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I was drawn in by the whole, drool is our bond. That premise was so out there to me, that I had to give this a go and it did not disappoint. Who know that something that would generally disgust another would actually be one of the primary reasons that the main two characters of this anime get to be so close. The lead character gave me such Hitagi... read more

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The popular animanga series by Ken Wakui has finally confirmed a second season during the Jump Festa 2022. Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has entered the production stage, but the team has not yet revealed the release date. The series took roughly about nine months to produce its first season, so fans can expect the second season to come out sometime in July 2022.

I have no idea why, but this is one of my favorite series. The comfy atmosphere along with a nice overview of each character and why they enjoy the meal they do never gets old to me. While this first season does have some off animation at times especially during the later half of the season it is still an enjoyable time. I watched both in sub and dub... read more (Source: myanimelist.net)


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