDirect, and Hootsuite, among others.

It has a diverse team

The team at Canaan Venture Capital is comprised of women, men, and people with diverse backgrounds. As a result, Canaan has the third most diverse VC team of all firms. Among its seven General Partners are three women. In addition, the firm now includes a new General Partner, Hrach Simonian, who previously worked at Canaan and will focus on the Technology practice.

The firm is also led by Nina Kjellson, a former general partner of InterWest Partners. She has been involved in over two dozen investments and has a track record of delivering exits. Her most recent exit was Labrys Biologics, which was acquired by Teva Pharmaceuticals last year. She has extensive board experience. She currently serves on the boards of three biotech firms, including Welltok Inc.

The Canaan team encourages a culture of diversity in its portfolio companies. While each member of the team has different strengths and experiences, the team encourages healthy debates and spirited discussions. The diverse team also allows the investment team to foster strong relationships with its portfolio companies.

With a diverse team and a global reach, Canaan Venture Capital is well-positioned to invest in a variety of industries. Canaan focuses on investing in visionary companies with transformative ideas. Its investment capabilities range from $1.0 million to $20 million, and its portfolio companies are typically at all stages of development.

The Canaan team also includes women. Maha Ibrahim is general partner at Canaan Partners. Although Canaan is not one of the largest VC firms in Silicon Valley, it has made a number of major investments over the past 30 years. Its approach to investing in the long-term remains relevant.

Canaan Capital's Beta fund has a smaller check size, making it a good feeder for Series A deals. Investing in these companies before they have traction can allow Canaan to pour more money into follow-up rounds. The company has already invested in seven startups including an interactive voice gaming company and a crypto content media firm. It has also invested in a blockchain-based ticketing service called Tari. The company's co-founders include the creator of Ticketfly and the lead maintainer of cryptocurrency Monero.

Canaan has a diverse team, and has been investing in companies for more than 20 years. They are also involved with several companies in the medical and biotech space. Its general partners have varied backgrounds, and can help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition. The firm's diversity has resulted in a rich portfolio. Canaan is committed to helping companies achieve their goals by investing in a variety of industries.

Accel Launchpad and Founder Stack

accel launchpad

Accel is a SaaS company with over a decade of experience. Its founders have built successful companies with a focus on customer success. They also have an emphasis on innovation and growth. Accel is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build a better business. Its Founder Stack provides a platform for startups to gain access to the latest technologies, and helps them grow their business.

Founder Stack

Founder Stack is an incubator for early-stage startups focusing on SaaS. The program is designed to provide startups with the tools and support they need to succeed. Founders should focus on revenue opportunities and market knowledge instead of worrying about infrastructure and resources. Founders can also expect to be given the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned entrepreneurs in the accelerator's network.

The program provides working space in Bengaluru, a financial grant of Rs 1.5 lakh, compliance support, special cloud support, and marketing and customer insights. Accel Launchpad also hosts master sessions, roundtables, and one-on-one sessions every Thursday. They also provide access to their infrastructure and special cloud and compliance support.

Accel has many programmes to help the ecosystem grow. One of the programmes is the SeedtoScale programme, which is a democratic framework. It teaches attendees how to develop a business plan, execute on strategy, create a team, and handle sales in different markets. Founders also learn how to build an organisation and grow its user base.

Subrata Mitra - Founder and Managing Partner of Accel India

subrata mitra accel

Subrata Mitra is one of the founding partners of Accel India. He is a strong investor in SaaS companies. He sits on the board of many of the leading Indian e-commerce companies. His portfolio includes Flipkart, Cure Fit, MuSigma, and Airmeet.

Subrata Mitra is a subrata mitra accel

Subrata Mitra is an Indian entrepreneur and VC who has invested in a variety of startups. He studied computer sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, before going on to earn his MS and PhD from the University of Delaware. His career as a computer scientist began with IBM, where he was a part of the software R&D group. Subrata has held a number of leadership positions and has also served on boards of companies including MuSigma and Small-device.

