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A lighter style for people who work in creative industries.The app has become super glitchy, shopping on it truly has become a horrific experience. Theres something that keeps going wrong when it comes to checking out with the shopping bag, the items disappear when you want to check out, so i go back and put them again but now i have two of everything and theres no way to remove it because when you click on the shopping bag everything disappears again.. I noticed it since last year and i honestly stopped shopping on it, but then for someone unknown reason i tried shopping on the app again and this happened AGAIN!!! Also my friends have been experiencing the same thing..how was it not fixed??????? Net-a-Porter sales are rare (they typically happen only twice a year), and shoppers from around the world curate their wish lists months in advance to score one of those seen-on-Instagram pieces at a seriously good discount. Stylish outerwear, statement accessories, and ’90s-inspired shoes are all ripe for the carting, so if you’re in need of a little retail therapy, now’s your chance to jump on a designer piece you’ll enjoy for years to come. Bonus: We also spotted a handful of beauty gift ideas that your mom or bestie would love, in case you're looking to cross “holiday shopping” off your to-do list while you’re at it.



Vogue named Massenet one of the world's most glamorous women, and last year she was made an MBE. In person she's groomed and serene in monochrome cloth, handsome rather than beautiful, with hair that tosses with practised glamour. She cuts it herself, she told American Vogue's Sarah Mower, at her desk. This despite being a multi-millionaire – she sold her share of the company for an estimated £50m in April but "rolled back in" the day the news broke, investing £15m of her windfall back into the business. She remains executive chairman, a role that sees her managing more than 200 staff under triple-height windows, with an energy only matched by the speed at which Net-a-porter's screens leap from sale to sale. The screens are scattered among the long white desks, and each shows a map of the world. Every time somebody makes a purchase (they spike when it rains), a shopping bag pops up beside their location, showing what they bought and how much they spent, alongside a rolling tally of the day's takings. The new offices of Net-a-porter, this glittering example of modern retail, are located over the top floor of London's Westfield Centre. Under glass chandeliers they float whitely over Europe's largest mall, a monument to old-fashioned walk-in-and-browse shopping. Ten years ago, at the birth of Net-a-porter and other sites like Asos.com, customers weren't interested in buying a piece of clothing that they hadn't tried on, let alone one that they hadn't even stroked; what you bought was limited by the high street where you lived. In 2000 – the year, remember, of the fabled millennium bug – the only people more wary of online shopping than consumers were retailers.

Grazia's associate fashion director Siobhan Mallen, who visits the site every day, believes the secret to Net-a-porter's success is its edit. "They have the best choice of the best labels in the world. The fact that they deliver to your desk is an added bonus!" she says. "Currently I am toying with treating myself to some K Jacques python sandals." And it's not just a shop, this site – as a digital magazine, it's also a tool. "I'm also starting to research my autumn/winter wardrobe," Mallen adds, "but I can't quite bring myself to buy a coat just yet." Last week on Net-a-porter Lucy Yeomans bought two Diane von Furstenberg dresses, one by Catherine Malandrino and one by Proenza Schouler. Yesterday Jo Elvin bought "a very affordable J Crew necklace".Her instincts have proved to be frighteningly good. Before launching Net-a-porter – which turns 10 this month – she had plans for a chain of coffee shops, but listened to business experts who told her there was no money in it. Starbucks hit high streets months later. "Natalie is so talented," says Christopher Bailey, chief creative officer of Burberry. "She has an incredible vision, which is proven in the way she has built her business online and been able to stay one step ahead of the competition. She's built a brand and a great team, and you can feel her amazing energy and personality in everything they do.'' (Source: www.theguardian.com)


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