Mr Nobody Résumé OOR

Mr Nobody Résumé OOR

Mr Nobody Résumé


When crafting your cover letters, résumés, or bullet points like those found in your profile, avoid clichés and overused words. This might be your first experience with Mr. Nobody, so leave no stone unturned.


Running throughout all the many paths his life could take or has taken, the adult Nemo recurringly awakens in a surrealistic world dominated by argyle patterns. This setting seems artificial, like a movie set, and often appears to bleed over into his other lives. Following clues that he finds scattered throughout this city, he ultimately arrives at a crumbling, abandoned wooden-framed house. He stumbles upon a DVD player hooked up to a television screen. In the strangely interactive video, the 118-year-old Nemo converses with the 34-year-old one. He explains that the younger man does not exist. This is a universe where Nemo Nobody was never born, and his consciousness is stuck in some sort of limbo. He states that he is experiencing the story from the end and that he must stay alive until 5:50 AM on 12 February 2092.

taylorholmes.com)If you’ve never heard of the movie, it actually was quite big when it released, but it was so difficult to understand, and so convoluted(?) that it really back-burnered quickly, and ultimately bombed at the box. But with stars Jared Leto (playing Nemo, who you know from like a million movies I’m sure), Sarah Polley (playing Elise, who you might know from Dawn of the Dead), and Diane Kruger (playing Anna, who was huge in Inglorious Basterds, National Treasure, etc.), you know the movie is going to be well acted anyway. But it is the movie’s structure, or apparent lack thereof, that really throws the clutch on this cinematic technicolor. It’s one hot steaming jumble of splices, reverses, cut-backs, all with alternative realities, possibilities, switches and unhindgings. It’s a really confusing two hours and twenty one minutes. (Source:




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