Subrata Mitra found his inspiration for lighting in nature. He sought out natural sources of light and used them to create striking scenes. He also emphasized the quality of light exposure and a keen eye for details. This led him to create some of his most memorable images.

He is a founding partner at Accel

Subrata Mitra is a founder and a founding partner of Accel India. He is a serial entrepreneur who has invested in several companies. Some of his investments include Flipkart and Cure Fit. He has also served on the boards of Myntra, Flipkart, and MuSigma. Before joining Accel, Subrata founded Firewhite, Inc., which was later acquired by Ubiquio and Mobile Planet.

Mitra joined Accel Partners as a venture investor in 2008. He co-founded a $10 million fund with his partner Anil Kapoor in 2004 and merged it with the company's India office in 2008. Since then, Accel Partners has aggressively invested in the ecommerce space. He led the $1 million Series-A round for Flipkart, which was recently valued at $850 million.

Subrata Mitra studied computer science at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur. He earned his M.S. at UDel and a Ph.D. from Urbana. Accel is one of the few early stage focused funds in India. He has also invested in many Internet/Online Services companies.

Accel is investing in India and Southeast Asia. The company invests in 95 per cent of start-ups during their seed or series A rounds. Accel's portfolio includes Flipkart, which is an online retail company with a global presence. Accel's other investments include Freshworks, which offers cloud-based helpdesk and automation solutions.

He is on the board of top Indian e-commerce companies

Subrata Mitra is one of the leading venture capitalists in the world and has invested in Flipkart, India's biggest e-commerce firm. His investments include other startups such as Myntra and Virident. He also serves as a board member of CommonFloor and TaxiForSure.

The Indian e-commerce industry has been under heavy scrutiny from the government and regulators in recent years. Most of the players that emerged around 2007 have burned cash, so it is critical for a company to develop a long-term strategy based on strong customer acquisition. Subrata Mitra is a partner with Accel Ventures, a venture capital firm.

Tiger Global is among the investors backing Indian e-commerce companies. The investment firm has a strong track record, having invested in several start-ups in the last decade. It has also invested in India's first start-up, Flipkart. The two former Amazon employees founded Flipkart.

One97 Communications has received a payments bank licence, enabling the company to conduct payments through its mobile wallet and marketplace. PayTM has gained a large user base in a short period of time, but Mitra and his company are taking a cautious approach.

He is a supporter of start-ups

Accel is a supporter of start ups in Southeast Asia and India. With its latest early-stage fund, it is also doubling down on India. Founder Subrata Mitra has a long history in the tech space, having worked in various R&D groups at IBM.

In 2008, Subrata Mitra co-founded Erasmic Venture Fund and joined Accel as a partner. He has worked with Flipkart and Juspay, both of which were acquired by Walmart. He has also been involved in Scripbox, Moglix, and Money View. These companies have also been acquired by Western Digital.

Accel India started as an Indian VC firm in 2005, and since then has backed over 100 early-stage Indian startups. Its early bets on Flipkart, Swiggy, and Freshworks have paid off handsomely. These investments have earned the firm the reputation of a 'kingmaker' in the Indian start-up ecosystem. Accel India has a very diverse portfolio of investments.

Subrata Mitra is a great supporter of start-ups, especially those focusing on technology. He has a background in many sectors and likes to dig into why something big hasn't been built before. He is also highly empathetic and strives to understand his customers' pain points. A true supporter of entrepreneurs, Subrata is always putting the founder's best interest first.

Accel invests in over 85 per cent of India-based start-ups, and the company invests during the seed or series A round. The fund has also been active in Southeast Asia. Accel's portfolio includes Flipkart and Freshworks, both of which are SaaS platforms.

A Closer Look at ACCEL's Curriculum

accel it

Accel is an Indian company with its headquarters in Chennai. Its major areas of focus are software and animation. Its philosophy is one of sustainability. The company also provides training in various fields. Here's a closer look at ACCEL's curriculum. It has locations around the world. It is a fast-growing company that is looking to hire people with technical backgrounds.

