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Love's debut album, Down to Earth was released on 6 November 1990, spawned the singles "Monie in the Middle" (a track dealing with a woman's right to determine what she wants out of a relationship) and "It's a Shame (My Sister)" (which sampled the (Detroit) Spinners' "It's a Shame", written for the band by Stevie Wonder) and featured house-music vocalist and then-labelmate Ultra Naté. The album reached No. 26 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. (Source:dia.org)monie love

She was born Simone Johnson, and has since changed her name to Monie Love, or simply Monie. At a young age, she became interested in music and began singing, dancing, and later rapping in 1987. Love would later become one of the first British female rappers to be signed and distributed worldwide by a major record label. Love, MC Mell O, Sparki and DJ Pogo, started releasing singles on underground labels, which were eventually spotted by Tim Westwood.


Monie Love: When I had to perform a rap in the middle of the song Killer Joe produced by Quincy Jones. And we had to perform it at the Quincy Jones benefit during the Grammys, I forget what year it was, in New York. I had to perform Killer Joe on stage with Quincy Jones’ band and Chaka Khan. And when I was on stage standing next to Chaka Khan there was a 16 bar verse that I had to write specially to put in the middle of that song—it’s a classic song, Killer Joe, and there is no rap on that song. But I had to write one specifically to perform it that night for the Quincy Jones benefit. And it was at that moment, when I was on stage with Chaka Khan and Quincy Jones’ band that I was like, “This is nuts. And this was called a fad. And I’m standing here and clearly this is not a fad. And this is going to get even more bananas.” (Source: www.pbs.org)

Born Simone Johnson, July 2, 1970, Battersea, London, England. Monie Love is a female rapper who has lived in New York since 1989, and is one of the few English hip-hop artists to achieve recognition in America. Her first recordings were with childhood friend MC Mell "O", Sparki and DJ Pogo, under the banner Jus Bad Productions. Formed in 1987, the crew released a solitary single, "Freestyle". Love started recording solo with DJ Pogo in 1988, releasing 12-inch singles on obscure underground labels which were eventually spotted by DJ Tim Westwood, who asked them to do a single for his Justice label. There were several delays in releasing it, so instead they approached Cooltempo Records with "I Can Do This", which became a UK Top 40 hit in early 1989. Love has since worked with many other rap outfits including the Jungle Brothers, who she met at a London gig in September 1988. They subsequently introduced her to the Native Tongues Posse, while Afrika Baby Bambaataa would produce her debut album and she acted as their European road manager. (Source: Love had another UK Top 20 hit with "Grandpa's Party", a tribute to the original Afrika Bambaataa. She also collaborated with Andy Cox and David Steele of the Fine Young Cannibals on the summer 1990 single "Monie In The Middle", and with True Image on the UK number 12 cover version of the Detroit Spinners' "It's A Shame (My Sister)". The latter also broke into the US Top 30. Tracks on her debut album like "RU Single" and the Queen Latifah collaboration "Ladies First", were intelligent attacks on the expectations and stereotypes of black women. Despite maturity beyond her years, she recognized that this phase of her career was still an apprenticeship; "To me, rap is a school. The heads are split between Public Enemy and KRS-One's Boogie Down Productions. The students are me, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul . . . but the best thing about it is that the classroom is open to all'. In 1991, she teamed up with Adeva on the UK Top 20 single "Ring My Bell", as well as working with Queen Latifah and Almond Joy on the Bold Soul Sisters feminist project. Love was featured on her brother Dave Angel's remix of Whitney Houston's R&B hit "My Name Is Not Susan" in 1991, and appeared in the music video alongside Houston. Love's 1992 single, "Full-Term Love," from the Class Act movie soundtrack, reached #7 on the Hot Hip-Hop Singles chart. Two years later she branched out into acting, appearing in Forest Whitaker's television movie, Strapped, and Ted Demme's "hip-hop whodunnit", Who's The Man? Released the same year, In A Word Or 2 was another challenging and articulate set that was also informed by Love's recent experience of motherhood. The album included the UK Top 20 single "Born 2 B.R.E.E.D.", co-written and co-produced by Prince. A spell as a radio presenter on New York's Hot 97 show and co-host of MTV's Lip Service kept her busy during a long period away from the music scene. Her self-financed comeback single "Slice Of Da Pie" was licensed to the London-based Relentless Records. (Source:www.hiphopscriptures.com))



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