My Next Gig Video Resume OR

My Next Gig Video Resume OR

My Next Gig Video Resume


Amikumar wrote a compelling video resume and said he had plenty of opportunities, the problem was he believed his skills and experience weren't attractive enough to the employers. We asked him to show us his video resume, and his videos and photos (sent separately) showcased a great story and created a vivid image for a potential employer.


People call Dan Lok the "King of Closing." A bona fide social media sensation, Dan is able to command as much attention through a single YouTube video as he is on all the times he was featured on FOX Business News, MSNBC, CBC, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and Business Insider. Dan Lok is also one of the few mentors who actually owns a portfolio of highly successful business ventures. His teachings and mentorship come from real-life experiences and the great success he has attained. Yet, none of these "bragging rights" or "claims to fame" matter much to him. Dan’s mission is to serve and help people like you attract high-value clients, monetize your content, scale your audiences, and generate significant revenue online.

You have at most two pages to convince a prospective employer to hire you, so avoid repeating information under different job titles. Include as much detail as you can. For instance instead of saying “used video editing software,” say “edited raw documentary footage with Adobe Premiere Pro.” The more editing systems you have skill in, the better off you are. In addition to telling hiring managers of a specific skill you have, the second example uses a stronger verb. Make sure you use strong action verbs to describe your editing techniques throughout your job descriptions. (Source: resume.io)


Now, seven months later, I’m involved in the interviewing and hiring process at ZeroCater HQ, which includes watching applicant videos. From this side of things, I certainly see their value and understand their rise in popularity. We receive hundreds of resumes every month, and a video allows us to get a more dynamic sense of someone than the written word allows. It's difficult to get a feel for someone’s personality and creativity from a stack of resumes and cover letters—which are meant to be standardized—whereas videos bring our applicants off the page and give a more holistic picture of why they're great.

Instead of listing past roles and responsibilities, take the opportunity to share an experience or quality about yourself that has particular relevance to the position but that might not shine through on your resume. For example, one of our applicants listed “bike trip leader” in the “Special Skills” section at the bottom of her resume. Her video focused on this part of her background and, through photos and stories, showed us that she’s an energetic leader who’s able to build community over a shared experience. It was exactly what we were looking for—and she works here now. (Source: www.themuse.com)



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