Accel's philosophy of sustainability

The sustainability of Accel's work is one of its core values. Accel's prema(r) fabric inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is a patent-pending technology that is woven with silver-poly, making it 98% antibacterial after 100 washings. The technology is currently being used by hospitals, the government, schools, and other institutions.

ACCEL's curriculum

ACCEL's curriculum offers students a unique opportunity to take college-level courses earlier than they otherwise would be able to. The curriculum is based on local business needs and is continually evolving and improving to better meet the needs of students and industry. ACCEL's curriculum is based on an inquiry-based, profession-based approach that aligns the pace of content with student learning and student progress.

Students enrolled in ACCEL will spend a part of their day attending classes and part of their day collaborating on projects with their project partners. They will work in teams to solve problems provided by instructors and business partners. The students will earn college and high school credit for their efforts. In addition, the program allows students to fully immerse themselves in professional culture by working on real-world problems, and will receive mentorship from actual employers and educators.

ACCEL is accredited by NCASES and has been recognized as a School of Excellence by the National Association of Special Education Teachers. Students in ACCEL's Special Education Program are required to meet exit criteria outlined in their Individualized Education Program. These exit criteria will support the student's successful return to their home school. Throughout the placement, the ACCEL team works closely with district partners to meet the unique needs of each student.

ACCEL's curriculum utilizes teacher-assisted online learning (TAOL), also known as blended learning. This computer-based platform enables students to advance academically through online learning with a one-to-one student-to-teacher ratio, which is significantly lower than that of traditional classes. This allows for immediate teacher feedback and customization of the learning environment.


Accel Entertainment, Inc. operates as a distributed gaming operator in the United States. It installs and operates gaming terminals and redemption devices in both casinos and non-casino locations. It also operates stand-alone ATMs in gaming and non-gaming locations. The company is located in Burr Ridge, Illinois.

The company has a strong online presence, with a great website and social media accounts. The site offers a variety of information, from upcoming events to customer reviews. It also provides a way to subscribe to its email newsletter. While the website is simple, it provides plenty of information. Users can check out upcoming events, view a menu, and view a map of the company's locations.

The Database of Accel Technologies

accel technologies

The database of Accel Technologies includes information on customer behavior and contextual information on the company's software systems and enterprise applications. It also offers insight into its partnership with Microsoft, GoDaddy and other new suppliers, as well as the overall Digital transformation projects it is working on. This database is used to build and improve its product offerings and services.

Accel Systems & Technologies

Accel Systems & Technologies is an IT security company that specializes in consulting, managed services, and security products. It promotes its products to IT buyers through CB Insights, a web-based resource for tech buyers. The site helps buyers find vendors and evaluate their products. The vendor rankings are used by buyers to create shortlists and drive RFPs.

Accel is headquartered in Singapore. Its customers include banks and government organizations. The company has been around since 2005. It has recently announced an agreement with StarHub Ltd. to acquire a 51% stake in the company. The transaction is expected to close in mid-June. The company will retain the name Accel Systems and Technologies, and its management team will continue to lead the business.

The company has been recognized for its outstanding achievement in the Information & Communications industry. Recently, the firm received the Singapore SME 1000 Net Profit Growth Excellence Award. The award was presented by Dr Koh Poh Koon, Minister of State for Trade and Industry. Accel Systems is also among the top ten fastest-growing companies in Singapore. The company also has partnerships with global security firms and participates in government initiatives. In the last two years, Accel has become a major player in the local cyber security industry.

Accel Robotics

Accel Robotics is a startup that is working to develop AI-powered automated checkout systems for offline retailers. The company's product uses overhead cameras to identify items that customers are purchasing and automatically bill them as they leave the store. It also helps in security and loss prevention. The company's products are already being deployed in a number of commercial spaces, including airports, retail stores, and even sports venues.

The startup is based in San Diego, California and is focused on computer vision and AI for checkout-free stores. The company has raised $30 million in Series A funding. SoftBank Group Corp. led the funding round. Other investors included New Ground Ventures and Toyo Kanets Corp., which provided the majority of the startup's Series A funding.

Whether you're running a large retail store or a smaller store, the technology you need can be integrated into your current workflow. Accel Robotics' store automation solutions include software, hardware access, and computing components. The result is a frictionless shopping experience. As a result, retailers and brands can run their stores more efficiently.

Accel Data Migration

accel data

Accel Data Migration is a comprehensive service that provides expert level data migration services to CROs and sponsors of any size. Pharmaceutical companies frequently need to migrate their data into new systems due to a variety of reasons, including compound acquisitions, infrastructure modernization, and a shift to cloud hosting. Accel Data Migration helps these organizations avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.


Accel data is an observability tool that helps companies monitor and optimize their data pipeline. This software is particularly helpful to data engineering teams that need to ensure data reliability. It combines data from multiple layers to deliver comprehensive, consolidated insights. Acceldata focuses on the needs of the finance industry, and its multidimensional capabilities help it address these needs.

The company recently hired Hilary Mason, the former chief scientist at Bitly, to serve as its data scientist. It has also recently hired Drew Conway and DJ Patil to serve as its in-house data scientist. This is a sign of how data science has become an integral part of many companies. Using this data, companies are making better decisions.

Acceldata's platform synthesizes signals from infrastructure, workloads, and usage in real-time. This helps customers anticipate problems before they arise and solve them quickly. It has been called the first enterprise Data Observability solution. The company recently raised $8.5 million in Series A funding led by Sorenson Ventures. Additional investors included Lightspeed Ventures and Emergent Ventures.

Accel data's products offer observability across data quality, system infrastructure, and pipelines. The company's algorithms leverage AI to expose data and its connections. They also help businesses optimize databases, eliminating data complexity. This makes it easier for them to scale data usage and improve business outcomes. The company's founders have experience working at startups and large organizations. While they were at these companies, they saw how difficult it was to manage large data systems, especially those with poor quality data. Acceldata has developed an AI/ML-based platform that helps organizations monitor data quality, detect anomalies, and implement data governance at scale.


The Accel data flow platform allows businesses to monitor and manage their data in real time to ensure that it is being processed correctly and is as accurate as possible. It offers cross-sectional visibility across data quality, infrastructure, security, and workloads, giving organizations complete control over data systems. The platform also automates end-to-end data quality monitoring and identifies issues in real time, which can help improve productivity and improve business outcomes.

The company provides a comprehensive API and software development kit to make it easier for data engineers to integrate the technology into third-party applications. It also offers a white glove service to build a solution that suits the client's requirements and technical environment. The process involves understanding the client's technical environment, building an optimized demo, executing a proof-of-concept, and establishing a strong relationship with the client.

The underlying architecture of Accel data flow includes a data pipeline observability tool. The product helps finance industry teams to manage data and ensure its reliability. It can also aggregate data from multiple layers and present it in a single platform. This makes it an excellent choice for finance companies that need to manage the data flow process efficiently.


Torch is a machine learning framework written in Python and supports many kinds of deep learning models. Its fast execution and excellent GPU support make it an excellent choice for experimenting with complex models. The Python version has several features to make it easy to use and understand. Additionally, it uses reverse-mode auto-differentiation, which allows computation graphs to be modified on the fly.

Torch uses tensors as its core data type. Tensors are similar to multidimensional arrays and are useful for storing and manipulating model parameters. These tensors can also run on GPUs. It is easy to use and debug, making it a popular choice for prototyping.

Torch supports many different types of datasets. It can be used for text classification, object detection, regression, semantic segmentation, metric learning, and more. It also has a powerful feature for processing images, videos, and audio. It also provides easy-to-use no-code user interfaces for data manipulation.

The Python version supports data parallelism and uses native Python support to optimize performance. This helps to minimize memory usage and makes it easier to scale to larger data sets. Torch can also be used to replicate TensorFlow models. However, this requires more work, so you should consider using TensorFlow instead.

PyTorch is written in Python and integrates with popular Python libraries. It supports a wide range of Python extensions and has an easy-to-learn API. It is flexible and fast and works well with standard convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks. The Python version is also supported by major cloud platforms.

For airflow 2.0, you can use the Torch airflow sdk. This SDK provides support for airflow dags in the catalog. It also provides e2e observability for each dag run in the torch UI.


Using Acceldata Pulse for data analysis can help identify bottlenecks and unnecessary overheads in your data processing. This software also lets you view and analyze your data on a graphical user interface. The graphical user interface contains drop-down boxes to display TPSdot, MAPdot, throttle position, and injector pulsewidth. In addition, you'll see the four indicators Accel and Bit 7.

Indb Accel

INDB Accel is an Excel Add-in that provides access to the INDB economic database. It allows users to refresh their charts and tables with the latest data. It also provides useful features to increase productivity. Besides, INDB Finder Pro is a web tool for accessing economic data. With this software, users can view the needed statistical information and extract the data they need from the database. The INDB Accel Excel Add-In contains over 2,000 books that contain important statistics and economic indicators. The software can also import and use external data and user-defined series.

Kevin Efrusy - Entrepreneur, Investor, Board Member, and Philanthropist

kevin efrusy

Kevin Efrusy is an entrepreneur, investor, board member, and philanthropist. Learn about him and his career. He is also a member of the board at Capital Access Network. He holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and BS, MS, and B.A. degrees in economics.

kevin efrusy is an entrepreneur

Kevin Efrusy has had a successful career in startup companies. He has founded Corio and served as CEO of IronPlanet, an online auction site. Prior to founding these companies, he worked as an operating executive and entrepreneur at two prestigious firms, including Accel Partners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

He has worked in Silicon Valley as a venture capitalist, having joined Accel Partners in 2003. He also co-founded a start-up called Corio, a software-as-a-service company. Before joining Accel Partners, he was the CEO of IronPlanet, a startup that offered software-as-a-service.

he is an investor

The early stage investor Kevin Efrusy has been at the center of many high-profile tech deals. He is the founder of the startup Corio and also served as the CEO of IronPlanet, a website for auctioning off used construction equipment. Prior to launching his own company, Efrusy worked for two venerable venture capital firms. He was an entrepreneur-in-residence at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and a venture capitalist at Accel Partners.

Efrusy's investments range from early stages of startups to IPOs. He is one of the early backers of Couchbase, and he helped the company raise $30 million in March. He was also an early investor in CAN Capital, one of the largest non-bank alternative capital providers for early-stage companies. He also sits on the boards of companies such as MemSQL and Tactile. In addition, he was an early investor in Groupon, which went public in 2011.

Kevin Efrusy is an investor and general partner at Accel. He is also the founder of Corio, a Brazilian fintech startup. His investment focus is on Latin America. Before joining Accel, he served as CEO of IronPlanet and as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Kleiner Perkins. He also worked as a product manager at Zip2 Corporation and was a strategy consultant at Bain & Company Inc.

he is a board member

Kevin Efrusy is a philanthropist and investor. His family foundation focuses on education and youth leadership development in the US and Africa. Last year, it gave out over $1 million in grants to nonprofits. In addition, he and his wife, Molly, serve on the boards of several nonprofits.

Before joining Accel, Efrusy was an entrepreneur. He helped build companies such as IronPlanet and Corio. He was also the founder and CEO of a startup that sold used office equipment on the Internet. Before founding his own company, he spent two years working at two venerable firms: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Accel Partners.

he is a philanthropist

Kevin Efrusy is a benefactor of various nonprofits. His foundation, the Efrusy Family Foundation, is dedicated to youth leadership development and education in the US and Africa. In the past year, he gave out over $1 million in grants. He and his wife, Molly, also sit on numerous nonprofit boards.

Aside from his philanthropic work, Efrusy is also active in the startup community. He has invested in numerous companies, including Couchbase, which raised $30 million in March. He is also an early investor in CAN Capital, one of the largest non-bank alternative capital providers to small businesses. He also sits on the boards of several tech startups, including MemSQL, Complex Media, Neoway, and Tactile.

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